In-N-Out Animal Style Burger Review

In-N-Out Animal Style Burger Review
In-N-Out Animal Style burger

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It’s no secret that In-N-Out has some of the finest, freshest burgers in the fast-food world. But the secret menu item that’s not-so-secret anymore is the In-N-Out Animal Style Burger. Animal Style describes a burger or fries that come topped with cheese, grilled onions, and a secret sauce, made from ingredients that have never been disclosed. I prefer a mystery sauce to mystery meat, so I was down to try this meal. Now it’s become one of my favorite fast-food burgers. 

History and Inspiration

Founders Harry and Esther Snyder began with one simple goal – to give customers “the freshest, highest quality foods you can buy” while providing “friendly service in a sparkling clean environment.” Keeping their menu simple and straightforward is one of the main contributors to the chain’s success. However, while the main menu has remained unchanged, a few recipes have been developed and served from In-N-Out’s Secret Menu. The Animal Style method was popularized by word of mouth in California. It’s one of the more popular styles, which describes a mustard-grilled, double-double burger, covered with grilled onions and extra In-N-Out special sauce. Today the term is now trademarked by In-N-Out, and it’s a common style requested when ordering fries or burgers. 

Types of Animal Style Burger

The Animal Style Burger includes extra “secret” spread, mustard grilled into the meat patty, and extra pickles. You can order Animal style for your double-double, 3×3, or 4×4. You can also order Animal Style fries to accompany your burger.

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Animal Style Burger Review

The Animal Style burger is one of my favorite burgers. I’ve tried replicating the sauce, but it’s never quite the same. It’s definitely a fun eating experience that everyone should try at least once. If you don’t live in one of the 5 states where In-N-Out is located, I’d recommend driving to the closest location- road trip anyone? 

1.      Taste and Texture [5/5]

To begin with, an Animal Style burger is messy, but that’s part of the fun. You can choose how big of a burger you can handle, but a Double-Double is big enough for me. The mustard-grilled meat patties are incredibly fresh and tasty- juicy, perfectly-seasoned, and perfectly-cooked. The veggies are crisp and crunchy, especially the lettuce – no one likes soggy lettuce. And the secret sauce, made from secret ingredients, finishes off the masterpiece. The sauce is similar to a Thousand Island dressing- a mildly tangy and flavorful ketchup/mayo/pickle relish blend that’s a huge step up from the common ketchup/mayo combo. All these ingredients are placed on a freshly baked bun as soon as they’re ordered. 

2. Are they healthy? [2.5/5]

Animal Style burgers aren’t very healthy, as they’re high in carbs and cholesterol. You could order a “Protein Style” burger, which was introduced in the 1970s, and this option replaces the bun with large leaves of lettuce. Combining Animal Style with Protein Style sounds like fun, right? 

3. Are they Worth it? [5/5]

This popular extra messy burger is well-worth trying. I had heard it was one of the best fast-food burgers available, but I was skeptical, as I’ve had some delicious burgers before. But this was an exceptionally – tasty burger with a distinct flavor from the secret sauce. The price is fair, and the freshness is unmatched. 

Final Verdict

In-N-Out may have a cult following, but for a good reason. It’s a full experience from start to finish. The restaurants are bright and clean, the staff is friendly and eager to serve, and the food is excellent. I’ve yet to try something from In-N-Out that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy, and each visit seems to be more pleasant than the time before. I definitely recommend heading to the closest In-N-Out location you can find and sink your teeth into an Animal Style Burger.  

Animal Style Burger Nutrition Facts 

  • Carbs – 39g
  • Calories – 670
  • Dietary Fiber – 3g
  • Sugar – 10g
  • Fat – 41g
  • Protein – 37g
  • Sodium – 650mg
  • Cholesterol – 40mg

Animal Style Burger Pricing 

The prices for Animal Style burgers or fries are super competitive. The serving sizes are bigger than you might expect, and you can even order them as a combo meal with fries and a drink. 

  • Double-Double: $3.75
  • 3 x 3 Burger Price: $4.45
  • 4 x 4 Burger Price: $5.50
  • Animal Style Fries Price: $3.40
Photo by Patty Mitchell under License CC 2.0

What do you think?

Have you ever explored In-N-Out’s “not-so-secret” menu before? What is your favorite item? I think the Animal Style Double-Double tops my list. Let us know what you think in the comments below.  

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