MOD Pizza Menu Prices

MOD Pizza is a restaurant that was founded in Seattle, Washington in 2008. Presently, there are approximately more than 400 MOD Pizza locations across the United States and in the United Kingdom. The pizza company has specifically made it clear that they are “more about the people than the pizza.”

Opening hours are typically from 10:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 10:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays. They serve a variety of Artisan-style pizzas, salads, desserts and more. The acronym “MOD” in the company’s name stands for “Made on Demand.” MOD Pizza is also known for its swift preparation of pizzas, which are baked to perfection in an 800 degree Fahrenheit oven. 

Customers who visit the pizza restaurant can go for a selection of more 30 pizza toppings, and the great news is, it doesn’t matter the topping – the price always remains the same at MOD Pizza. Their ingredients are fresh, the dough used is always fresh-pressed and organic, customers feel at home with every visit and giving back to the community is what they do.

Here’s a look at the latest MOD Pizza prices.

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Create Your Own PizzaMini (6-inch pizza)$6.27
Create Your Own PizzaMOD (11-inch pizza)$8.27
Create Your Own PizzaMega Dough (11-inch thick crust)$10.27
Lucia - Flash MODMini (6-inch pizza)$6.27
Lucia - Flash MODMOD (11-inch pizza)$8.27
Lucia - Flash MODMega Dough (11-inch thick crust)$10.27
MaddyMini (6-inch pizza)$6.27
MaddyMOD (11-inch pizza)$7.27
MaddyMega Dough (11-inch thick crust)$10.27
Mad DogMini (6-inch pizza)$6.27
Mad DogMOD (11-inch pizza)$8.27
Mad DogMega Dough (11-inch thick crust pizza)$10.27
TristanMini (6-inch pizza)$6.27
TristanMOD (11-inch pizza)$8.27
TristanMega Dough (11-inch thick crust pizza)$10.27
DominicMini (6-inch pizza)$6.27
DominicMOD (11-inch pizza)$8.27
DominicMega Dough (11-inch thick crust pizza)$10.27
Lucy SunshineMini (6-inch pizza)$6.27
Lucy SunshineMOD (11-inch pizza)$8.27
Lucy SunshineMega Dough (11-inch thick crust pizza)$10.27
JasperMini (6-inch pizza)$6.27
JasperMOD (11-inch pizza)$8.27
JasperMega Dough (11-inch thick crust pizza)$10.27
Dillon JamesMini (6-inch pizza)$6.27
Dillon JamesMOD (11-inch pizza)$8.27
Dillon JamesMega Dough (11-inch thick crust pizza)$10.27
CalexicoMini (6-inch pizza)$6.27
CalexicoMOD (11-inch pizza)$8.27
CalexicoMega Dough (11-inch thick crust pizza)$10.27
CaspianMini (6-inch pizza)$6.27
CaspianMOD (11-inch pizza)$8.27
CaspianMega Dough (11-inch thick crust pizza)$10.27
Pizza SaladMOD (11-inch pizza)$10.27


Create Your Own SaladMini (side salad)$6.27
Create Your Own SaladMOD (entrée salad)$8.27
Create Your Own SaladMega (family-size salad)$13.27
Roasted Sriracha Chickpea Salad - Flash MODMini (side salad)$6.27
Roasted Sriracha Chickpea Salad - Flash MODMOD (entrée salad)$8.27
Roasted Sriracha Chickpea Salad - Flash MODMega (serves 2-4)$13.27
Caesar SaladMini (side salad)$6.27
Caesar SaladMOD (entrée salad)$8.27
Caesar SaladMega (serves 2-4)$13.27
Deluxe SaladMini (side salad)$6.27
Deluxe SaladMOD (entrée salad)$8.27
Deluxe SaladMega (serves 2-4)$13.27
Simple SaladMini (side salad)$6.27
Simple SaladMOD (entrée salad)$8.27
Simple SaladMega (serves 2-4)$13.27
Pizza SaladMOD (entrée salad)$10.27


Fountain Drink 16 Oz$2.17
Fountain Drink24 Oz$2.37
Coke Bottle12 Oz$2.77
Fanta Bottle12 Oz$2.77
Float12 Oz$2.57
Milk8 Oz$1.97
Chocolate Milk8 Oz$1.97
San Pellegrino16.9 Oz$2.77
San Pellegrino Aranciata11.5 Oz$2.77
Water16.9 Oz$1.47
Boylans Black Cherry12 Oz$2.77
Boylans Creme Soda12 Oz$2.77
Boylans Grape12 Oz$2.77


Cheesy Garlic Bread - Limited Edition Green Sauce$5.97
Cheesy Garlic Bread - Pesto$5.97
Cheesy Garlic Bread - Ranch $5.97
Cheesy Garlic Bread - Sri-rancha$5.97
Garlic Strips - Red Sauce$2.97
Garlic Strips - Pesto$2.97
Garlic Strips - Ranch$2.97
Garlic Strips - Sri-rancha$2.97
Cinnamon Strips - Chocolate$2.97
Cinnamon Strips - Cinnamon Glaze$2.97
Cinnamon Strips - Strawberry$2.97


No Name Cake$2.27


Oreo Cookie Milkshake - Limited Edition16 Oz$3.57
Chocolate Milkshake 16 Oz$3.57
Strawberry Milkshake16 Oz$3.57
Vanilla Milkshake16 Oz$3.57

To learn more about MOD Pizza, check out their website.