Chicken Express Menu With Prices

Chicken Express is a fast food chain specializing in chicken-based food. Chicken Express prices are similar to what you would pay at other chicken fast food restaurants. You can get a combo meal here for less than $10.

Although they are primarily known for their chicken, Chicken Express also offers catfish meals. In addition, they also have 10 sides you can choose from to go with your meal.

Chicken Express Menu

A menu board with Chicken Express prices for a fast food restaurant.

Below are the latest Chicken Express menu prices. These prices are for their location 609 W Airport Fwy, Irving, TX 75062. Your local prices might be different.

Featured Items

#1 - 4 Express Tender Combo$13.99
#2 - 7 Express Tender Combo$19.99
#3 - 3PC (your choice) Mixed Chicken$14.49
Regular Mashed Potatoes$2.99
Regular Okra$2.99


#1 - 4 Express Tender Combo$13.99
#2 - 7 Express Tender Combo$19.99
#3 - 3PC (your choice) Mixed Chicken$14.49
#4 - 2PC (your choice) Mixed Chicken$12.99
#5 - Liver/Gizzard Combo$12.99
2 Piece Fish Combo$12.99
3 Piece Fish Combo$14.99

Family Meals

#20 - 20PC Express Tender Family Meal$49.99
#25 - 25PC Express Tender Family Meal$59.99
#30 - 30PC Express Tender Family Meal$79.99
#8 - 8PC Chicken Family Meal$30.99
#12 - 12PC Chicken Family Meal$39.99
#16 - 16PC Chicken Family Meal$49.99


Regular Fries$2.99
Family Fries$5.99
Regular Okra$2.99
Family Okra$5.99
Regular Cole Slaw$2.99
Family Cole Slaw$5.99
Reg Green Beans$2.99
Family Green Beans$5.99
Regular Mashed Potatoes$2.9983
Reg Mashed - No Gravy$2.9983
1 Corn on the Cob$2.9980
Reg. Macaroni & Cheese$2.99280
Family Macaroni & Cheese$5.99280
Family Mashed Potatoes$5.9983
Family Mashed - No Gravy$5.9983
3 Poppers$2.99130
9 Poppers$5.99130
(4) Corn on the Cob$5.9980
3 Cheese Sticks$2.99140
9 Cheese Sticks$5.99140
8 Corn Nuggets$2.99253
24 Corn Nuggets$5.99253
8 Fried Pickles$2.99248
24 Fried Pickles$5.99248

Extras & Sauces

6 Rolls$5.99
Honey Mustard$0.75
Jalapeno Ranch$0.75
Tartar Sauce$0.75
Cocktail Sauce$0.7535-90
Hot Sauce$0.0035-150
6oz Gravy$0.99140
16oz Gravy$1.99140
1 Jalapeno$0.990
6 Jalapenos$2.990
1 Roll$0.99110
1 Biscuit$0.99178
6 Biscuits$5.99178
3 Rolls+3 Biscuits$5.99
5 Sauces$3.50
10 Sauces$7.00


16oz Coke$1.29
16oz Diet Coke$1.29
16oz Sprite$1.29
16oz Dr Pepper$1.29
16oz Diet Dr Pepper$1.29
16oz Lemonade$1.29
16oz Powerade$1.29
16oz UnSweet Tea$0.89
16oz Sweet Tea$0.89
16oz 1/2 & 1/2 Tea$0.89
16oz Sweet Arnold Palm$1.29
16oz Unsweet Arnold Palmer$1.29
32oz Coke$1.69
32oz Diet Coke$1.69
32oz Sprite$1.69
32oz Dr Pepper$1.69
32oz Diet Dr Pepper$1.69
32oz Lemonade$1.69
32oz Powerade$1.69
32oz UnSweetTea$1.39
32oz Sweet Tea$1.39
32oz 1/2 & 1/2 Tea$1.39
32oz Sweet Arnold Palmer$1.69
32oz Unsweet Arnold Palme$1.69
44oz Coke$1.99
44oz Diet Coke$1.99
44oz Sprite$1.99
44oz Dr.Pepper$1.99
44oz Diet Dr Pepper$1.99
44oz Lemonade$1.99
44oz Powerade$1.99
44oz UnSwt Tea$1.59
44oz Sweet Tea$1.59
44oz 1/2 & 1/2 Tea$1.59
44oz Sweet Arnold Palmer$1.59
44oz Unsweet Arnold Palmer$1.59
Gallon UnSweet Tea$5.99
Gallon Sweet Tea$5.99
Gallon 1/2 & 1/2 Tea$5.99
Gallon Lemonade$12.00


1 Chocolate Chip Cookie$2.00
6 Chocolate Chip Cookies$7.99
1 Apple Pie$2.00230
1 Cherry Pie$2.00200
4 Apple Pies$5.49230 per pie
4 Cherry Pies$5.49200 per pie
Chicken Express 3 piece dark & roll biscuit at affordable prices.

Chicken Express FAQ

When was Chicken Express founded?

Chicken Express was founded in 1988 in Benbrook, Texas, by Richard and Nancy Stuart. Although they are mainly a regional chain concentrated in the Southern United States, they have over 200 locations.

What are some popular menus of Chicken Express?

A person holding a piece of peanut butter.

Their most popular menus include Express Fried Chicken, Fried Chicken Combo, Crispy Combo, Express Appetizers, various kinds of salads, and Express Oriental Grill.

This restaurant also serves Express Subs and Burgers, Express Breakfast, Express Drinks, Express Juice and Express Cocktails.

What kind of chicken does Chicken Express serve?

A box of fried chicken sits on a table.

Although they are the same kind of meat, fresh chicken tastes better than frozen chicken, even if the latter is cooked with elaborate dressings. Not too many people know the difference, but those who do, go to Chicken Express because they know that this restaurant only serves fresh, not frozen chicken.

Chicken Express serves chicken meat that is precisely marinated, dipped in a unique batter mix, and cooked to perfection. The final product is a hot and juicy chicken with flavoring that is only found at Chicken Express.


Even though Chicken Express prices are competitive with other chicken fast food restaurants, you will save a lot of money by opting to go for their family-sized meals. You can buy a meal for the entire family for around $20.

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  1. Phillip Parker says:

    the price here are off at least 7 dollars I paid 40 for 30 tenders and 3 family sides in Tx it shows 33 dollars in Tx. Hope you will update your site.

  2. Dub Guinn says:

    3 weeks ago I bought 3 tenders in Waxahachie Texas for 4.05 , not all that bad,yesterday at another Chicken Express in Waxahachie i bought 4 tenders for 6.16$ .i don’t understand their pricing, asked and the girl at window said”tenders are 1.25 +tax, ” if so that would mean they charged me 1.50 tax

    1. Kathy's Horn says:

      I went to purchase a 4 piece tender combo meal that was to be 6.39 but it was7.59. I was disappointed!

  3. Philip E. Evans says:

    I was told by our local store manager that each store is independently owned and operated! Therefore, each store set its own menu and prices!

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