What’s Healthy At Johnny Rockets

Classic Americana is what you get at any Johnny Rockets restaurant, whether it’s located in Pakistan (Karachi), the Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo), South Korea (Seoul), Germany (Ramstein), in one of 30 states in the Good Ole U.S. of A or even onboard the Royal Carribean International’s Voyager of the Seas cruise liner, complete with diner-style theme and décor featuring Coca Cola advertisements, chrome accents, red vinyl seats, and jukebox stations.

Experience the Post-World War II Era Ambiance

johnny-rockets-logoRonn Teitelbaum from Los Angeles founded Johnny Rockets as a “non-gimmicky recreation” of the malt shops he remembered from his 1940s-vintage inspired childhood in 1986. Everything at Johnny Rockets, primarily the décor, represents West Los Angeles’ restaurant The Apple Pan, in operation since 1947, from the counter seating to the location’s layout and from the menu to the grilling area.

Burgers at Johnny Rockets are grilled in full view of customers who are seating at the counter but only upon a customer’s order from the two-sided menu; these are wrapped in paper and placed on cardboard paper plates but with your order of fries, you get a smiley face made from ketchup – a trademark of Johnny Rockets – on a separate plate.

What NOT to Order

Let’s get down right to it and go to the Johnny Rockets menu because, undoubtedly, the food items printed there are so good they can wreck anyone’s diet at a moment’s notice. Their Bacon Cheddar Double, for instance, has 1,400 calories with 92 grams of fat and even the lightest burger, The Original, packs a whopping 820 calories with 53 grams of fat.

And we’re not even talking onion ring or French fries here! Order the former and you get an addition of 790 calories plus 36 grams of fat or 550 calories and 22 grams of fat for the fries. Did that scare you? The Chicken Tenders are no less “healthy” because of the 610 calories and 33 grams of fat that go with them. Are there any healthy options at Johnny Rockets?

The Healthier Options

Healthy can be tasty as well and at Johnny Rockets this is possible if you have the Grilled Chicken Breast Burger on the wheat bun. Yes, it’s all of 560 calories and all of 25 grams of fat but make no mistake about it, it is a healthy choice because instead of being fried the chicken is grilled and the bread is not the white variety but wheat.

The Streamliner is a good option whether or not you’re a vegetarian because this is a delicious but 100% meatless sandwich made of soy boca and loaded with tomato, lettuce, pickles, mustard, and grilled onions. It has 410 calories, yes, but only eight grams of fat. For some of the calorie figures of the Johnny Rockets menu items, here’s a quick peak:

• American Fries: 600 calories with 22 grams fat.
• Onion Rings: 790 calories with 36 grams fat.
• Chili Fries: 1,010 calories with 62 grams fat.
• Route 66 Burger: 920 calories with 60 grams fat.
• The Original: 820 calories with 53 grams fat.
• Chicken Tenders: 610 calories with 33 grams fat.
• Garden Salad: 271 calories with 19 grams fat.
• Turkey Single Hamburger: 732 calories with 42 grams fat.
• Tuna Salad Sandwich: 708 calories with 46 grams fat.

Take Advantage of the BYOB Program

If that made you a little sad, cheer up because Johnny Rockets has launched their newest program, Build Your Own Burger (BYOB), which allows customers to choose from a wide selection of toppings and make their own preferred flavor combinations other than those already on the menu.

There are four kinds of protein – 100% soy boca patty, turkey, the famous Johnny Rockets one third pound burger made from fresh (and never frozen), all natural, 100% beef, and chicken breast – to choose from as the “base” of your burger.

You can then choose from fresh toppings and add-ons such as pickles, relish, smoked bacon, all-meat chili, tomato, fried eggs, grilled peppers, sauces like chipotle ketchup, lettuce, onions, a variety of cheeses, mushrooms, and jalapeños. With the BYOB concept, you have control over what you want to eat.

A Burger Meal without Dessert

As to your just desserts from Johnny Rockets, know and be warned that the average number of calories of the mouthwatering shakes is between 810 and 1,020 and contain between 44 and 65 grams fat. Never, ever have The Perfect Brownie Sundae if you want to live to watch how the book series or the TV show “Game of Thrones” ends. With 91 grams of fat and 1,464 calories, you had better skip dessert if you already ordered any of the burgers.

Choosing the Chicken Club Salad with the Grilled Chicken Breast would be your best bet if you crave for anything Johnny Rockets. It is a good protein source, albeit rather high when it comes to fat and sodium; you can balance this out by foregoing the fries and dessert and just ordering bottled water. And if you must have the dressing, settle for the Balsamic Vinaigrette.

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