Old Chicago Nutrition

Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom is an American restaurant that first opened its doors in Boulder, Colorado. As of recently, the company is franchised, and there are approximately 110 Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom restaurants in the United States. The restaurants opening hours are from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in certain states.

Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom serves a variety of meals, but what’s popular on their menu are beers and a number of different pizzas. Customers can dine with them and taste a number of different beers that are locally brewed, or imported internationally.

The restaurant not only offers indoor dining, but there is also a sitting area outdoors where customers can enjoy and also bring their pets along. The restaurant seeks to ensure customers have some good beer and enjoy delicious meals.

Here’s a look at the Old Chicago menu with nutritional facts for each menu item.

FoodSizeCaloriesFat CarbsProtein


Meat Me Calzone15368611877
Italian Sausage Stromboli855457547
Chicago Fire Calzone11324812947
Chicago Seven Calzone10284111454
Spinach Artichoke Calzone10784712047
Chicken Philly Stromboli665236548
Chicago Seven Stromboli821436842


Grilled Chicken Wrap with Lite Ranch51619.558.245.5
Chicken Wrap586216236
Chicken Rustica515211651
Harvest Salad with Balsamic Chicken591353434
Honey Chipotle BBQ Best Chicken Wings1095764064
California Chicken Sandwich674275254
Crispy Chicken Salad785534936
Blackened Chicken Wrap529205030
Chicken Pesto Panini749403857


Spicy Spinach Dip1022638430
Artichoke Cheese Dip108274.182.528.6
Artichoke Dip28818.7521.57.25


Double Deckeroni Large622394426
Sicilian Pepperoni Rolls1 Roll36619.2533.7515.25
Sicilian Pepperoni Rolls6 Rolls180110815018.1
Meat Me Pizza325152916
The Classic Pizza Medium543324423

Salad Dressing

Ranch Dressing2402431
House Italian Salad Dressing1901960
Blue Cheese Dressing4024114.6


Oriental Chicken Salad9103110555
Mediterranean Salad17212123
Antipasto Salad43540812.5
House Salad1045114
Old Chicago Chopped Salad583303146


Spicy Italian Panini757463651
Plain Burger632324142
Classic Club828427439

To learn more about Old Chicago, check out their website.