Chick-Fil-A Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap Review

Chick-Fil-A Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap Review
grilled chicken cool wrap

Product Name: Chick-Fil-A Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap

Product Description: The Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap is made up of sliced grilled chicken breast placed in a fresh mix of green leaf lettuce with a blend of shredded Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheeses, tightly rolled in a flaxseed flour flatbread.

Brand: Chick-fil-a

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Chick-Fil-A is a leader in the fast-food world of chicken. While consistently serving quality food items, fresh ingredients, and decent portion sizes, the restaurant is also always looking for ways to improve on the delivery of healthy menu items. Salads and wraps have been available on their menu for a few years, but in recent years, they’ve picked up their game, and come up with some healthy fast food options that are more fresh and delicious than you might expect. The Chick-Fil-A Grilled Cool Wrap is one of these items that you simply must try. 

grilled chicken cool wrap
Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap. Photo by Chick-Fil-A.

History and Inspiration Behind the Cool Wrap 

In the spring of 2013, Chick-Fil-A’s entrée salad line received a makeover. They introduced three new premium salads, as well as an improved Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap as part of a wider initiative to offer healthier menu items to its customers. Chick-fil-A enhanced their Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap by including a full serving of vegetables and lean chicken on a new all-natural, high-fiber flax bread. 

They began actively working to reduce sodium across its menu, including a 40% sodium reduction in its Chargrilled Chicken filet, 25% less sodium in its bread, and removing 10% of sodium in dressings and sauces. They also began adding calorie counts to its menu boards to assist customers in selecting meals that better suit their individual dietary needs and preferences. The improved Cool Wrap is now one of the more popular healthy entree items on the menu.

Types of Cool Wraps

A few years ago, Chick-Fil-A offered a couple of variations of the Cool Wrap – the Chicken Caesar Cool Wrap served with Cesar dressing and the Spicy Chicken Cool Wrap served with spicy dressing. Currently, Chick-Fil-A is only advertising the Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap with Avocado Lime Ranch Dressing, but you could modify the taste just by switching the dressing. 

Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap Review

Made several times a day to ensure their freshness, the Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap is made up of sliced grilled chicken breast placed in a fresh mix of green leaf lettuce with a blend of shredded Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheeses, tightly rolled in a flaxseed flour flatbread.

One of the best features of the wrap is that you taste all the ingredients in each bite. Do you know how annoying it is to get several bites into a wrap before you finally get a bite with everything in it? Chick-Fil-A says there’s a trick to folding the wrap so that you don’t miss anything – from the first bite, the Cool Wrap is packed with flavor. 

1.      Taste and Texture [5/5]

The Chicken Cool Wrap is delicious from the first bite. It’s served cut in half in a container with a lid, so you can see each of the fresh ingredients before you even take a bite. It comes with an Avocado Lime Dressing, but I prefer the spicy dressing (you can always ask for the dressing you prefer). While the wraps are made several times a day to preserve freshness, occasionally, I receive a wrap in which the flatbread is a bit dry. In this case, pouring a bit of extra dressing over the top helps bring some moisture to each bite. 

The chicken is flavorful, but it’s cold. In some of the salad options, you can choose hot chicken nuggets or filets, but since the wraps are made ahead of time and kept cool, cold chicken is the only option here. The good thing is, the chicken is always fresh and juicy- never hard or dry. The lettuce is fresh and packed in beautifully- always green, never wilted. And the combination of cheese and veggies all work well together. 

2. Nutrition Facts – Is it Healthy? [4/5]

 The Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap has 360 calories, most of which are from protein. It doesn’t contain many of the more common allergens, except for soy, wheat, milk, and gluten. Dieticians point out that a wrap is a nourishing option because you’re getting satiating protein from the chicken, fat from the cheese and carbohydrates from the flatbread, and it’s one of the healthiest items you can order from the Chick-Fil-A menu – especially if you pair it with a soup or a fruit cup. 

Nutrition for Chick Fil A Chicken Cool WrapAvocado Lime Ranch Dressing: 310 calories

3. Are they Worth it? [5/5]

Yes, the Chicken Cool Wrap is worth purchasing. It’s tasty, savory, filling, and fresh. It’s prepared the same day it’s served, so it’s never sitting around for too long, and it can be chilled before eating, so it’s always crisp and delicious. I like that it can be paired with other healthy menu items, and I like that I can choose any of my favorite dressings to go with it. I also appreciate that there are so many Chick-Fil-A locations country-wide, so I can always find one nearby.

chick fil a eat more chicken
Eat More Chicken. Photo by Mark Turnauckas under Licence CC 2.0

Final Verdict

The price is a bit steep, but oftentimes, healthier options are more expensive because the ingredients used are more fresh and unable to be stored or frozen. The Cool Wrap is one of my favorite menu items from Chick Fil A, and it’s in my top two favorites from their salad entree menu (the Cobb Salad is a close contender). It’s an excellent healthy fast food option, and I’d definitely recommend it.

Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap Pricing

The Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap is priced at $6.29 each, which is similar in price to some of their combo meals. Adding a side and a drink could cost you around $10, which may seem a bit high for a fast-food lunch. However, if you consider that you’re receiving an exceptionally healthy meal with fresh ingredients at a fast-food restaurant, you might be willing to pay for the convenience. 

Catering to Your Needs

Would you consider hiring Chick-Fil-A to cater to your next event? From work events to school events to personal events, Chick-Fil-A is an excellent option. If you’re looking for a healthy option to serve your guests, Chick Fil A offers discounted prices for ordering their trays, and their service is professional and dependable. Of course, you can order nuggets and those tasty waffle fries too. 

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