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Sometimes, you just want to eat enough lobster and shrimp scampi for four people, without emptying your wallet. We get it. If you’re a seafood lover, Red Lobster can be one of the more expensive restaurants to eat out, especially when you tack on appetizers, drinks, and dessert. However, you don’t have to fill up on Cheddar Bay Biscuits (unless, of course, you want to) because Red Lobster is always releasing new coupons and offering weekly specials, deals, and promotions.

Red Lobster Nutrition

Sit-down eateries and fast-casual restaurants are arguably the more popular dining option for 2020. And while some may offer higher quality food, more options, and better service, there’s one major downside to these restaurants over a drive-through fast-food chain. Places like Red Lobster, PF Changs, and Carraba’s are far more expensive than swinging by a McDonald’s. But when cravings are calling, and you’re in the mood for lobster, there are few alternatives to forking over your cash. To help make dining out on a budget easier than ever, here’s a look at all the easiest ways to snag Red Lobster coupons, rewards, and specials.

Red Lobster

What are the specials for Red Lobster?

In addition to coupons, Red Lobster always has unbeatable weekly specials. Currently, the restaurant is the following specials:

  • Build Your Own Shrimp Feast, which includes your choice of dinner entrees, soup or salad, and dessert starting at $14.99.
  • Create Your Own Ultimate Feast, where customers get to choose four options to include in their meal, like a Lobster Dish, a Signature Favorite, and two Shrimp Classics.
  • Happy Hour, a time where Red Lobster offers weekly specials on appetizers and drinks. To learn more about Red Lobster’s specials, check out our Red Lobster Happy Hour page.
  • Family Meal Deals – If you’re feeding the whole family, you’ve got plenty of options at Red Lobster. Family Meal Deals include Chicken Breast Strip, Shrimp Scampi, Walt’s Favorite Shrimp, Salmon, Fish Fry, Parrot Isle Jumbo Shrimp, Shrimp Linguini, Cajun Chicken Linguini Alfredo, Crab Linguini Alfredo, Create Your Own Family Feast, Ultimate Family Feast, Admiral’s Family Feast, and Seaside Shrimp Trio Family Feast. Each family meal deal comes with sides and Cheddar Bay Biscuits.

Red Lobster Family Feast

Fresh Catch Club

Red Lobster’s Fresh Catch Club won’t send you out in the middle of the ocean and train you to deep sea fish. Instead, they’ll hook you up with freebies, coupon codes, and exclusive restaurant news. The most popular coupon you can get from joining the email club is for a free appetizer or dessert. To redeem it, have the email pulled up on your phone when you order, and show it to your server.

You will also get a freebie from Red Lobster on your birthday – perhaps another free appetizer or dessert?

Fresh Alerts (Text)

Another way to receive promo codes and coupons from Red Lobster is by signing up for their Fresh Alerts text message program. Similar to the Fresh Catch Club, you will be sent messages about exclusive specials and coupons for Red Lobster, as well as news about brand-new Reb Lobster foods and changes to the menu. To start receiving texts from Red Lobster, send a text message that says NEWS to 67766.

Gift Card Deals

At participating Red Lobster locations, you can snag a free appetizer of your choice after spending $50 or more in gift cards. This deal only applies when you purchase gift cards at a Red Lobster restaurant or online on their website. If you choose to order your gift card online, you have the choice of sending it electronically to the recipient or through the mail with a free greeting card.

Red Lobster Rewards

You really have no reason to eat at Red Lobster (unless you hate seafood, then fair enough) because their opportunities to save a few bucks are endless. If you join their rewards program, you’ll build up points and eventually earn your reward, which is typically the choice of a menu item from a preselected list. It doesn’t take long at all to earn a reward, especially if you eat at the restaurant regularly and/or are feeding a family. Once you sign up for the program, you’ll automatically receive 75 points, which puts you well on your way to getting your first freebie, which is earned at 125 points.

Red Lobster Shrimp

Does Red Lobster accept expired coupons?

There is no harm in asking your server if they will honor your coupon, even if it is expired. However, you should not expect Red Lobster to accept expired coupons. The policy surrounding this may vary by restaurant, and it often depends on the rules management sets for their staff. Whether or not they accept your expired coupon also may depend on how long ago it expired.

Does Red Lobster give discounts?

Red Lobster is known for offering a Military Discount of 10% off, Monday through Sunday. You may remember their Military Monday program, which only offered the discount on Mondays, but most locations will honor the 10% off if you show your server your military identification card. Generally, restaurants will allow Active Duty and Veteran military to be eligible. Veterans Day is another time of the year that Red Lobster often offers discounts, as well as a free appetizer or dessert.

So, what about senior discounts? Red Lobster does not advertise a senior discount like they do for military personnel and Veteran’s Day, but some outlets may choose to offer one, according to Simply call and ask your local restaurant, and they should be able to provide you with available senior discounts.

How much is the endless shrimp at Red Lobster?

When Endless Shrimp is available at Red Lobster, it typically costs $15.99. This limited-time deal is on and off the Red Lobster menu and features different shrimp dishes each time. In the past, Red Lobster has offered the Endless Shrimpspecial, including dinner entrees like Crispy Sriracha Honey Shrimp, Teriyaki-Grilled Shrimp, Garlic Shrimp Scampi, Shrimp Linguini Alfredo, and Hand-Breaded Shrimp.

Spoiler alert: you can still order the Endless Shrimp special for carryout, but it’s not truly all-you-can-eat. Rather, they limit it to four orders of the shrimp of your choice, so you’ll definitely get more bang for your buck if you dine in.

Red Lobster Coupons Canada

We’ve gotten questions from our friends to the north about Red Lobster Canada Coupons – are they different? The same? Better? In short, Canada Red Lobster coupons and offers are similar to the ones here in the States. Their current offers include the same weekly deals like the Build Your Own Shrimp Feast, Create Your Own Ultimate Feast, and Weekday Win Menu. The website does not advertise text alerts, but Canadian locations can also sign up for Fresh Catch News alerts to earn promo codes and freebies.

Got money-saving on the brain? Red Lobster isn’t the only restaurant that offers awesome specials, coupons, and promo codes. Check out our Fast Food Restaurants Coupons page to find deals at all the major franchises.