McDonald’s McFlurry Review

If you are anything like me, you stopped ordering ice cream from McDonald’s a long time ago. Not because you grew out of treating yourself but because the ice cream machines suddenly stopped “working.” For several years, attempting to order a McFlurry was like coming back to a toxic relationship – you’d get your hopes that this time things would finally work and you’d get what you so badly want and deserve. But each time, you’d be let down with the same sorry excuse: “it’s just not working.”

That famous one-liner was a running joke for years among McDonald’s fans, but deep down, we were all deeply saddened by the malfunctioning ice cream machines, so much so that the many of us stopped ordering. Lately, however, it seems that the issue has been resolved, and I can finally get back to satisfying my sweet tooth whenever I want.

Join me in this McFlurry Renaissance, where I’ll let you know if you should be spending your cash on ice cream at Mickey D’s or not based on a few key factors – taste, price, and nutrition.

History of the McDonald’s McFlurry

Aside from the ice cream machine being perpetually broken, the McDonald’s McFlurry has plenty of redeemable qualities. What most people don’t know is that the McFlurry was first whipped up in Canada in 1995 by one of McDonald’s franchise owners. And while the M&M McFlurry has been around for as long as my twenty-something brain can remember, the legacy began with a few flavors I’ve never seen advertised – Smarties, Fudgeo Cookies, and Coffee Crisp, as well as the Oreo flavor we all know and love. After quickly gaining popularity in Canada, the McFlurry made a name for itself all over the globe, and McDonald’s introduced new flavors that accommodated international tastebuds.


 McFlurry Flavors

While you can’t get a Smarties McFlurry anymore, most locations serve two staple flavors – Oreo and M&M. Every McFlurry starts the same way, with vanilla soft serve. But what many don’t realize is that oddly-shaped spoon you get with every treat plays a pivotal role in the creation of your McFlurry. The square opening at the end of the spoon attaches directly to the soft serve machine, allowing it to blend the various toppings, syrups, and candy that go in your dessert.

Oreo and M&M toppings are most familiar to us in the United States, but international McDonald’s locations have their own customary flavors, as well. Some interesting blends include Bubble Gum Squash from Australia and New Zealand, Durian Crunch from Singapore, and Dulce de Leche from Latin America. There is also a new flavor that US McDonald’s locations experimented with this year – the green Oreo Shamrock McFlurry in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

McDonald’s M&M McFlurry Review

I could’ve reviewed any ice cream treat, but I chose the McFlurry because it has withstood the test of time. Since 1995, we’ve seen it become a world-wide phenomena, representing countries all over the globe with its unique flavors. Being rewarded with a McFlurry is a childhood right of passage, as well as any adult’s guilty pleasure. And as we see fast food menu items come  and go, the McFlurry is here to stay.

More often than not, I’ll review items that I’ve never tried before so I can get a fresh take on it, but this time’s different. I’ve enjoyed a McFlurry more times than I am comfortable admitting to you, but I think it’s important to revisit old classics to see if they are still worthy of their reputation. Let’s dig in, shall we?


Taste and Texture [4/5]

I haven’t travelled to New Zealand to test out the Bubble Gum Squash version, but I feel confident declaring the M&M McFlurry the real MVP. It’s simple – not overdone like many other ice cream treats these days. I know exactly what I’m going to bite into, and without fail, it tastes the same every time. The cold, creamy vanilla soft serve paired with the crunch of M&Ms hits the spot. The only complaint I have is that the candies are not always mixed in as well as I would like. The pieces are often towards the top, so once I get halfway through my treat, it’s all soft serve. If I wanted a cup of vanilla ice cream, I would have ordered one. However, over the years, I’ve learned the best way to combat this utter disappointment is to simply stir your McFlurry as soon as you get it to ensure the M&M pieces are dispersed evenly throughout.


Nutrition Facts – Is It Healthy? (1/5)

You don’t need to see the calories in a McFlurry to know if it’s healthy or not. Ice cream and candy are its primary ingredients, ‘nough said. But if you’re interested, here’s a breakdown of the nutrition info in a regular size M&M McFlurry:

Calories 616
Total Fat 22
Saturated Fat 12
Trans Fat 1
Cholesterol 56
Sodium 188
Potassium 724
Total Carbohydrates 93
Dietary Fiber 0.7
Sugars 85
Protein 14

Price – Is It Worth It? (3/5)

For just under $3 for a regular and $1.69 for a snack size, you can’t go wrong ordering a McFlurry from McDonald’s (prices may vary). You’ll pay nearly a dollar more at Dairy Queen for virtually the same thing, and double the price at Starbucks for a version that doesn’t even contain candy.



If you want something sweet, crunchy, and cheap, an M&M McFlurry is a no-fail option. Plus, you can dip your fries into it for a sweet and salty duo if you’re into that kind of thing. What’s your favorite McFlurry flavor? Let us know in the comments below.

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    OREO McFlurry I’m 84 years old, my all time favorite for many many many years.

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