Pluckers Menu Prices

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Fried Pickles$5.35
Chips & Queso$7.00
Holy Macaroni $8.50
Stuffed Jalepeños $7.00
Appetizer Sampler$16.00
Magic Mushrooms$8.50
Buffalo Blues Appetizer$8.00
Plucker Nacho$9.00
Fried Cheese$8.50
Pluckers Totchos $10.50
Blue Cheese Potato Chips$8.50
Pluckers Frachos $10.50
Waffles 'n Cheese Half$5.00
Waffles 'n Cheese Full$8.50
Tater Chii Cheese Fries$8.50

Boneless Wings

Boneless Wing Basket$14.55
Monster Boneless Wings Basket$18.00
Naked Boneless Wings Basket$12.50
Monster Naked Boneless Wings Basket$18.00
Buffalo Bites Entree$12.50
Boneless Wings50 Pieces$95.00
Boneless Wings100 Pieces$170.00

Traditional Wings

Wings5 Pieces$7.25
Wings10 Pieces$12.50
Wings50 Pieces$62.50
Wings100 Pieces$115.00
All Drums5 Pieces$7.75
All Drums10 Pieces$13.50
All Drums50 Pieces$67.50
All Flappers5 Pieces$7.75
All Flappers10 Pieces$13.50
All Flappers50 Pieces$67.50

Wing Combos

Wing Combo5 Pieces$10.50
Wing Combo10 Pieces$14.25
Wing Combo15 Pieces$20.50
5 Wing & 3 Tender Combo$17.25
All Flappers Combo5 Pieces$10.50
All Flappers Combo10 Pieces$15.25
All Flappers Combo15 Pieces$22.00
All Drums Combo 5 Pieces$10.50
All Drums Combo10 Pieces$15.25
All Drums Combo15 Pieces$22.00


Buffalo Chicken Salad$11.00
Grilled Chicken Garden Salad$11.00
Honey BBQ Chicken Chop$11.00
Traditional Chicken Caesar$11.00
Southwest Caesar$11.00
Caesar Salad$7.50
Bleu Cheese Chicken Cobb$11.00
Garden Salad$7.50


Buffalo Chicken Sandwich$11.00
Chicken Bypass Sandwich$11.00
Cheech & Chong$11.00
The Larry Bird$11.00
South Philly Cheesesteak$11.00
Mom's Grilled Cheese$8.00
Chicken Cheesesteak$11.00
Sean's BLT $10.00
Chicken Club$11.00
Veggie Sandwich$10.50


The Bypass Burger$11.50
Boring Burger$11.00
Honey BBQ Burger$11.00
Impossible Burger$13.00
The Dirty Patty Melt$10.50

The Sideline

Homemade Potato Chips$3.00
Sweet Potato Fries$3.50
Waffle FriesHalf$3.00
Waffle FriesFull$6.00
Buffalo Fries$3.85
Tater Tots$3.00
Macaroni & Cheese$3.50
Side Caesar Salad$5.00
Side Garden Salad$4.75
Side of Ranch$.60
Side of Housemade Bleu Cheese$.60


Fried Oreos$6.50
Fries Brownies$6.50
Fried Twinkies$6.50


Root Beer$1.99
Diet Coke$2.99
Coke Zero$1.99
Fresh Brewed Sweet Tea$1.99
Fresh Brewed Regular Tea$1.99
Dr. Pepper$1.99
Fresh Brewed Lemonade$1.99
Fresh Brewed Strawberry Lemonade$3.49