Feasting on Dairy Queen’s Top-selling Treats

Feasting on  Dairy Queen’s Top-selling Treats

If you are an ice cream lover and dessert-a-holic, you might have heard and tried the Dairy Queen ice creams.

Dairy Queen, also known as DQ, has been serving the best desserts and snacks for many years. It’s ice cream recipe goes a long way back and has been a favorite since 1940. Now, people still keep coming back for more. From frozen desserts to burgers and fries, DQ serves a variety of treats for people who wish to chill and enjoy great food on a long, hot day.

So, has DQ have in store for you?


DQ Blizzard

Top-selling Treats


If you are craving a frozen delight, then Blizzard is the top choice. It is one of DQ’s best-selling treats and carries the trademark DQ vanilla soft ice cream mixed with a variety of flavors and toppings. This frozen delight has more than 20 flavors that you can choose from. If you are a chocoholic or fruit lover, Blizzard has it all for you. You can also mix and match the toppings to make your Blizzard unique and suitable for your taste.


DQ Ice Cream Cake

Top-selling Treats


Why choose between ice cream and cake when you can have both? This almost sinful dessert is a cake topped with DQ’s Blizzard. It is a half ice cream, half cake which offers 35 different flavors that you could choose from. Aside from that, you can customize your ice cream cake to match any occasion. It also comes in three shape designs: round, heart and sheet. Nonetheless, this dessert tastes like heaven in every bite.


Peanut Buster Parfait

Top-selling Treats


This chocolate dessert is another signature and best-seller in DQ. It has loads of peanuts under the soft and creamy vanilla soft serve. It is then topped with rich chocolate fudge. The combination of nuts, chocolate fudge and creamy vanilla ice cream is a flavor that’s totally unforgettable.


Apple and Pumpkin Pie Blizzard

Top-selling Treats


Is it an ice cream? Is it a pie? It’s both of them in one serve! Apple Pie Blizzard is another unique treat from DQ. It’s a mix of their vanilla soft ice cream and Cinnamon Apple pie. It is garnished with cinnamon, which gives it an extra kick on the sweet flavor.


This mix comes with another flavor, which is pumpkin pie, too.You can buy on for 10 inches cup or 12 inches cup.


Deluxe Cheeseburger Lunch

Top-selling Treats

For the price of $5 dollars, you can get yourself a quick feast. This combo meal has a cheeseburger, fries, a cup of coke and dessert.


The patty in DQ’s hamburger is made from 100% beef. It it then topped with melted cheese, crispy lettuce, onions,pickles, tomatoes nestled in ketchup and mayo in between two toasted buns. DQ’s fries are light, so you don’t have to worry about gaining more calories than you should. Lastly, you get to choose what kind of drinks and sundae you want your lunch to go with.


Arctic Rush

Top-selling Treats

If the weather is too  hot for you to handle, you can always grab DQ’s Arctic Rush. Arctic Rush is a slush drink that comes in different flavors: Cherry, Lemon Lime, Strawberry Kiwi, Raspberry and Grapes. You can buy it in Small, Medium or Large sizes.



Top-selling Treats

Moolatte is another trendsetter in DQ. This frozen coffee blend topped with vanilla soft ice cream has captured the hearts of many coffee drinkers. You can choose from three coffee flavors namely, mocha, caramel and vanilla. This coffee delight is topped with whipped cream and hot chocolate fudge that adds that extra kick of sweetness. Moolatte comes in three different sizes, Small, Medium and Large.


If you wish to get a little break from a busy day or when you want to celebrate life’s little wins, you can always visit Dairy Queen and indulge yourself in their mouth-watering best-sellers.





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