Burger King Launches New $1 Have it Your Way Menu

It’s a Christmas miracle. Burger King has just announced the debut of their new dollar menu, the $1 Have It Your Way Menu. The menu will feature a selection of fan favorites, such as the Bacon Cheeseburger, Chicken Jr. sandwich, Value Fries and Value Soft Drink – all for just a dollar each.

Burger King $1 Have it your way menu
Burger King $1 Have it Your Way Menu / Photo courtesy of Burger King

The $1 Have It Your Way menu was created in response to the economic struggle Americans have been dealing with this year. Over the years, the majority of fast food chains have dramatically increased their pricing and have removed dollar menus, so this is a huge decision for Burger King. Plus, what better time to roll out a bargain than after we’ve spent all our money on Christmas gifts?

For the next week until December 28, Burger King will also be Venmoing random customers a $1 payment in hopes fans will visit their local restaurant and try one of their favorites from the dollar menu.

If you’re looking for places to grab a deal on the upcoming holiday, check out all the restaurants open on Christmas and Christmas Eve.

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  1. Duane boswell says:

    Burger king in Springfield, ohio on plum street doesn’t price double bacon cheeseburgers for a buck! What’s with that? I will not go to that establishment again. I see why the place doesn’t get any business. I drove across town to try their bacon cheeseburger only to find the price at 1.99. no more are you going to rip me off. Close that place down so a honest mcds can go in!

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