8 Best Paleo Fast Food Options

Today’s diet consists mainly of additives, preservatives, and processed foods – three of the ingredients that make up most fast food. For some, this isn’t an issue. If it tastes good and doesn’t break the bank, who cares what’s in it? But for Paleo followers, what’s inside their food matters […]

10 Best Food Delivery Apps For Every Need

Sometimes you just want to eat take-out on your couch in your pajamas – and that’s okay. Some days are just like that. Thankfully, the days of actually going to get your take-out are over. No more repeating your order to the hostess over the phone only to pick up […]

9 Meatless Burgers That Taste Just Like the Real Thing

Fast food chains are finally starting to add the meatless burger to their menus and the trend is quickly catching on – so much so that the high-demand is causing a shortage. If you tasted one, and we highly recommend you do, then you’d know why. GrubHub has even said […]

What’s on McDonald’s Late Night Menu?

If you stay up-to-date with fast food trends, then you know that McDonald’s cut down their late-night menu and everyone’s dying to know what’s on it (and what’s not). Before you go into a panic, the company left their most popular items and fortunately, breakfast made the cut. Regardless, there […]

Best Fast Food Items To Order For Every Diet

Let’s face it. Sticking to a diet isn’t always easy on your schedule. If you aren’t keen on carrying around pre-cooked food (and yes, this means you would have had to pre-cook it and remember to pack it) or breaking your diet for a quick bite to eat, there’s always […]