Luna Grill Menu Prices

Luna GrillLuna Grill is an American restaurant that serves the best in Mediterranean cuisine. Luna Grill has several locations across the United States, and the menu includes salads, pita wraps, sandwiches, bowls, sweet desserts, and so much more. Luna Grill customers will enjoy their wholesome meals, sit and relax in a great atmosphere, and enjoy the exceptional customer service. 

Below is a list of the latest Luna Grill menu prices.

Starters | Pee Wee Menu | Fresh Salads | Gourmet Wraps and Sandwiches | On the Side | Entrees and Kabobs | Combination Entrees | Cold Beverages 



Food Size & Price






French Fry Crumble


Cucumber Yogurt Dip


Eggplant Dip






Pee Wee Menu

Chicken Bowl


Gyros Bowl


Ground Sirloin Bowl


Fresh Salads

House Green Salad




Gyros Salad


Luna Salad


Gourmet Wraps and Sandwiches

Ground Sirloin Wrap


Chicken Wrap


Shrimp Wrap


Veggie Wrap


Falafel Sandwich


Shish Kabob Wrap


Lamb Wrap


Salmon Wrap


Gyros Sandwich


Luna Burger


On the Side



French Fries


Grilled Tomato Skewer


Lavash Bread


White Basmati Rice


Crumbled Feta Cheese


Entrees and Kabobs

Ground Sirloin Kabob


Chicken Kabob


Salmon Plate


Veggie Kabob




Shish Kabob


Shrimp Kabob


Lamb Kabob


Gyros Plate


Falafel Plate


Combination Entrees

Combination Kabob


Falafel and Spanakopita Combo


Gyross and Spanakopita Combo


Cold Beverages

Fountain Drinks


Bottled Water


Luna Grill FAQ

Luna Grill FAQ

What kind of food does Luna Grill offer?

Luna Grill offers a Mediterranean menu. They provide delicious falafels, gourmet salads, sandwiches, soups, and more. 

Who is the owner of Luna Grill?

The founder and CEO of Luna Grill is Sean Pourteymour.

Does Luna Grill serve the Beyond Burger?

Yes, Luna Grill does have the Beyond Burger. The burger is entirely plant-based and is filled with grilled red onions, shredded kale, tomato, and spicy feta. 

Does Luna Grill serve the beyond burger

What types of pita wraps does Luna Grill serve?

Luna Grill has a variety of pita wraps. They include:

  • Chicken pita wrap
  • Falafel pita wrap
  • Chipotle pita wrap
  • Ground sirloin pita wrap
  • Gyro pita wrap

What is the Falafel Pita at Luna Grill?

The Falafel Pita comes with Greek cabbage salad,  shredded kale, diced tomatoes, tahini, and falafel wrapped in pita and a side of your choice. 


Is Luna Grill vegan?

Luna Grill has vegan options, but they also serve meat. Vegans can enjoy their hummus, falafel wraps, stuffed grape leave, veggie kabob, and lots more.