Silver Diner Menu & Prices (Updated: February 2023)

Silver Diner Menu Prices

Everyone has their own favorite neighborhood gathering place, right? A restaurant with outstanding food, friendly hospitality, and a cozy atmosphere where you’ve created tons of great memories. If you can’t think of a place like that, it’s probably because you’ve never been to Silver Diner! 

There’s something really magical about a diner; from nostalgic tabletop jukeboxes to comfortable booths to the friendly people. Now imagine having that classic ‘60s vibe but with food reflecting today’s lifestyles. That’s what Silver Diner is all about!

Let’s talk about the food, though. What can you get at one of Silver Diner’s restaurants located in New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C? How about a Hickory Smokehouse Cheddar Burger? Or roasted in-house buffalo wings? Fresh Atlantic Salmon Salad? They have all the classics for any meat lover or vegan customer out there! 

Want to see if there’s a Silver Diner near you and what’s on the menu? We have it all right here:

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FoodSize & Price

Family Meals

No substitutions permitted. Serves a family of four.

Lemon Chicken Piccata Supper

Four chicken breast topped with a lemon caper sauce served with cinnamon-chipotle farro with zucchini and tomato, scallions, basil, and fresh veggies.

Creekstone Meatloaf Supper

2 lbs. thickly sliced black angus meatloaf, topped with brown gravy, crispy onion straws, served with mashed potatoes, fresh veggies, and corn.

Pineapple Basil Vegan Stir Fry Supper

Cremini mushrooms, carrots, mixed peppers, organic non-GMO edamame beans, reduced-sodium ginger teriyaki, bean sprouts, scallions, ginger, hemp seeds, with organic gluten-free quinoa pasta.

Family Lumberjack Breakfast

Silver Dollar pancakes, farm fresh scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, home fries, syrup and whipped butter on the side.

Family Bison Huevos Rancheros Scrambler

Farm fresh scrambled eggs, chorizo hash with organic bison, peppers, salsa roja, scallions, cilantro, goat cheese, guacamole, crispy whole wheat tortillas.

Family Avocado Toast and Eggs

12 slices, avocado mix, hemp hearts, olive oil, microgreens, sourdough, farm-fresh scrambled eggs, fresh strawberries, and fruit

Family French Toast and Eggs

12 pieces of French toast. Powdered sugar, farm-fresh scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, syrup, and whipped butter on the side.

Appetizers & Dinner Sides

Perfect to share

Coconut Curry Tofu Skewers

Sambal agave glazed tofu skewers, banh mi slaw, curry sauce.

Local Kale & Bleu Cheese Salad

Farro, carrots, cranberries, citrus champagne vinaigrette, apple slices.

Carolina Shrimp Quesadilla

Tasso ham, andouille, peppers, scallions, parmesan and jack cheddar cheeses, arugula, guacamole, cilantro sour cream.

Crispy Fried Brussel Sprouts

Cinnamon chipotle seasoned, dried apricots and cranberries, pecans, southwest ranch.

Bruschetta Toast

Firefly Farms goat cheese, pesto, tomatoes, balsamic glaze, sunflower seeds, sourdough

Avocado Toast

Avocado mix, hemp hearts, olive oil, microgreens, sourdough.

Cheese Fries

Old Bay, jack cheddar, bacon, scallions, southwest ranch.

Crispy Chicken Tenders

Our own recipe! Antibiotic and hormone-free with honey mustard.

Picked For You

Pickle Fried Chicken Sandwich

Twenty-four-hour pickle brined chicken breasts, southern fried chicken, coleslaw, pickles, adobo mayo

Chicken Avocado Cobb

Greens, tomato, cucumber, carrots, bacon, egg, bleu cheese, avocado, croutons, and ranch.


Market Soups


Kale and Bleu Cheese Salad

Farro, carrots, radishes, cranberries, and champagne vinaigrette.

Field Greens

Tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, sunflower seeds, and champagne vinaigrette.

Salad & Soups

Chopped Cobb

Romaine, iceberg, bacon, grilled chicken, tomatoes, carrots, hard-boiled egg, cucumbers, croutons, bleu cheese, guacamole, tossed with tangy ranch dressing.

Summer Watermelon & Carolina Shrimp

House-made citrus dressing, greens, vine ripe tomatoes, kalamata olives, quinoa, feta, basil, pomegranate.

Grilled Chicken Caesar

Romaine, Romano, tomatoes, croutons, tossed with caesar dressing.

Ancient Grain Shrimp Bowl

Quinoa, farro, fresh mozzarella, roasted tomatoes, greens, kalamata olives, watermelon radish, sunflower seeds, microgreens, pesto vinaigrette.

Grilled Salmon Caesar

Sustainable fresh Atlantic salmon, cinnamon chipotle spiced, romaine, kale, romano, tomatoes, croutons, tossed with caesar dressing.

Avocado Toasts

Avocado and Salmon Toast

Avocado toast with ducktrap river smoked salmon.

Burrata Avocado Toast

Avocado mix, topped with burrata, tomatoes, basil, olive oil, balsamic glaze, microgreens, candied pistachios, and sourdough.

Avocado Toast with Cinnamon Chipotle Shrimp

Avocado mix, queso fresco, radishes, pomegranate seeds, and basil oil on rustic sourdough topped with cilantro. With cinnamon chipotle shrimp.

Burgers, Sliders, & Sandwiches

Pesto Burger

Local goat cheese, basil pine nut pesto, roasted red pepper with sweet potato fries.

Kickin Short Rib Burger

Creekstone beef, short rib, nitrate-free bacon, cheddar, jalapenos, onion straws, southwest ranch, and bbq.

Hickory Smokehouse Cheddar Burger

BBQ basted cheddar, caramelized onions, cremini mushrooms, nitrate-free bacon.

Short Rib Cuban

Organic, grass-fed short rib, on ciabatta, caramelized onions, pickles, swiss cheese, mustard, crispy fries, and coleslaw

Bacon Bleu Burger

Bleu cheese crumbles, nitrate-free bacon, onion straws, A-1, honey mustard

Meatless Miso Burger

Miso glazed Beyond Meat burger, watermelon radish, pickled ginger, arugula, wasabi sour cream.

Cauliflower Sandwich

Flash fried, cinnamon chipotle spiced, feta, roasted red pepper, arugula, tahini harissa yogurt, pesto, burger bun, sweet potato fries, and coleslaw.

Tofu Banh Mi

Sambal agave glazed tofu, banh mi slaw, vegan mayo, ciabatta, sweet potato fries with toasted coconut.

Fiery Fried Chicken

Pickle brined chicken, honey sambal glaze, peach salsa, wasabi sour cream, with crispy fries and coleslaw.

Ribeye Philly Steak

Caramelized onions, white American cheese, mayo, scallions, sweet potato sub roll, side of honey pepper relish.

Triple Decker Club

Free-range turkey, ham, mozzarella, nitrate-free bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, toasted sourdough.


Fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, romaine, basil pine nut pesto, balsamic drizzle, roasted red pepper, ciabatta.

Tuna Melt

Cheddar Tomato, on grilled Sourdough


Mayo, Romaine, tomatoes, toasted Sourdough

Southwest Turkey

Free-range turkey, tomatoes, romaine, southwest ranch, pepper jack, guacamole, ciabatta.

Roasted Veggie Ciabatta

Roasted brussels sprouts, asparagus, cremini mushrooms, red pepper, arugula, pecans, pesto sauce, with side pineapple citrus salad (instead of fries and coleslaw).

Pastrami Reuben

Lean, smoky pastrami, thousand island, Swiss, sauerkraut, grilled Jewish rye.

Grilled Cheese Deluxe

White American cheese, mozzarella, grilled sourdough, side of cranberry orange ginger sauce.

Classic BLT

Nitrate-free bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, toasted sourdough.

Sharing Plates

Cauliflower Mezze

Cinnamon chipotle spiced, hummus, tzatziki, dill, candied pistachios, pomegranate seeds, and balsamic glaze.

Pesto Meatless Balls

Plant-based beyond meat meatballs, fire-roasted pepper sauce, lemony pesto, "nooch," ciabatta

Goat Cheese Bruschetta

Pine nut pesto, tomato, balsamic drizzle, sunflower seeds, and ciabatta.

Edamame and White Bean Hummus

Basil oil, pomegranate seeds, kumato tomatoes, cucumber, olives, and naan bread.

Chimichurri Chicken Wings

Salsa roja, black sesame seeds, and ranch dressing.

Crispy Brussels Sprouts

Cinnamon chipotle spiced, apricots, cranberries, pecans, and ranch.

Tuna Tartare

Ponzu marinated, avocado mix, microgreens, lime peanut dressing, and crispy wontons.

Diner Classics, Seafood & Steak

Served with a choice of a soup or salad.

Koch's Farm Free-Range Turkey Platter

Sustainable turkey over sourdough toast, rosemary sage gravy, mashed potatoes, fresh veggies, cranberry ginger sauce.

Bell & Evans Roasted Chicken Pot Pie

Mushrooms, basil, roasted squash, peas, corn, scallions, tarragon, topped with a flaky buttery crust.

Calf's Liver, Onions & Cremini Mushrooms

Nitrate-free bacon, onions, mushrooms, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, fresh veggies.

Black Angus Meatloaf

Half pound, thick-sliced, BBQ gravy, crispy onion straws, mashed potatoes, fresh veggies, corn.

Local Flat Iron Steak

Topped with Firefly Farms bleu cheese butter and crispy onion straws, mashed potatoes, scallions, and sauteed garlic spinach.

Wild Caught Carolina Shrimp Scampi

Sustainable, basil garlic shrimp, garlic wine sauce, scallions, tomatoes, cremini mushrooms, angel hair pasta.

Rhode Island Style Fried Shrimp

Sustainable, wild-caught, hand-breaded, banana pepper relish, house remoulade, Old Bay crispy fries, coleslaw.

Bar Harbor Fish & Chips Platter

Fried sole, tartar sauce, coleslaw, and choice of Old Bay crispy fries or veggie.

Tarragon Crabcake Platter

Two crab cakes, tartar sauce, coleslaw, and choice of Old Bay crispy fries or veggie

Tofu & Lentils

Sambal agave glazed tofu skewers, toasted coconut, spiced green lentils, onions, tomatoes, banh mi slaw, curry sauce.


Cajun Salmon & Shrimp

Mashed potatoes, roasted organic corn, leeks, tomatoes, lemon butter sauce, asparagus.

Bayou Surf 'N Turf

Two tenderloin medallions, mashed potatoes, broccolini, Louisiana-style sauce with wild-caught Carolina shrimp, roasted organic corn, tasso, andouille.

Chicken Parmesan

Fire-roasted pepper tomato sauce, mozzarella, romano, angel hair pasta tossed with spinach, tomatoes, basil.

Grass Fed Short Rib

Organic sliced short rib, broccolini, mashed potatoes, brown gravy, peas, roasted butternut squash, scallions.

Under 600 Calorie Meals

Baja Fish Tacos

Fried flounder, southwest ranch, shredded cabbage, cilantro, scallions, baja black bean salsa, cilantro sour cream, and side summer citrus salad.

Summertime Cod

Wild-caught Alaskan cod, over quinoa and pomegranate, grilled tomatoes, asparagus and roasted butternut squash, lemon garlic sauce.

Lemon Chicken Picatta

Lemon caper sauce, cinnamon chipotle farro with zucchini and tomato, scallions, basil, fresh veggies.

Grilled Fresh Atlantic Salmon

Sustainable salmon, lemon garlic sauce, brown rice and edamame beans, fresh greens with balsamic vinaigrette.

All Day Brunch

Oaxaca Omelet

Pico de gallo, pepper jack, salsa roja, cilantro, avocado mix, strawberries, fruit, and toast.

Caramel French Toast and Eggs

Cinnamon powdered sugar, salted caramel drizzle, eggs, and choice of meat.

Plant-Based Vegan Entrees

Beyond Meatballs Mac N Cheese

No pasta! Smoky tempeh "bacon", house-roasted tomatoes, over cauliflower, vegan cheese sauce, zucchini, "nooch", asparagus.

Pineapple Basil Vegetarian Stir Fry

Cremini mushrooms, carrots, mixed peppers, organic non-GMO edamame beans, reduced-sodium ginger teriyaki, scallions, ginger, black sesame seeds, organic gluten-free quinoa pasta.

In-House Roasted Tomatoes

Roasted beefsteak tomatoes over brown rice, organic roasted corn, mushrooms, leeks, zucchini, pistachios, lemon chimichurri, asparagus, peach salsa.

Brussels Sprouts & Lentils

Crispy brussels sprouts over lentils, leeks, tomatoes, fire-roasted red pepper sauce, pistachios.

Popular Items

All Day Breakfast

Chicken Tender Platter

Our own recipe! Antibiotic and hormone-free with honey mustard, coleslaw, and choice of crispy fries or veggie.

Carolina Fried Shrimp

Sustainable, wild-caught, hand-breaded, spicy Rhode Island style, banana peppers, pepper relish, house remoulade.

The American Favorite

Farm fresh Amish eggs any style, choice of breakfast meat.

Country Scrambler

Farm fresh Amish scrambled eggs, sausage, home fries, cremini mushrooms, onions, green peppers, jack cheddar, sausage gravy, silver dollar pancakes, fresh strawberries, and fruit.

Bison Huevos Rancheros

Crispy multigrain tortillas, chorizo hash with organic bison, cage-free Amish eggs over easy, peppers, salsa roja, scallions, cilantro, goat cheese, guacamole.

Caramel French Toast & Eggs

Powdered sugar, salted caramel drizzle, farm fresh Amish eggs any style, choice of meat.

Buttermilk Pancakes & Eggs

Two cakes, whipped butter, farm fresh Amish eggs any style, choice of meat.

All Day Breakfast

Baby Spinach, Feta & Cremini Mushroom Omelette

Tomatoes, toasted bagel with cream cheese, and home fries

Low Fat Vegetarian Omelette

Eggbeaters, low-fat cheddar, zucchini, cremini mushrooms, tomatoes, fresh strawberries and fruit, whole wheat toast.


Jack Cheddar Cheese Omelette

Shredded jack cheddar, served with biscuit and home fries.

California Omelette

Eggbeaters, chicken, tomato, jack cheddar, scallions, baja black bean salsa, cilantro sour cream, fresh strawberries and fruit, whole wheat toast.

Western Omelette

Ham, green peppers, onions, served with biscuit and home fries


Philly Steak Omelette

Sliced ribeye, caramelized onions, white American cheese, jack cheddar, scallions, served with biscuit and home fries.

Power Breakfast

Egg whites topped with cremini mushrooms, spinach, roasted tomatoes, feta cheese, turkey bacon, fresh strawberries and fruit, whole wheat toast.

Lumberjack Breakfast

Silver dollar pancakes (instead of biscuit), farm fresh Amish eggs any style, two choices of meat.

Corned Beef Hash & Eggs

10oz. of hash, farm fresh Amish eggs any style.

Country-Fried Steak & Eggs

Breaded steak, with sausage gravy, farm fresh Amish eggs any style.

Boneless Fried Chicken & Waffles

Boneless breaded chicken, pecan waffle, with cherry pepper honey, sausage gravy, and syrup.

Classic Eggs Benedict

Wolferman’s English muffin, maple ham, tomatoes, cage-free Amish eggs over easy, hollandaise, home fries.

Just Egg Benedict

Vegan scrambled "eggs", smoky tempeh "bacon", baby spinach, house-roasted tomatoes, vegan cheese sauce, sourdough toast, fresh strawberries, and fruit.

Roasted Veggie Huevos Rancheros

Crispy multigrain tortillas, butternut squash, beets, brussels sprouts, black bean, quinoa, cage-free Amish eggs over easy, peppers, salsa roja, scallions, cilantro, goat cheese, guacamole

Local Flat Iron & Eggs

Black angus steak, farm fresh Amish eggs any style, home fries

Belgian Waffle

Topped with powdered sugar and whipped butter.

Belgian Waffle & Eggs
Powdered sugar, whipped butter, farm fresh Amish eggs any style, choice of meat


Banana Stuffed French Toast

Layered with vanilla bean créme, sliced bananas, chocolate chips, salted caramel, and vanilla drizzle.

Caramel French Toast

Challah bread, salted caramel drizzle, powdered sugar.

Quinoa Coconut Pancakes

Blueberries, pecans, grilled bananas, strawberries and fruit, agave. Gluten-Free.

Buttermilk Pancakes

Three cakes, whipped butter.

Short Rib Benedict

Organic, grass-fed short rib, butternut squash, spinach, bbq, cage-free Amish eggs over easy, hollandaise, home fries.

A La Carte

Pecanwood Smoked Becan


Turkey Bacon


Ham Steak Sausage


Pork Sausage


Turkey Sausage


Veggie Sausage


Home Fries with Cholula Onions


Maple Syrup


Fresh Fruit




Beyond Italian Sausage


Breakfast Sides

Acai Icelandic Yogurt Bowl

Michele’s hemp ginger granola, blueberries, strawberries, melon, dried apricot, hemp seeds, blood orange glaze.

Roasted Home Fries

Roasted Home Fries

Wolferman's English Muffin

Wolferman's English Muffin

Toasts, Bagels and More

Baked fresh daily!

Creekstone Burgers + Sandwiches

Angus Cheeseburger

Aged Gruyere, house remoulade, rocket greens, tomato

Beyond Meat Baja Burger

Cinnamon chipotle spiced, adobe mayo, avocado mix, pico de gallo, queso fresco, radish, rocket greens

Cauliflower Steak Sandwich

Flash-fried cauliflower steak, cinnamon, house-roasted tomato, chimichurri, avocado mix

Entree Salads and Warm Grain Bowls

Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl

Radishes, cucumber, scallions, avocado, cilantro, rocket greens, over warm peanut quinoa, and wasabi cream.

Seasonal Selections

Churro Doughnuts Sundae

Great to share! Fried doughnuts, cinnamon chipotle sugar, vanilla ice cream, nutella and raspberry drizzle, sprinkles.

Kids Menu

Single Scoop of Ice Cream

Choose vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry Breyer’s ice cream, or Breyer’s fat-free vanilla ice cream.

Milkshakes & Desserts



Deluxe Shakes

All-natural Breyers ice cream, Glalliker's milk, agave sweetened fruit toppings.

Jr. Hand-Dipped

Jr. Hand-Dipped

Jr. Deluxe Shakes

Jr. Deluxe Shakes

Apple Pie

Our signature dessert baked daily! Made with cinnamon-spiced apples in a buttery crust, drizzled with salted caramel.

Home-Style Bread Pudding

Cinnamon spiced apples, walnuts, served warm with all-natural Breyer's vanilla ice cream and salted caramel.

Double Chocolate Triple-Layer Cake

A chocolate lover’s dream! Drizzled with vanilla and dark chocolate.

Smith Island Cake

Maryland’s official state dessert. Baked exclusively for Silver Diner.

Brownie Decadence

Chewy fudge brownie topped with all-natural Breyers vanilla and chocolate ice cream, hot fudge, salted caramel, whipped cream, and walnuts.

Silver Diner Sundae - Great to Share!

Two scoops of all-natural Breyer's ice cream, whipped cream, walnuts, and your choice of hot fudge, salted caramel, or strawberry topping.

World's Smallest Sundae

One scoop of all-natural Breyer's ice cream with whipped cream, walnuts, and your choice of topping.

Churro Waffle

Great to share! Fried Belgian waffle, cinnamon sugar, vanilla ice cream, Nutella and raspberry drizzle, chocolate pearls.




Guava Mint Ginger Ale




Hot Tea


Iced Tea


Light Lemonade


House-made Hibiscus Lemonade