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Pollo Campero is a Guatemalan fast food restaurant that has locations in over 15 countries. The restaurant specializes in chicken-based latin meals that primarily come in larger sides for the entire family. Pollo Campero prices are similar to other chicken fast food restaurants, although if you get one of the family meals, you get a much better value.

Although they mainly serve fried and grilled chicken, Pollo Campero also has other items on the menu such as chicken bites, empanadas, sandwiches, chicken bowls, kid’s meals, and sides.

Below are the latest Pollo Campero menu prices.

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Chicken Meals

Meal Includes Tortilla or Dinner Roll and One Side

Fried Meal (Dark)2 Pc.$4.99
Fried Meal (White)2 Pc.$5.99
Grilled Meal (Dark)2 Pc.$4.99
Grilled Meal (White)2 Pc.$5.99
Fried Meal (Dark)3 Pc.$6.29
Fried Meal (White)3 Pc.$6.99
Grilled Meal (Dark)3 Pc.$6.29
Grilled Meal (White)3 Pc.$6.99
Half Chicken Meal$8.99

Family Feasts

Fried Feast (Dark)8 Pc.$16.99
Fried Feast (Mixed)8 Pc.$19.99
Grilled Feast (Dark)8 Pc.$16.99
Grilled Feast (Mixed)8 Pc.$19.99
Half Feast – Fried & Grilled (Dark)8 Pc.$16.99
Half Feast – Fried & Grilled (Mixed)8 Pc.$19.99
Half Feast – Fried & Grilled (Dark)12 Pc.$23.99
Half Feast – Fried & Grilled (Mixed)12 Pc.$28.99
Fried Feast (Dark)12 Pc.$23.99
Fried Feast (Mixed)12 Pc.$28.99
Grilled Feast (Dark)12 Pc.$23.99
Grilled Feast (Mixed)12 Pc.$28.99
Fried Feast (Dark)16 Pc.$30.49
Fried Feast (Mixed)16 Pc.$35.99
Grilled Feast (Dark)16 Pc.$30.49
Grilled Feast (Mixed)16 Pc.$35.99
Half Feast – Fried & Grilled (Dark)16 Pc.$30.49
Half Feast – Fried & Grilled (Mixed)16 Pc.$35.99
Fried Feast (Dark)20 Pc.$35.99
Fried Feast (Mixed)20 Pc.$39.99
Grilled Feast (Dark)20 Pc.$35.99
Grilled Feast (Mixed)20 Pc.$39.99
Half Feast – Fried & Grilled (Dark)20 Pc.$35.99
Half Feast – Fried & Grilled (Mixed)20 Pc.$39.99

Chicken Bites

Camperitos5 Pc.$2.99
Camperitos – Meal5 Pc.$4.99
Camperitos30 Pc.$14.99


Empanada1 Pc.$1.59
Empanadas3 Pc.$5.99
Empanadas6 Pc.$9.54
Empanadas12 Pc.$18.48


Single Grilled Chicken Sandwich$3.99
Single Crispy Chicken Sandwich$3.99
Grilled Chicken Sandwich – Meal$6.98
Crispy Chicken Sandwich – Meal$6.98

Chicken Bowls

Traditional Fried Bowl$5.99
Pulled Chicken Bowl$5.99


Bottled Water$1.69

Latin Sides

Individual Side$1.99
Individual Signature Side$2.29
Large Side$3.79
Large Signature Side$4.29

Latin Desserts

Cuatro Leches Cake$2.99
Caramel Flan$1.99

Kid’s Meals

Kids 3 Camperitos Meal$3.99
Drumstick Meal$3.99

Pollo Campero was founded in 1971 in Guatemala by a businessman, Dionisio Gutierrez Gutierrez. Currently, the restaurant has over 300 locations in over 15 countries including United States, Bahrain, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Indonesia, India, Italy, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Spain.

If you’re looking for a chicken-based meal for your entire family, then Pollo Campero might fit that perfectly. They have various-sized chicken meals that range from 2 pieces to as many as 20 pieces. Pollo Campero prices are affordable by most people and their family meals can usually be purchased for under $20.

To learn more about Pollo Campero or to find a location near you, visit their official website.

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