Burger King Releases New Rodeo Stacker King

Burger King has just announced that its Rodeo Stacker King Sandwich is making a return in a big way. Burger King’s Rodeo Stacker King sandwich is now available at participating locations nationwide. 

Rodeo King Burger
Photo by theimpulsivebuy under the license

We were first introduced to the Rodeo King sandwich back in 2017. In May of this year, Burger King decided to add another layer to the meaty goodness of the Rodeo King sandwich, and thus the Rodeo Stacker King Sandwich was born. The Rodeo Stacker King Sandwich features Burger King’s flame-grilled beef patties, stacked with two slices of American cheese, three half-strips of thick-cut smoked bacon, crispy onion rings, mayonnaise, and a tangy BBQ sauce all covered with a toasted sesame seed bun. Unfortunately, the Rodeo Stacker King was only available at select locations – that is, until now. 

Burger King customers will have three options when picking up the Rodeo Stacker King sandwich, the Single, Double or Tripple beef stacks. 

Perhaps you are not into meat. Don’t worry, Burger King has you in mind as well. Burger King has recently announced that they have rolled out their new plant-based Impossible Whopper and Impossible Whopper Jr in participating locations nationwide. Who knows… Maybe we will see an Impossible Rodeo King sandwich in the works sometime soon. 

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