Most Expensive Fast Food Items in America Today

Why do a lot of people favor eating fast foods? It is because aside from the great taste, it is perceived to be cheap. Indeed, it is. And this is the main thought of driving or swinging through Wendy’s or McDonald’s – it is all about palatability, convenience and being cost effective.

However, these days, the mounting demands for fast food chains to form up and provide healthy picks to their constantly expanding menus have resulted in the prices of fast food items becoming higher than the usual. You can now choose the most expensive food from any chains’ menu like you have not ever expected it before. Be it the Big Philly Cheesesteak at Subway or Fiesta Salad at Taco Bell, there are just some fast food items that have gotten more expensive than what the consumers have been used to.

The Demand for Healthier Fast Foods – The Increase in Prices

most-expensive-fast-foodValue menus and dollar meals still exist all over the United States for nearly all huge scale fast food restaurants. But if you want something that is comparable to the foods served in a 5-star restaurant, then you have to dare to pay up. And here is the most important factor being considered why the most expensive fast food is listed on every famous chain’s menu – the healthier options.

Well, obesity is an undeniable major problem in the U.S. Because of this, many would claim that the price of the most expensive fast food they order is worth the health benefits it could offer them. The increase in the numbers of health-conscious customers have led to fast food establishments bringing up their A games.

Most grilled sandwich filling – which is a healthier method – like grilled chicken wraps or grilled chicken sandwich are expensive fast food items that make sense. The higher the demand in the food quality, the higher the food price would also be. A very good example would be the Panera Bread chain, which offers food items that are pricier compared to the common others. Click here for its menu prices.

Would an American Pay for an Expensive Fast Food Item?

The main reasons why people opt to eat fast foods despite the risk of obesity are taste, convenience, and cost effectiveness. Now, would one pay for an expensive salad or burger? Well, compared to the gourmet fast food items on famous restaurants, price differences are huge. So for this, an American would surely prefer paying for the most expensive fast food available than the most expensive gourmet food. This is kind of obvious.

Some would consider putting up expensive items on the menu a risk to failing the business, considering the tough competition in the food world. However, the reason why these food items were raised dollars more because the price for every bite you make is worth the swallow you take. Indeed, these expensive fast food items are even more in demand compared to the regular ones that have stayed grounded with their prices in the menu for quite a time.

Get to Know the Most Expensive Fast Food Item

If you try to check on the prices of the fast food items on most visited American fast food chains, most of them do not go beyond the $5 bench mark. Check here.

But there are fast foods that cross the line and for this, they are categorically considered as expensive.

Sack of Fish Nibblers at $7.99

sack-of-Fish-NibblersWhen you hear fish nibblers, nothing more comes into your mind than White Castle. This food chain is popular for its small sliders and they commonly have lower-end cost ranges for the customers. However, White Castle’s in demand $7.99 sack of fish nibblers is way pricier compared to the other sliders, which are commonly priced below a dollar. To have a hint of White Castle’s food items and their respective prices, visit this link.

Large Black Angus on Rosemary Parmesan at $7.99

Large-Black-Angus-on-Rosemary-ParmesanBy the look of this fast food item, you would care less about the price. In terms of revenue and popularity, Quiznos is the sandwich shop following the step of Subway. Quiznos offers Americans their tasty and affordable wide array of menu options. Currently, the Black Angus on rosemary parmesan is the priciest among the items on their menu.

Big Philly Cheesesteak at $8.25

Big-Philly-CheesesteakThere is no wonder for Subway to be part of this list, being the biggest and top notch among sandwich chains in the United States. Actually, if you can check here, there are various pricing ranges for all the food items on their menu. But among these food items, its foot long Big Philly Cheesesteak is considered to be the most expensive. With sliced steak smothered with gooey melted cheese, Bill Philly Cheesesteak remains in demand despite its price.

Mandarin Chicken at $9.50

Mandarin-ChickenWhat is better than Chinese foods? Chinese foods are famous and in demand in America. Panda Express is a visited fast food chain because of the cheaper Chinese quality food compared to eating some in a sit-down restaurant. Priced $9.50 per bowl, Mandarin Chicken of Panda Express is one of the expensive fast food items that customers see their money not going to a waste. Check out some other cheaper food items in the chain’s menu here.

Pesto Sachettini Pasta at $9.99

Pesto-Sachettini-PastaPanera Bread has been known to many to really be more expensive among the fast food chains in the United States. Their foods are high quality and fresh. They make sure that you get the freshest product to make what you paid for all worth it. Pesto Sachettini Pasta, along with rustic penne Bolognese, is considered to be the most expensive fast food that you can encounter out of the usual prices you pay for. But, is it all worth it? It is healthier and super tasty – there is nothing that can get better than that. Check other food items in Panera bread menu here.

Paying for expensive food items is something that you think about before you settle for food. However, in the United States, satisfaction, taste, and healthy contents are three of the things you pay for – no matter how much it will cost you.

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