Sweet Tomatoes Menu Prices

Sweet Tomatoes – or Souplantation depending on your location – uses farm-fresh produce in their buffet. Their buffet-style menu allows you to create their own meals to suit the diet and tastes. This makes it a great chain for families with different dietary needs or picky eaters.


Most of the chain’s 90+ restaurants are located in California and the western part of the US, with some sprinkled in the mid-west, and some in the southern part of the US.


Food Price

Soup, Salad, & Buffet

Price Per Person

Weekday Lunch (11 am – 4 pm) $9.60
Dinner (4 pm – close) $11.59
Breakfast (Sunday 9 am – 12 pm) $9.99
Weekend Lunch (11 am – 4 pm) $9.99

Kid’s Meals

Price Per Person

Ages 3 and under Free
Ages 4 – 11 $6


Free Refills

Regular $2.49
Large $2.99