Best Grilled Chicken Sandwiches

In a world that worships the fried chicken sandwich, it’s hard to stand out on menus when you’ve got the “grilled” label slapped in front of your name. From blackened to broiled, no one seems to pay attention to the lower carb variations, despite being healthier alternatives than those covered in greasy layers of breading and globs of mayo. However, we’re here to shed some light on the underdog of the fast food industry – the grilled chicken sandwich. You’d be surprised how many decent options there are on your favorite menus that you’ve been overlooking all these years.

Bareburger Triple Decker BLT

Bareburger-Tripple-Decker-BLTBareburger may be known for its burgers and dogs, but the Triple Decker BLT tops the charts for the best fast food chicken sandwich on the market. It’s not the rubbery patty topped with pickles and mayo like you may expect. No, it’s a juicy, grilled organic chicken breast topped with uncured all-natural smoked bacon, avocado, green leaf lettuce, tomato, and mayo on 8-grain toast. If you’re in the mood for a side, pair this nutritious and hearty sandwich with organic sweet fries, sweet pickles, or onion rings.

BurgerFi Grilled Chicken Sandwich

BurgerFi Grilled Chicken SandwichSimilar to Bareburger, BurgerFi prioritizes using only the best, freshest ingredients in their dishes. Their grilled chicken sandwich takes a refreshing spin on the classic chicken, lettuce, and tomato by drizzling the fixings with honey mustard BBQ sauce. The sweet tang makes all the difference, and you’ll wonder why you preferred mayo all these years. The sandwich is complete with a toasted, BurgerFi-branded bun. This guy pairs perfectly with BurgerFi’s thick-cut onion rings.



Chick-Fil-A Grilled Deluxe Chicken Sandwich

Chick Fil A Grilled Chicken SandwichChick-Fil-A’s chicken sandwiches are renowned all on their own, but we need to take a second to tout the Grilled Deluxe (let’s be serious – the original fried sandwich gets all the love these days). So, what makes this option so deluxe? It’s a simple trio of ingredients that you won’t find on the regular, dill-pickle-topped version, including lettuce, tomato, and American, Colby Jack, or Pepper Jack cheese. As of recently, you can also request a multi-grain bun or gluten-free bun to replace the original buttered bun.

You can also get the deluxe in the breaded and spicy versions.




Bojangles’ Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Bojangles Grilled Chicken SandwichIf you visit Bojangles’, it’s likely for a giant bucket of fried chicken and biscuits, but if you’re in the mood for something less fried – but still filling – check out the Grilled Chicken Sandwich. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, but it’s a decent option if you want something grilled on the go. Just like many of the options you’ll see on this list, Bojangles’ grilled chicken sandwich is topped with lettuce, tomato, and mayo on a toasted and buttered bun.



Hardee’s Charbroiled Chicken Club Sandwich

Hardee's Charbroiled Chicken Club SandwichThere’s something about “charbroiled” that sounds a heck of a lot better than grilled. And while Hardee’s may not be the first place you think of to get a delicious piece of chicken, this sandwich exceeds our expectations in flavor, juiciness, and toppings. First off, the blackened chicken breast is perfectly seasoned and super juicy. Then you’ve got an unexpected combination of toppings including two strips of bacon, melted Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. The bacon and cheese give this one a leg up, that’s for sure.



McDonald’s Artisan Grilled Chicken

McDonald's Artisan Grilled Chicken SandwichMcDonald’s grilled chicken sandwich has been a staple on the menu for several years now and is a nice complement to its greasier counterparts. The Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich is a nod to a more “mature” palate, including seasonings like garlic and parsley and toppings like lettuce, tomato, and vinaigrette dressing. It’s finished off with an “artisan roll,” which is essentially a thicker version of their original hamburger bun.

Zaxby’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Zaxby's Grilled Chicken SandwichZaxby’s is all about the fried life, but they’re not afraid to branch out and offer a lighter option every now and then. This southern grilled chicken sandwich is seasoned and topped with honey mustard sauce, shredded lettuce, and tomato, all on a toasted potato bun. It’s available solo, or you can order it as a part of a classic combo with crinkle cut fries (to-die for) and a drink.



Sonic Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Sonic Grilled Chicken SandwichSonic may not be where you turn to get a healthy fast food meal, but that doesn’t mean its grilled chicken sandwich doesn’t deliver. The franchise boasts an all white meat grilled chicken breast with lettuce, tomatoes and light mayonnaise, all on on toasted Brioche bun. If you think it sounds like every other fast food sandwich, you’d be right – it’s not anything special, per say, but that’s not a bad thing if you’re in the mood for a classic. The biggest perk is its price point – nearly everything at Sonic is super cheap, so you can afford to get multiple main dishes and/or sides, even if you’re balling on a budget.



Dairy Queen Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Dairy Queen Grilled Chicken SandwichDairy Queen has never been the go-to spot for food, but they’ve been able to pull through with a few decent options like their chicken tenders, onion rings, and yes – their grilled chicken sammy. Both the grilled and breaded options appear to have the same toppings – sliced tomato, lettuce, and mayo (shocker!). While this DQ option looks nearly identical to Sonic’s, the seasoning adds a unique flavor, similar to what you get from their tenders. You can order the sandwich all on its own or turn it into a combo with fries and a drink (or upgrade to a Blizzard).




Wendy’s Grilled Asiago Ranch Club

Wendy's Grilled Asiago Ranch ClubYes, Wendy’s has the predictable combination of chicken breast, tomato, lettuce, and mayo on their menu, but they’ve also provided us with specialty chicken sandwiches that are way more exciting. The Grilled Asiago Ranch Club is the real money maker here if you ask us, but there’s also the Grilled Avocado BLT Chicken Sandwich and the Grilled Barbecue Chicken Sandwich that serve as solid options, as well. The Asiago Ranch Club is a flavorful, indulgent version of what’s usually a “healthier” option, including Applewood smoked bacon, Asiago cheese, creamy ranch sauce, lettuce, and tomato on a toasted bun. The flavors are definitely more bold than more traditional options, and the same goes for the other two specialty sandwiches we mentioned.

If you’re in the mood for another option, the Grilled Avocado BLT comes with chicken, Applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, muenster cheese, buttermilk ranch, and avocado, while the BBQ option includes grilled chicken breast, crispy onions, muenster cheese, pickles, and BBQ sauce.



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