In-N-Out Burger Review

In-N-Out Burger Review
in n out burger review

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In-N-Out is known for using fresh ingredients – never freezing their patties, but preparing them as they’re ordered. Their potato wedge fries are cut from real potatoes and fried onsite. And their shakes are made from real ice cream. Not one to cut corners, In-N-Out prides itself on serving real, fresh food to its customers, and they’ve kept the same menu that has led to its continued success: burger, fries, and a drink.

History and Inspiration

In-N-Out was founded in Baldwin Park, California, by Harry and Esther Snyder after World War II. As competitors found ways to keep up with the latest food trends, Harry and Esther decided to keep things very simple from the beginning: to serve consistently-fresh meals from a straightforward menu. Every patty was formed from freshly-butchered meat, and every burger was prepared as it was ordered. While the chain is currently headquartered in Irvine, California, it has expanded to Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and Texas.  


Types of In-and-Out Burgers

In-N-Out offers a limited number of burger choices that include a hamburger, a cheeseburger, and their signature “Double Double,” which features two beef patties and two slices of American cheese. Customers can also order from the “Not-So-Secret Menu,” which offers other variations of these burgers. The 3×3 and 4×4 is the Double Double with 3 or 4 meat patties and slices of cheese. The Grilled Cheese is the hamburger without the patty, and the low-carb “protein style,” burger comes wrapped in lettuce in place of a bun. 

One of the more popular versions of the burger is the “Animal Style,” which adds extra sauce, pickles, and grilled onions to “mustard-grilled” patties. Now, here are a couple of other tips you might not know about ordering burger variations. Even though it’s not listed, you can order any burger “mustard-grilled.” You can also request grilled onions instead of raw onions, which is good to know because their caramelized grilled onions give any In-and-Out burger a fantastic flavor variation. In fact, it might be one of the best parts.

In-N-Out Burger Review

In-N-Out burger has somewhat of a cult following – with loyal customers who won’t even move to a state where it’s not available. How can this be? What’s so special about it? Isn’t it just a simple burger joint that sells fries and drinks? Well, yes, but that’s just it- simplicity is the key.

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1.      Taste and Texture [5/5]

No matter which version of the In-and-Out burger you choose, you’re always guaranteed fresh, high-quality ingredients that’s distinctly noticeable from the first bite. The tomatoes are red and ripe, cut in thick slices. The onions and lettuce are both chilled and crisp unless you order caramelized onions, which I would highly recommend. That sweet, almost jam-like caramel flavor complements the flavors of the burger perfectly. Definitely try it with the chain’s signature spread, which resembles Thousand Island dressing with a kick. The patties are ground fresh and cooked to order, and the buns are soft and tasty- perfect for holding the whole burger together. 


2. Are they healthy? [3/5]

A regular burger from In-N-Out has about 390 calories, 39 grams of carbs, 19 grams of fat, and 16 grams of protein. The numbers go up from there, once you add cheese and additional patties. For example, a Double-Double has, well, double the calories. If you’re watching your nutritional intake, a protein burger has 240 calories, 11 grams of carbs, and 17 grams of fat, but surprisingly, fewer grams of protein than a regular burger with only 13 grams of protein. On the plus side, In-N-Out burgers are healthier than some of their competitors, like McDonald’s and Five Guys Burgers.

3. Are they Worth it? [5/5]

In-N-Out uses local meat patties, with no additives or preservatives, and it’s never frozen, so you know it’s fresh. They have two patty facilities where it grinds its own meat using whole cuts from distributors, whereas other fast-food chains purchase their patties from third-party meat processing plants. Their fries are hand-cut in each location daily and fried in 100% vegetable oils. And their shakes are made from real ice cream. Therefore, you’ll be getting the real deal from In-and-Out Burger, and the prices are so low, you know you’re getting a fantastic deal. 

Final Verdict

In-N-Out has skipped all of the gimmicks and fast-food trends, committing to stick with what works best- simple meals, fresh ingredients, and low prices. It has gone against every rule in the fast-food rule book, yet it remains one of the top favorite burger joints in the country. Too bad it’s only available in five states!  

In-N-Out Burger Nutrition Facts

  • Calories – 670

  • Total Fat – 41 g

  • Saturated Fat – 18 g

  • Trans Fat – 1 g

  • Cholesterol – 120 mg

  • Sodium – 1440 mg

  • Total Carbohydrate – 39 g

  • Dietary Fiber – 3 g

  • Sugars – 10 g

  • Protein – 37 g

In-N-Out Burger Pricing

At In-N-Out, the menu never changes so that customers can count on the same food at the same price. It costs about $2.45 for a cheeseburger and $1.65 for fries, keeping happy customers returning time and time again. The burger chain has kept its prices low thanks to its limited menu, in-house food production, and smart real-estate strategies. The low prices are especially impressive, considering the chain offers some of the best wages and benefits in the fast-food industry.


What do you think?

Are you an In-N-Out Burger fan? Do you live in one of the five states in which it’s available? Or are you one of the loyal customers who travel across state lines to make your order? We’d love to hear your experiences with In-N-Out Burger in the comments below. 


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  1. Decided to try and In-N-Out burger today for the first time. Extremely disappointed. Your credit card is thicker than one of their burger patties. You would have to put at least five on one burger to equal a quarter pounder with cheese. There was more iceberg on my sandwich then burger tomato and onion put together. Bun was extremely soggy fell apart in my hands. Don’t wait in line just go to Wendy’s! (They have the beef)!!

  2. Stephen Gondorcin says:

    Several years ago all my wife wanted for her birthday was an In-N-Out burger. Having none in Reno NV , we drove 111 miles each way to Auburn CA. We now have 2 in Reno and 1 in Carson City. We now go there in the morning as they open to avoid the long lines.

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