The Most Recent Changes to Our Favorite Wendy’s Burgers


The Most Recent Changes to Our Favorite Wendy’s Burgers  



Wendy’s has grown to be among the world’s largest fast-food chains and this could be attributed to its array of delicious hamburgers.  But even with the stiff competition from the likes of McDonald’s and Carl’s Jr, customers can still say, “Oh, yes, the signature Wendy’s burger is still the best there is!”  


If you haven’t been to your neighborhood Wendy’s for a while, you may want to revisit it since the fast-food restaurant has made a few significant changes to its burgers. These changes include a new bun and new packaging (i.e., from paper to foil) while its trademark beef patties, which are made of 100% pure North American beef delivered fresh to the restaurants, remain. You can hope that the overall flavor profile will be tastier, the beef juicier, and the vegetable toppings fresher since Wendy’s appears to have a renewed sense of commitment to customer satisfaction.  


Indeed, there is something good to be said about the stiff competition in the fast-food industry. The changes to a typical Wendy’s burger was apparently partly brought on by the market gains made by McDonald’s after making several changes to its hamburgers.  


Here are the four Wendy’s burgers that you should order and enjoy the updates to the bun, vegetables and sauce, and beef patty; and the great part is, the price hasn’t changed.


Dave’s Single


This is the classic Wendy’s hamburger that continues to be popular, thanks to its meaty filling of a quarter pound of premium ground beef combined with fresh toppings and served on a warm toasted bun.

You will appreciate the subtle richness and sweetness of the bun, which has a nice surface sheen to it, although its slight dryness belies Wendy’s claim that its buns are always freshly-baked.  You may even long for the Brioche bun the company used on its burgers before.   


When it comes to the beef, fortunately, Wendy’s patty is beefier than many of its competitors.  You will love the juicier flavors combined with a more robust and less sweet flavor profile because it has less seasoning.  Your palate will also detect the subtle hints of its slight sweetness set against the background of the partially melted cheese.


Son of Baconator


This is a decadent burger that you will want to order again and again except that moderation is always the key to healthy eating in fast-food joints, no thanks to their insanely high calorie, fat and sodium content.  The Son of Baconator consists of two premium beef patties with four strips of crispy smoked bacon, toppings of mayo, cheese, and ketchup, and placed between a toasted bun.  


Again, Wendy’s beef patties more than meets expectations for a fast-food patty – these are by far the juiciest, beefiest, and most flavorful beef patties, thanks to their freshly-grilled treatment and just-right seasoning.  Your palate will love the evenly cooked patties, which ensures moisture stays in the beef.


Double Stack


As its name implies, the Double Stack has two fresh, pure beef patties grilled to perfection with a topping of partially melted cheese, mustard, ketchup, onion, and pickle on a regular soft bun.  Yes, it is as good as it sounds but you have to make allowances for its smaller patties, which is a shame when you consider that these should satiate a meat lover’s hunger for juicy patties.  


Since the Double Stack has higher calorie, fat and sodium levels than Dave’s, you may want to share it with your fellow diner. You want to enjoy the juiciness of the beef patties without unnecessarily risking your heart by going overboard.  


Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe


You can rekindle your love affair with the Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe, a decadent combination of 100% fresh, pure beef patty with all the ingredients of the quintessential American hamburger – cheese, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and pickles. To up the ante, you may want to order the new Steakhouse Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe, too, which has a junior hamburger patty seasoned well with Montreal steakhouse seasoning. Your senses will love the delightful combo of American cheese, tomato, lettuce, red onion, garlic aioli sauce, and butter spread, which perfectly complement the beef and bun.


What are you waiting for? Drive to the nearest Wendy’s now!  


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  1. unsatisfied says:

    The wendy jr burgers are now smaller than a white castle, and cost $2, that is rediculous, and all you can taste is the bread. They used to be the ones with the slogan, “Wheres the beef?” how ironic. I havent ate there in a while, and now i remember why

  2. Eric Newton says:

    Lately all the burgers I have purchased at Wendy’s have had cold, non-toasted buns. Have you changed your burgers? The patties and everything else is still good, but I don’t care for cold hamburger buns.

  3. another unsatisfied says:

    Ya i’m not going to Wendy’s any more there burgers taste different now cant put my finger on it
    not good at all. They don’t taste fresh pretty sad plus prices went up for a burger thats taste bad

  4. I worked for Wendys while going to college. I can tell you for a fact that the burgers they turn out today taste nothing like they did in the 1980s. They feel like rubber when you bite into them. As a grill man we had problems with them falling apart (which means they were made of lean meat). The fact that they feel like rubber today and never fall apart tells me they are 60% fat and 40% meat. No taste whatsoever (other than those horrible bread and butter pickles). Dave Thomas should have drilled a hole to China by now rolling over in his grave.

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