Chicken Fries: Choosing the Perfect Dipping Sauce

Chicken Fries: Choosing the Perfect Dipping Sauce

Chicken Fries

Any fast food connoisseur knows that fries are the main staple of the whole meal. How could you possibly order a hamburger without enjoying the delicious goodness of warm fries fresh out of the fryer? But, what about taking things beyond the traditional French fry? In steps the chicken fry. At some point in time or another, you have probably seen the advertisements for the delicious chicken fries that fast food joints have to offer. But, have you ever really enjoyed them in all their warm, crispy goodness?

Chicken fries are meant to be enjoyed with one of the delectable dipping sauces on the market today. After all, they are essentially chicken nuggets made into the shape of a fry. So, does that make them fries or the main course? Who knows? Everyone has their own difference of opinion on these tasty treats, but what we do know is that no chicken fry is complete without some sort of dipping sauce.


Chicken FriesKetchup

If you are like most people, ketchup is your go-to sauce for French fries. Since these are called chicken fries, many people decided to stick with ketchup and use it on these fries as well. Ketchup tastes just as good on these fries as it does on your regular fries, so why not indulge in something simple and tasty and stick with the basics?




Chicken FriesHoney Mustard

Honey mustard is a blend of sweet and tart rolled into one delicious treat that will leave your mouth longing for more. It has just the right blend of sweetness so as not to be overpowering without having all of the tartness that comes from traditional mustard. This is a classic blend on a couple of favorite sauces. A must-try at least once when you are eating chicken fries.



Chicken FriesBBQ

If you love the taste of BBQ, you might want to try it on these chicken fries. BBQ sauce is a little spicier, so this isn’t going to be the ideal choice for everyone. However, if you are someone who is always cooking out and lathering on the sauces on the grill, you will love how BBQ sauce blends in with the delicious goodness of your chicken fries. Truly a taste of summer.



Chicken FriesRanch

While many people love ranch dressing on their salads, they don’t always think about using it as a dipping sauce for their food. But, why not? After all, if it is good enough to eat on your salad, it has to taste good on your chicken fries, right? If you love ranch dressing, you have to at least give it a shot on your chicken fries. The tangy taste of the ranch combined with all of the herbs and spices combine to make this a great summer treat.



Regardless of what dipping sauce you choose, you are sure to love the taste of chicken fries. Choose to eat them alone or in addition to something else. The choice is yours. They make a great on-the-go food and are perfect for little ones who need something small to hold onto. How could you possibly go wrong with something so good?



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