Battle of Fast Food Chicken

We have written articles in the past about fast food restaurants that specialize in chicken such as this one. This time we will compare more restaurants as we are adding Church’s Chicken and Bojangles’ to the list.

Although there are many more fast food restaurants that specialize in chicken, these are the five most relevant ones for this comparison.

The main five restaurants we will compare are:

  • KFC
  • Chick-fil-A
  • Popeyes
  • Church’s Chicken
  • Bojangles’

One important thing to keep in mind is that while they all serve chicken, they each have different recipes so the taste will depend on what you like more. For example, Popeyes has that Louisiana Cajun and spicy flavor that cannot be found in any of the other restaurants.

Fast Food Chicken


KFC, or otherwise known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, is a fast food chain from Kentucky. The restaurant has always offered fried chicken, however, recently they have made a move to offer grilled chicken as well because of the demand from the health-conscious consumers.

KFC’s menu mainly consists of chicken wings, thighs, breasts, and tenders. Although they have a few other things such as sandwiches and chicken bites, they’re not a big focus of their menu.

The restaurant also offers several classic sides including mashed potatoes, coleslaw, mac & cheese, potato wedges, green beans, biscuits, corn, and corn on the cob. Their sides come in individual and family sizes.

In most cases, you can get an individual combo meal at KFC for around $5. View all other KFC prices here.


Many people think of Chick-fil-A as being in its own category as far as fast food chicken goes. There’s no denying the fact that Chick-fil-A is quite possibly the highest quality fast food chicken restaurant chain. The chicken used in their sandwiches is usually not grounded, but rather a whole white-meat chicken piece.

Unlike KFC, Chick-fil-A’s menu consists of various chicken sandwiches, wraps, and salads as well as popular fast food meals like chicken nuggets. In fact, their chicken nuggets are real white meat chicken pieces unlike those of McDonald’s and Burger King.

If you’re looking to get a combo from Chick-fil-A, it will run you about $6 on average, however, you can buy individual sandwiches for as little as $3. See other Chick-fil-A menu prices.


Popeyes is quite a bit different than both KFC and Chick-fil-A. The reason for that is they have a trademark Louisiana flavor and breading that is different than the rest. They also sell shrimp, so this is not just a chicken restaurant.

Popeyes has wings, thighs, and breasts just like KFC, but they are even more popular for their tenders. Their tenders are truly one-of-a-kind and unlike other fast food chicken tenders.

You can get a meal from Popeyes for about $6 and if you want to get just the tenders, they can be had for only about $4. View all Popeyes menu prices.

Church’s Chicken

Church’s Chicken is similar to that of Popeyes in that they offer everything from chicken pieces to tenders and sandwiches, however, the breading is very different. You are going to need to try both to decide which one you like better.

Depending on what meal you choose, you can get a combo from Church’s Chicken for as low as $3. Combos comparable to other restaurants above are going to be in a similar price range, around $5. View rest of the Church’s menu prices.


And finally we have Bojangles’. I’ll preface this by saying that Bojangles’ is not available in the entire United States and they mainly serve food in the Southeastern parts of the country.

Perhaps the most surprising thing you will read in this article is that Bojangles’ menu is probably the largest of all these restaurants. That’s partially because they have many biscuit sandwiches and dinner meals.

The side meals from Bojangles’ are called Fixin’s and they include Bo-tato Rounds, Bonagles’ Cajun Pintos, Bonagles’ Dirty Rice, cole slaw, green beans, macaroni ‘n cheese, mashed potatoes ‘n gravy, picnic grits, and seasoned fries.

Bonagles’ meals can be yours for around $5, which is comparable to all of the restaurants above. If you choose a sandwich combo, then it can be even cheaper. View all Bojangles’ menu prices.


And there you have it. An honest look at the top five fast food chicken restaurants offered throughout the country.

What is your favorite restaurant from this list?

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