Healthy Fast Food from Panera Bread, Subway, and Quiznos

The word “healthy fast food” may seem like a joke to most people but in reality, there are a few restaurant places that will offer fast food which is healthy for the human body. You won’t have to worry about consuming too many calories since they have this information right on the menu. Most dine out or fast food places don’t show this information because they know it will deter you from purchasing food. If they are required to show this, they will most likely have it in the smallest print possible. Have you ever seen a board in the store with tiny lettering showing how many calories each meal has? We should be ashamed of this and shouldn’t have to hide this information. After all, everyone needs to know this in order to watch over their health. Knowing what you eat and how many calories you eat a day is the first step to losing weight, building stamina, and becoming more energetic.

Panera Bread Prices

Imagine sinking your teeth into a mouth-watering Panera bread. These breads are freshly baked by chefs who handle the dough with care and mold it into a loaf shape. Food doesn’t have to be expensive to taste like heaven. The Panero bread prices are anywhere from $5 to $10 which means almost anyone can afford a loaf. The loaf is usually very big and can feed two people. Most can’t finish a loaf themselves and they’ll save it for later. For Panera bread – they certainly give you more than you ask for. It’s not like visiting a gourmet restaurant where they only give you a tiny serving priced at $15 or even $20. With Panera bread prices, you are getting a great deal.

Panera bread menu prices vary from state and city so it really depends on where you are located. Luckily, these breads aren’t expensive since they taste so good. On top of that – there are many types of bread. They have at least 15 types of bread available. The Artisan breads include their nutty Country bread, French, Sesame seed breads, Whole Grain, and Cheese bread. All of these have been shaped by hand, creating a lovely loaf that can be consumed with soup or eaten plain.

Subway Prices

Subway is a bit different from Panera. They actually serve deli sandwiches, soup, cookies, and other food items. Depending on what type of sandwich you want, they are usually priced at $5 each. You can get your sandwich as a foot long or six inches. Some people are starving after work so they will enjoy a foot long tuna sandwich filled with lots of tomatoes. Others will need a small six inch sandwich to give them an energy boost.

Subway menu prices can be different in every city. Here in California, their prices start at $3 for a six inch and $5 for a foot long. Other healthy foods include their Chicken Noodle soup. This small soup bowl is only $2.99 and if you are getting sick, we recommend picking up the soup bowl with a small sandwich. Your sandwich may cost more if you add on extras like strawberry milk or lemonade. You can choose from fountain drinks at their machine or simply go in the freezer to pick prepackaged drinks. These drinks include Apple Juice, bottled Lemonade, bottled water, regular milk, or chocolate milk.

Quiznos Prices

Quiznos is for the big eaters because their deli sandwiches are usually bigger. The prices are sometimes the same but larger sandwiches will obviously cost more. For example, you can get a roast beef sandwich for $8. If you want a full meal which includes a drink, chips, and a sandwich – it will cost you about $12 for everything. It’s better to inquire about their meal as you’ll save more when ordering.

Do you want to know about Quiznos menu prices? There are lots of items on the menu and if you can’t call them right now, we’ll give you some of the prices. For a small sub with anything you want included, it will cost you just $5 for 6 inches. Their medium is 9″ and cost $7. For a large sandwich which is 12 inches, you will pay $9 or $10 for it. This really depends on what toppings you add or where you currently live. Don’t want a sandwich? No problem – there are many other foods available on the menu to find. They have their savory soups going for $3.99 and the wraps which can cost you $6 for two of them. These wraps are extremely healthy. The varieties include Harvest Chicken, Cobb, Seafood, and Peppercorn Caesar wrap. All of these are filled either with tons of vegetables or a mix of healthy meat choices and veggies. You can customize your order by requesting them to take out a certain ingredient if you are allergic or don’t like eating a particular food. Otherwise, just ask for the wrap on the menu and they will make it for you.

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