Top 5 Most Popular Fast Foods

Fast food – a little consumption is great and a lot gets even better; savor it just before it settles in your stomach. Well, who does not love to eat fast food?

The most popular fast foods come from well recognized restaurants and chains all over the globe. Forbes summarized the most popular food chains around the globe. Check their list here.

Top 5 Most Popular Fast FoodsA lot favor fast foods for a typical snack or meal mainly because of the fast-paced lifestyle where feeding the stomach gets more convenient with hurried food service. Although most of these fast foods are not quite healthy, they are tremendously popular.

Fast food chains and restaurants are popping everywhere around the planet, but nowhere else are they more a fraction of the culture in the United States whether it is a drive-through or a sit-down food chain. While people have various motivations for settling with the most popular fast foods, there are particular reasons why they have become very popular and stay so.

The Causes of Fast Food’s Popularity


Price is one of the primary causes why fast foods remain and continuously popular. In terms of restaurant dining, fast foods are virtually as cheap as they get. Food chains connect to every diner’s wish of having budget and value meals and that is why they offer food items as cheap as less than a dollar.


Fast food is easy to obtain and nearly on every corner, offering a swift way to buy a meal. As people frequently have less and lesser time to spare in cooking meals, they turn their table options to the simplest option available. Since a lot of fast food chains have windows for drive-through services, diners do not even need to get out of their vehicles to pick up food orders. With the healthy twist that fast food chains put on craze nowadays, their popularity continues to mount. Check out some of them.


What are your guilty pleasures? Most of them are provided in the menus of famous food chains like bacon and French fries. These most popular fast foods are people’s comfort foods that they keep coming back for, apart from the taste. Not new to anyone, the reason for this tasty treats is usually brought by too much sodium and fat. Since many customers cry for more healthy food composition, there have been adjustments in the recipes but the taste is always carefully preserved.

With these three reasons behind, people will keep on preferring fast foods than spending too much money sitting on gourmet restaurants and fine dining. With the list of numerous fast foods that most people love, there are always those that diners love to keep ordering over and over again. For that, summarized below are the top 5 most popular fast foods that food chains produce massively because of their demands.

The Top 5 Most Popular and Ordered Fast Foods

1. French Fries

french friesAccording to an annual report, French fries are the most ordered out of the most popular fast foods. Paired with other snacks or meals, French fries are never missed to be ordered by fast food avid. McDonald’s tops the chains that sell French fries nearly around the globe, according to some sources and food review websites. Whether working or driving, it is relatively convenient food choice to eat. Just like in accountancy – high demand entails higher supply. And because of this, countless numbers of fast food chains always have French fries listed on their menus.

2. Burger

BurgerFrom the classic American burger with double or triple beef patty to a cholesterol-free vegetarian burger option, hamburger, according to Food and Wine site, is recognized as America’s ideal comfort food. With the rise of this fast food, several varieties have been prepared and sold by different fast food joints and even restaurants all around the world to let diners enjoy a convenient, tasty hand-carried meal.

McDonald’s Big Mac is always considered as one of the best selling meals of all time in America and across the globe. Despite the one-time 550 calories in your daily caloric intake, people keep coming back for it. If you are fond of burgers, then you can check out McDonald’s menu with its prices here.

Another most ordered burger is Burger King’s Whopper. If McDonald’s fries their burgers, Burger King broils them. Whopper is actually a simple burger with simple ingredients as well, but people have the tendency to gravitate to simple dishes and that is why it became no shock for this burger to be a huge seller.

3. Fried Chicken

FFried Chickenried chicken is the most popular source of protein in various fast food establishments. The fried chicken items in most fast food chains’ menus generally comprise large and small chicken pieces or strips that are battered or floured and breaded with a crispy crust or coating.

KFC or the Kentucky Fried Chicken is one of the most popular chains that produce the most ordered fried chicken. The chain has also answered the cry of diners for healthfulness by baking and broiling their chicken. But, KFC’s Original Recipe variety stays to be one of the most ordered and popular in the world. To look for other KFC’s chicken budget meals, click here.

4. Pizza

PizzasPizza is another type of on-the-go fast food item, which is not only popular in the American diet but to almost everyone around the world. With different varieties, pizza is one of those most popular fast foods that people fall in a long line for.

Pizza Hut’s Pepperoni Pizza has been listed as one of the Top 10 most ordered fast foods in America for a long time ever since it has been out. Compared to any other Hut item, this variety always garners twice as many votes.

5. Sandwiches

SandwichesWhenever you are in a hurry, sandwich is the easiest thing you can prepare. Even in your kids’ lunchboxes, sandwiches are always present. Just like burgers, sandwiches of different varieties and flavors have been tagged as one of the most bought fast foods in the world.

Subway is considered to be the biggest sandwich chain in the world, with most of its joints in America. Subway’s Steak and Cheese Sub is an all-time favorite that even celebrities cannot resist talking about it. To check out for other varieties, visit this link.

Now that you have salivated with these Top 5 most popular fast foods in America and nearly the world, which one are you going to buy first?

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