Next Pizza to Try: Godfather’s Pizza

Godfather’s Pizza, famous for commercials that feature a knock-off of the Marlon Brando character Don Vito Corleone in the movie, “The Godfather,” has 640 restaurants scattered in 39 states as of current date, according to the company’s website. Established in Nebraska by Willy Thiesen in 1973 shortly after the movie was released, the pizza chain operates in several Minit Marts in Kentucky as well as in some Hess Express outlets. Godfather’s Pizza’s pizza products have four crust variants: Golden, Original, Thin, and Mozza-Loaded.

Gf pizza symbolAll incredible crusts topped with the most delicious vegetables, heartiest meats, and authentic mozzarella. Irresistible is an understatement when describing Godfather’s Pizza. The Classic Combo, a Godfather’s Pizza original creation, is the standard by which all of Godfather’s Pizzas is made: fresh pizza crust piled deliciously high with succulent meats, fresh vegetables, and 100% pure mozzarella. Now that you know the back story, let’s dig in at the menu.

Super Specialty Pies

These aren’t called “super” for nothing. Ingredients on each of these pizzas are in lip-smacking abundance:

Super Combo: ham, sausage, green peppers, beef, tomatoes, cheddar, pepperoni, mushrooms, mozzarella, and extra cheese.

Super Hawaiian: pineapple, ham, bacon bits, mozzarella, and green peppers.

Super Taco: mozzarella, onions, beef, sour cream, black olives, taco sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheddar.

The Don: ham, pepperoni, Italian sausage, onions, beef, sausage, mozzarella, and extra cheese.

Specialty Pies

These are truly “special” pies in the tradition of everything Italian — olives, mozzarella, onions, and beef – with some twists like the inclusion of taco sauce and jalapeño peppers:

Classic Combo: the “pie” that started it all, this is the original recipe with pepperoni, mushrooms, sausage, onions, black olives, beef, and mozzarella.

All-Meat Combo: an absolute must for meat lovers, this has mozzarella, sausage, beef, bacon bits, Italian sausage, ham, and pepperoni.

Bacon Cheeseburger: all of the stuff you find in a bacon cheeseburger are here: pickles, mozzarella, bacon bits, onions, beef, and cheddar.

Hot Stuff: mozzarella, Italian sausage, onions, pepperoni, beef, and, obviously, something hot like jalapeño peppers.

Humble Pie: why is it called “humble” when all great things like onions, mozzarella, Italian sausage, pepperoni, and green peppers are on it?

Taco Pie: of course the inclusion of taco sauce to the onions, cheddar, beef, tomatoes, mozzarella, and lettuce make this as Mexican as taco.

Veggie Pie: the Godfather’s Pizza version is mozzarella, green peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, and black olives.

The Don’s Light Line

These products are available for a limited period of time only and may vary from store to store location:

Baja Taco: cheddar, green pepper, beef, corn, mozzarella, black beans, red onion, and taco sauce.

Mediterranean Veggie: mozzarella, mushrooms, garlic, seasoned cheese, tomatoes, olive oil, and artichoke hearts.

Pesto Chicken & Spinach: seasoned cheese, chicken, mozzarella, pesto, mushrooms, and spinach.

Sicilian Veggie: black olives, garlic, spinach, mozzarella, artichoke hearts, olive oil, tomatoes, and seasoned cheese.

Pesto Chicken Artichoke: pesto, mozzarella, artichoke hearts, seasoned cheese, and chicken.

Rustica: marinara sauce, mozzarella, ham, tomatoes, seasoned cheese, and artichoke hearts.

Those Equally Delectable Sides and Gluten-Free Specials

What’s a pizza restaurant without the equally delectable sides? Godfather’s Pizza has them as:

  • Breaded Hot Wings
  • Breadsticks with or without cheese
  • Calzones in flavors such as Bacon Cheeseburger, Classic Combo, Pepperoni, All-Meat Combo, and Lottsa Mozza
  • Cheesesticks in small, medium, and large sizes
  • Garlic bread
  • Go-To Salad Bar with or without purchase of pizza
  • Potato wedges.

Godfather’s Pizza recently introduced their line of gluten-free but still delicious-tasting pizzas made with the use of rice flour on a limited availability basis:

  • Pizza with one topping
  • Pizza with cheese
  • Combo pizza in meat combo or classic
  • Boneless chicken wings
  • Breadsticks
  • Brownies.

Eat in or pre-packaged to go, all pizzas are round, 10” in diameter and baked in Godfather’s Pizza restaurants using procedures approved by the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).

Saccharine Treats

What’s a meal without dessert? If you still have room for a saccharine treat after those hearty pizzas, try any of these “just the right amount of sweetness” desserts:

  • Big Chocolate Chip Cookie
  • Dessert Pizza
  • Fruit Streusel or cinnamon in small, medium, and large sizes
  • Monkey Bread in Streusel, cinnamon, caramel or Italian flavors.

What’s a Pizza Restaurant Without “Da Sandwiches”?

Sandwiches at Godfather’s Pizzas may have various fresh fillings but they have one thing in common: the freshly-toasted Ciabatta roll.

  • Ham ‘n Cheese: cheddar and ham on lettuce
  • Italian Supreme: lettuce, Italian dressing, mozzarella, tomato, pepperoni, and ham
  • Spicy Sausage: original pizza sauce, onion, Italian sausage, and green pepper
  • Stromboli: onion, sausage, original pizza sauce, green pepper, and beef.

Breakfast Pizza, Anyone?

At Godfather’s Pizza, even breakfast can be served as a pie!

  • Bacon and Egg Breakfast Pizza
  • Denver Breakfast Pizza
  • Ham and Egg Breakfast Pizza
  • Sausage and Egg Breakfast Pizza.

Do-It-Yourself Pizza

Feel like making your own pizza? Godfather’s Pizza restaurants indulge your creativity and appetite by providing you with everything you need to make your very own pizza creation:

Crust: buttery pan-style pizza crust.

Toppings: anchovies, sausage, ham, bacon bits, beef, pepperoni, and Italian sausage.
Vegetables and other ingredients: green olives, mozzarella, onions, banana peppers, mushrooms, jalapeño peppers, cheddar, tomatoes, green peppers, black olives, and pineapple.

The Godfather’s Pizza Social Community

Join the social media family of Godfather’s Pizza on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram and stay updated on special offers, discounts, announcements, promotions, and new items on the menu. Godfather’s Pizza has printable coupons for cash off on jumbo, large, medium, and small-size pizzas and buy one-get one deals which are redeemable at participating locations.

Gift cards are available for anniversaries, appreciation gifts, birthdays, holiday gifts, and other occasions. Godfather’s Pizza’s gift cards have no expiration dates and are available at participating restaurants. Check out for mouthwatering pizzas today. After all, The Don has always said, “da goods is in da box!”

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