Zoes Kitchen Prices

Zoes Kitchen (written as Zoës Kitchen) is a fast casual restaurant chain that serves various salads, grilled chicken sandwiches, and soups. Zoes Kitchen prices are more expensive than fast food, but are competitive with rest of the fast casual industry.

The restaurant mainly targets lunch-goers and it has a limited menu that is Greek-inspired. One unique aspect of this restaurant is that they offer a “Take Home Tubs” of salads.

Zoes Kitchen Menu Prices

Compared to other restaurants, Zoe’s is a very traditional establishment with a limited menu that focuses primarily on Mediterranean food. The limited menu choices allow Zoe’s to focus on quality, not just quantity, to satisfy customers and earn sales. One thing that really sets Zoe’s apart from the rest of the crowd is the fact that they use fresh ingredients coming right from the back door – meaning they are freshly delivered every day.

Below are the latest Zoes Kitchen menu prices.

Food Size Price


Chicken Rollups $8.09
Spinach Rollups $7.79
Spinach Rollups with Chicken $8.89
Steak Rollups $9.29
Chicken Kabobs – Zoes Favorite! $9.29
Steak Kabobs $11.89
Salmon Kabobs $11.89
Shrimp Kabobs $10.39
Veggie Kabobs $8.89
Kabob Combo Plate $11.39
Greek Chicken Marinara $9.39
Protein Power Plate $8.39
Mediterranean Chicken $9.39


Chicken & Orzo Cup $3.39
Chicken & Orzo Bowl $5.19
Chicken & Orzo Quart $10.09
Chicken & Orzo Half Gallon $21.59
Tomato Bisque Cup $3.39
Tomato Bisque Bowl $5.19
Tomato Bisque Quart $10.09
Tomato Bisque Half Gallon $21.59

Hummus & Salads

Hummus & Pita $4.99
Basil Pesto Hummus & Pita $5.49
Red Pepper Hummus & Pita $5.49
Hummus Trio $6.99
Hummus & Salad Plate $7.29
Chicken Salad & Fruit Plate $8.89
Live Med Salad $7.89
Baked Feta $7.39
Greek Salad $7.89
Tossed Greek $9.19
Orzo “Tabouli” Salad $7.89
Side Greek Salad $3.79
Quinoa Salad $7.29

Classic Sandwiches

Pimento Cheese Sandwich $7.39
Chix Salad Sandwich $7.49
Pick Two! $7.29

Grilled Sandwiches

Gruben – Zoes Favorite! $7.89
Turkey Stack $7.89
Steak Stack $8.29
Ham Piadina $8.39
Spinach/Mushroom Piadina $8.19

Pita Sandwiches

Greek Chicken Pita $7.89
Lean Turkey Pita $7.69
Mediterranean Tuna Pita $7.79


Includes Kids Side

Kids Quesadilla $3.99
Grilled Chicken Fingers $3.99
Grilled Turkey & Cheese $3.99
Chicken Salad Sandwich $3.99
Kids Roll-up $3.99
Kids Fruit Cup (No Side Included) $1.49


Yaya’s Hand-Made Chocolate Cake 1 Pc. $2.59
Yaya’s Hand-Made Chocolate Cake Whole $21.99
Chocolate Chip Cookie $2.39
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie $2.39

Take Home Tubs

Chicken Salad Half Pint $4.99
Chicken Salad Pint $8.99
Hummus Half Pint $4.69
Hummus Pint $7.99
Red Pepper Hummus Half Pint $4.89
Red Pepper Hummus Pint $8.49
Basil Pesto Hummus Half Pint $4.89
Basil Pesto Hummus Pint $8.49
Pasta Salad Half Pint $3.99
Pasta Salad Pint $6.99
Pimento Cheese Half Pint $4.99
Pimento Cheese Pint $8.99
Potato Salad Half Pint $3.99
Potato Salad Pint $6.99
Slaw Pint $3.99
Slaw Quart $6.99
Seasonal Fresh Fruit Pint $4.69
Seasonal Fresh Fruit Quart $7.99
White Beans Pint $3.99
White Beans Quart $6.99
Mediterranean Tuna Half Pint $4.99
Mediterranean Tuna Pint $8.99
Quinoa Half Pint $3.69
Quinoa Pint $6.99
Tabouli Half Pint $3.69
Tabouli Pint $6.99


Chips $0.99
Pita Chips $1.29


Roasted Vegetables $2.29
Braised White Beans $2.29
Marinated Slaw $2.29
Pasta Salad $2.29
Potato Salad $2.29
Rice Pilaf $2.29
Seasonal Fresh Fruit $2.29
Orzo $2.29
Chicken Salad $3.89
Pimento Cheese $3.89
White or Wheat Pita Wedges $0.99
Tabouli $2.29
Hummus $3.99
Basil & Pesto Hummus $4.29
Red Pepper Hummus $4.29
Quinoa $2.29
Hummus Taster 2 oz. $1.65
Basil Hummus Taster 2 oz. $1.75
Red Pepper Hummus Taster 2 oz. $1.75
Cucumber $0.99


Sports Cup Refill $1.09
Kids Milk or Chocolate Milk $1.79
Kids Apple Juice $1.79
Fountain Drink $1.99
Limeade $2.39
Sports Cup Limeade $2.79
Vitamin or Smart Water $2.49
Pellegrino $2.59
Sweet or Unsweet Tea Gallon $6.99
Green Tea Gallon $7.99
Limeade Gallon $7.99

Family Meals

Family Meal Choices of Kabobs, Chicken Breasts, Marinara Chicken or Rollup Dinner

Mediterranean Family Meal – Kabobs Small $29.99
Mediterranean Family Meal – Kabobs Large $39.99
Mediterranean Family Meal – Chicken Breasts Small $29.99
Mediterranean Family Meal – Chicken Breasts Large $39.99
Mediterranean Family Meal – Marinara Chicken Small $29.99
Mediterranean Family Meal – Marinara Chicken Large $39.99
Mediterranean Family Meal – Rollup Dinner Small $29.99
Mediterranean Family Meal – Rollup Dinner Large $39.99

Gluten Free Soups & Salads

Tomato Bisque Cup $3.39
Tomato Bisque Bowl $5.19
Tomato Bisque Quart $10.09
Hummus Bowl $4.99
Hummus & Salad Plate $7.29
Greek Salad $7.89
Chicken Salad & Fruit Plate $8.89
Side Greek Salad $3.79

Gluten Free Entrees

Gluten Free Protein Power Plate $8.39
Gluten Free Quinoa Salad $7.29
Gluten Free Shrimp Kabobs $10.39
Gluten Free Greek Chicken Marinara $9.39
Gluten Free Mediterranean Chicken $9.39

Gluten Free Sides

Seasonal Fresh Fruit $2.29
Braised White Beans $2.29
Potato Salad $2.29
Marinated Slaw $2.29
Roasted Vegetables $2.29
Quinoa $2.29

Zoes Kitchen FAQ

When was Zoes Kitchen founded?

Zoes Kitchen was founded in 1995 in Homewood, Alabama, by Marcus and Zoë Cassimus. The brand was incorporated in Jefferson County, Alabama and the very first branch opened in Homewood, Alabama. The name is derived from John’s mom, Zoe Cassimus, who was the inspiration for the now giant health-centered restaurant.

A second store would open in 1999 and then a third by 2001. By the 3rd quarter of 2001 Zoe’s Kitchen expanded out of state and opened its doors in Nashville, Tennessee. Five years later and sixteen more branches opened, eight of them located in Alabama.

By the next year, 2007, four more opened. John Cassimus would then sell a large portion of ownership to BALA or Brentwood Associates of Los Angeles. Despite this he remained as chief executive and would continue to manage the brand until he was succeeded by Greg Dollarhyde right after John’s resignation in 2008.

Kevin Miles took over Greg Dollarhyde in 2011 as president of Zoe’s Kitchen. Kevin Miles resume included work at Baja Fresh, Pollo Campero, as well as Luby’s.

2011 also saw new innovations for the company; by 2011 the company directly owned its branches save for 11 franchises. Kevin Miles stated that multi-unit franchising would soon become available. It was also the year that Zoe’s launched its online ordering system.

What are popular menu items at Zoes Kitchen?

The menu is quite limited with only a few select choices but this allows the restaurant to focus primarily on fresh ingredients and quality preparation. One of their most popular items is their chicken salad as well as their pasta salad, all dressed in traditional Greek styling with fresh toppings, olive oil and dressing.

Zoe’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich is another all-time favorite is becoming one of the most iconic menu items from the company, along with its fresh salads that use freshly delivered vegetables. Just about every review for Zoe’s Kitchen praises their Grilled Chicken Sandwich.

Zoe’s Kitchen also offers the Mediterranean Family Meals – used to be known as the “Dinner for Four” – which is a very popular item for families.

Can I order Zoe’s Kitchen online?

The restaurant has a wide variety of dining choices – a customer may choose to dine in, call a few minutes ahead for take-out, or can order online. Side dishes may also be ordered by the pint, making Zoe’s one of the restaurants that allow large orders of side dishes whereas many other establishments limit these to one or two per meal.

Does Zoe’s Kitchen offer catering?

The restaurant also has a very extensive catering service. Since the menu focuses primarily on freshly made items, Zoe’s Kitchen is capable of catering to very large groups and is becoming a household favorite for weddings, birthdays, and other events.

Is Zoe’s Kitchen healthy?

Zoe Cassimus was famous for stating that if something wasn’t considered food a century ago it shouldn’t be considered food today, referring to all the unhealthy processes and food chemicals used these days.

Zoe’s Kitchen avoids these by using organic beef and vegetables prepared naturally and fresh. You won’t find deep fried beef swimming in calories and unhealthy oil; instead the restaurant focuses on traditional Greek grilling to get the flavor without creating an unhealthy pit of fats and oils.

Many of the vegetables are grown in house. This means that each branch has their own garden where the vegetables are grown. This allows the crops to be delivered on time and it guarantees that the newly delivered crops are as freshly picked as possible.

Another interesting tidbit is that Zoe’s Kitchen completely avoids microwaves. It’s not just for the fact that microwaves emit unhealthy radiation but also because preparing food in one isn’t the “traditional Mediterranean way”.

How many locations does Zoe’s Kitchen have?

When it comes to healthy and tasty food, Zoe’s Kitchen is one of the newcomers in the game but that hasn’t stopped them from stirring things up.  Today, there are over 130 restaurants in United States. Most restaurant locations are placed in Eastern and Southern United States.


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