The Original Burger King Whopper Review

Burger King Whopper Review
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Burger King has been at the top of the fast-food food chain for so many years, we can hardly remember a time before their flame-broiled burger menu. Always made to order, Burger King’s menu items cater to personal preference and high-quality ingredients. The Original Burger King Whopper is no exception – it’s been one of the most popular menu items for decades, and it can be made any way you like it. 


The Whopper was introduced to Burger King’s menu in 1957 when fast food burgers and shakes were at the height of their popularity. Burger King’s co-founder found that a rival restaurant in Gainesville, Florida, was reaching success with a “large” burger. He believed this success was due to the burger’s size, so he created the Whopper to convey the message or the imagery of “something big.” The Whopper has been available for more than 60 years, making it one of the longest-lasting menu items in quick-service restaurant history. Burger King coined the phrase Home of the Whopper in 1957 so as you might guess, it’s not going anywhere. 

Types of Whoppers

The Whopper has been the base of inspiration for several other Burger King burgers, including the Angry Whopper, the Angriest Whopper, the Whopper Jr, the Impossible Whopper, the Double Whopper, and the Bacon and Cheese Whopper. While each burger boasts its own flavor variation, the Original Whopper remains a fan favorite.  

The Original Whopper Review

Burger King’s Whopper consists of a quarter-pound, savory flame-grilled beef patty. Topped with juicy tomatoes, fresh lettuce, creamy mayonnaise, ketchup, crunchy pickle slices, and sliced white onions, it’s all put together on a soft sesame seed bun. I like to order a slice of American cheese on my Whopper because a cheeseburger is so much tastier than a hamburger, and I’m a big fan of melted cheese (on just about anything). 


While the Whopper sounds big, it’s actually wider than it is taller. You know those burgers that are stacked so high with meat and toppings you can barely fit it in your mouth? The Whopper eliminated this problem by making the burger wider, so you can take normal bites without dislocating your jaw. 

1.      Taste and Texture [5/5]

The flame-broiled beef patty is the star of the show here. It’s grilled to perfection, sealing in moisture, while searing the surface and bringing out the flavor of the meat. It doesn’t need a lot of seasoning, but the condiments do a good job of adding to the flavor. The Whopper comes with ketchup and mayo, but I like to add mustard for the perfect condiment trifecta. Plus, whatever falls out can be used to dip my fries into.

Burger King Whopper
Whopper. Photo by Cesar Vivas under CC 2.0.

The lettuce, onion, and tomato slices are great when they’re fresh and plentiful, but I’ve had a couple of Whoppers in which the lettuce was wilted and the tomatoes were soggy. It’s ok to ask for fresh veggies. It gives the burger a crispy bite and pulls all of the flavors together nicely. No one wants a wilted Whopper. 

The sesame seed buns are always fresh (I’ve not had a stale bun yet). They’re wide enough to cover the entire patty and firm enough to hold all of the ingredients together, but soft enough to bite down into without working too hard. Altogether, this burger is a winner.

2. Nutrition Facts – Is It Healthy? [2/5]

With more calories than a Big Mac, the Whopper is a good choice when you’re either really hungry or you’re not counting calories that day. The good thing is that it comes with lettuce and tomatoes, so you’re getting some raw veggie nutrition, and there is a good amount of protein, so it’s not that bad. You can reduce the number of calories by omitting the cheese, mayo, ketchup and the bun if you’d like. Keep in mind if you have allergies that the Whopper contains eggs, soy, and wheat.

  • Calories 660
  • Fat 40 g
  • Carbs 49 g
  • Protein 28 g
  • Cholesterol 90 mg
  • Sodium 980 mg

3. Is it Worth it? [5/5]

On its own, the Whopper is a savory, filling meal choice. It’s flame-broiled patty, toppings, and condiments all work together to create that classic burger flavor we all love. It’s simple to order, easy to eat on the go, tasty, and fresh. Ordering as a combo meal with a drink and a side add even more value. It’s perfect for an afternoon or early morning meal that won’t leave me hungry in a couple of hours, and it brings back fond memories of my childhood Whopper Jr. days. 

Final Verdict

If you’re minding your diet or caloric intake, you may want to save this for a “cheat day,” but in my opinion, it’s worth it. It’s a bit heavy on the stomach, so make sure your cheat day is also a chill-out day without a lot of activity because you might feel sluggish afterward. It’s a classic burger with fresh ingredients at a decent price, and you can find one just about anywhere – in the US and beyond.  

Whopper Pricing

When the Whopper was created in 1957, it originally sold for 37¢ (equivalent to US$3.26 in 2017). Today, the Whopper is a little over $4, and a Whopper Meal (with a drink and a side) is about $6.50. Comparatively speaking, the Whopper costs less than any of Burger King’s sandwiches and hamburgers of a similar size. If the price seems a bit steep, there are several excellent options on the value menu. You can also check out any of their Mix and Match deals, coupons, and promotions. And if you’re feeling brave, check out one of the options from Burger King’s Secret Menu. Though, not many can compete with the original Whopper.

What do you think?

Some of Burger King’s menu items have come and gone. What is your favorite menu item that has stood the test of time?

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