Golden Corral Menu Prices

Golden Corral is best known as an all you can eat buffet. The chain of restaurants was founded on January 3, 1973, In addition to the buffet, the restuarant also highlights a Brass Bell Bakery, as well as a carving station. The chain has nearly 500 locations across the United States, and their hours of operation are from 7:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Monday through Sunday.

Golden Corral serves a variety of salads, pizza, sirloin steaks, pork, seafood, and desserts. Additionally, Customers who visit Golden Corral can take a look at how their food is being prepared and can do take-out, catering, and to-go orders. The restaurant also gives customers the option of ordering their favorite meals online for pickup or delivery. 

Below is a list of the most recent Golden Corral menu prices.

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Signature Salads

Cobb SaladIndividual$8.99
Cobb SaladFamily Size$12.99
Cobb SaladParty Size$17.99
Chicken CaesarIndividual$8.99
Chicken CaesarFamily Size$12.99
Chicken CaesarParty Size$17.99
Spinach SaladIndividual$8.99
Spinach SaladFamily Size$12.99
Spinach SaladParty Size$17.99
Garden SaladIndividual$8.99
Garden SaladFamily Size$12.99
Garden SaladParty Size$17.99
Marinated Chicken4 Oz$0.99
Marinated Chicken8 Oz$2.99
Marinated Chicken12 Oz$4.99
Diced Ham4 Oz$0.99
Diced Ham8 Oz$2.99
Diced Ham12 Oz$4.99
Bacon4 Oz$0.99
Bacon8 Oz$2.99
Bacon12 Oz$4.99


Pepperoni Pizza$6.99
Cheese Pizza$5.99

Bundled Meals

Pot RoastIndividual$10.59
Pot RoastFour Person$34.99
Pot RoastSix Person$49.99
Sirloin Steaks (Dinner Only)Individual$10.89
Sirloin Steaks (Dinner Only)Four Person$34.99
Sirloin Steaks (Dinner Only)Six Person$49.99
MeatloafFour Person$34.99
MeatloafSix Person$10.59
Bourbon Street ChickenIndividual$9.49
Bourbon Street ChickenFour Person$29.99
Bourbon Street ChickenSix Person$43.99
Fried ChickenIndividual$9.49
Fried ChickenFour Person$29.99
Fried ChickenSix Person$43.99
Smoked ChickenIndividual$9.49
Smoked ChickenFour Person$29.99
Smoked ChickenSix Person$43.99
Smoked Pulled PorkIndividual$10.59
Smoked Pulled PorkFour Person$34.99
Smoked Pulled PorkSix Person$49.99
Fried FishIndividual$9.49
Fried FishFour Person$29.99
Fried FishSix Person$43.99
Baked FishIndividual$9.49
Baked FishFour Person$29.99
Baked FishSix Person$43.99
Baked ChickenIndividual$9.49
Baked ChickenFour Person$29.99
Baked ChickenSix Person$43.99

Famous Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken$1.79
Fun Box 6 Piece$10.00
Whole Bird Box8 Piece$13.99
Family Box12 Piece$18.99
Crowd Pleaser20 Piece$27.99

Large Party Platters

Bourbon Street Chicken$35.19
Pot Roast2 Roasts$39.99
Carved Ham$8.19
Smoked Pulled Pork$10.69
Smoked Chicken $11.69

Hot Sides

Yeast RollsHalf Dozen$4.29
Yeast RollsDozen$4.29
Baked Potato$2.19
Mashed Potatoes And Gravy$4.29
Macaroni & Cheese$4.29
Baked Beans$4.29
Buttered Corn$4.29
Green Beans$4.29
Steamed Broccoli$4.29
Sweet Potato Casserole$4.29
White Rice$4.29
Potato Salad$4.29


Carrot Cake By the Slice$2.99
Carrot Cake Half Cake $7.49
Carrot Cake Whole Cake $14.99
Cheesecake By the Slice$2.99
CheesecakeHalf Cake $7.49
CheesecakeWhole Cake $14.99
Apple PieBy the Slice$2.99
Apple PieHalf Pie$7.49
Apple PieWhole Pie$14.99
Blueberry Pie (No Sugar Added)By the Slice$2.99
Blueberry Pie (No Sugar Added)Half Pie$7.49
Blueberry Pie (No Sugar Added)Whole Pie$14.99
Cherry PieBy the Slice$2.99
Cherry PieHalf Pie$7.49
Cherry PieWhole Pie$14.99


Coca Cola$2.99
Diet Coke $2.99
Dr Pepper$2.99
Barq's Root Beer$2.99
Sprite $2.99
Fanta Orange$2.99
Minute Maid Lemonade32 Oz$2.99
Minute Maid LemonadeHalf Gallon$5.39
Minute Maid LemonadeGallon$9.59
Gold Peak Sweet Tea32 Oz$2.99
Gold Peak Sweet TeaHalf Gallon$4.29
Gold Peak Sweet TeaGallon$7.49
Gold Peak Iced Tea32 Oz$2.99
Gold Peak Iced TeaHalf Gallon$4.29
Gold Peak Iced TeaGallon$7.49

To learn morea bout Golden Corral, check out their website.