Honeybaked Ham Menu Prices

When you think of Honey Baked Ham, you probably think of the ham you can grab in the store. But Honey Baked Ham also runs a deli in some of its stores where you can grab sandwiches stuffed with their signature meats. You can order sandwiches and meats online a reserve them for pickup as well.

Since they have at least one location in most states, there should be one close to you!


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Item Price

Popular Items

Ham Classic $7.92
Roasted Tomato & Cheddar $7.47
Turkey Classic $7.90
Tavern Club $8.38
Turkey Bacon Ranch $8.36
BBQ Smoked Stacker $8.38

Handcrafted Sandwiches

Chicken Salad Sandwich $8.03
Ham Classic Sandwich $8.03
Ham Salad Sandwich $7.64
Roasted Tomato & Cheddar Sandwich $7.61
Tavern Club Sandwich $8.56
The Honeybaked $8.41
Turkey Bacon Ranch Sandwich $8.55
Turkey Classic Sandwich $8.04


Cookie $1.70


Coke $1.80
Diet Coke $1.80
Sprite $1.80
Bottled Water $1.94
Canned Soda $1.94

Specialty Boxed Lunches

BBQ Smoked Stacker Sandwich $8.57