Asian Buffet Menu With Prices (Updated: January 2023)

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Fried Wonton$2.50
Fried or Boiled Dumplings$3.85
Fried Baby Shrimp$3.50
Fried Chicken Wings$2.50
Egg Roll$2.50
Beef Teriyaki or Chicken$4.25
Fried Crab Rangoon$3.00


Hot and Sour Soup$2.75
Wonton Soup$2.25
Seafood Delight Soup$4.25
House Special Soup$3.95
Egg Drop Soup$2.25
Wonton Egg Drop Soup$2.75
Chicken Rice or Noodle Soup$2.25
Vegetable and Bean Curd Soup$2.95

Express Lunch Buffet To Go

Express Lunch Buffet To Go$5.00

Fried Rice

Vegetable Fried Rice$5.50
Beef Fried Rice$5.90
Shrimp Fried Rice$6.25
Chicken Fried Rice$5.90
Pork Fried Rice$5.90
House Special Fried Rice$6.95

Lo Mein

Vegetable Lo Mein$6.00
Beef Lo Mein$6.50
Shrimp Lo Mein$6.50
Chicken Lo Mein$6.50
Pork Lo Mein$6.50
House Special Lo Mein$6.95

Sweet and Sour

Sweet and Sour Chicken or Pork$6.50
Sum Bo$7.50
Sweet and Sour Shrimp$6.95

Chow Mei Fun

Vegetable Mei Fun$5.00
Shrimp Chow Mei Fun$6.95
Singapore Mei Fun$7.50
Chow Mei Fun$6.25
House Special Mei Fun$7.50

Vegetables and Bean Curd

Sauteed Mixed Vegetables$6.25
Sauteed Mixed Vegetables with Bean Curd$6.25
Sauteed Fresh Broccoli$6.25
Sauteed String Beans$6.25

Egg Foo Young

Vegetable Egg Foo Young$5.95
Beef or Shrimp Egg Foo Young$6.25
Roast Pork or Chicken Egg Foo Young$5.95
House Special Egg Foo Young$6.25


Coconut Chicken$7.30
Honey Chicken$7.30
Chicken with Broccoli$7.30
Cashew Chicken$7.30
Szechuan Chicken$7.30
Almond Chicken$7.30
Chicken with Scallion$7.30
Chicken with Mixed Vegetables$7.30
Chicken with Black Pepper$7.30
Moo Goo Gai Pan$7.30
Curry Chicken$7.30
Kung Pao Chicken$7.30
Lemon Chicken$7.30
Chicken with Garlic Sauce$7.30
Chicken with Snow Peas$7.30


Beef with Mixed Vegetable$7.80
Beef with Broccoli$7.80
Szechuan Beef$7.80
Kung Pao Beef$7.80
Beef with Garlic Sauce$7.80
Beef with String Beans$7.80
Beef with Snow Peas$7.80
Mongolian Beef$7.80
Pepper Steak with Onion$7.80
Beef with Oyster Sauce$7.80
Hunan Beef$7.80
Moo Shu Beef$7.80
Beef with Mushroom$7.80


Pork with Mixed Vegetables$6.95
Moo Shu Pork$6.95
Pork with Peking Sauce$6.95
Ginger Pork and Scallion$6.95
Pork with Broccoli$6.95
Pork With Garlic Sauce$6.95
Sliced Pork Double Sauteed with Chili Sauce$6.95


Coconut Shrimp$8.75
Shrimp with Garlic Sauce$8.75
Curry Shrimp$8.75
Hunan Shrimp$8.75
Szechuan Shrimp$8.75
Shrimp with Lobster Sauce$8.75
Shrimp with Cashew Nuts$8.75
Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables$8.75
Shrimp with Broccoli$8.75
Scallops with Garlic Sauce$8.75

Diet Menu

Steamed String Bean$5.50
Steamed Vegetable Lo Mein$5.95
Steamed Chicken with Snow Peas$7.00
Steamed Scallops with Mixed Vegetables$8.50
Steamed Snow Peas$5.50
Steamed Chicken with Broccoli$7.00
Steamed Shrimp with Broccoli$8.50
Steamed Seafood with Mixed Vegetables$8.50

Chef's Specialties

Orange Chicken or Beef$8.50
Sesame Chicken (White Meat)$8.50
Four Seasons$9.50
Seafood Combination$10.95
Hunan Triple Delight$10.95
Dragon and Phoenix$9.95
General Tso's Chicken$8.50
Triple Delight$9.50
Happy Family$9.95
Beef and Scallops with Garlic Sauce$9.95
House Special Chicken$10.95
Chicken and Shrimp with Brown Sauce$9.95


Sauteed Mixed Vegetables$6.95
Pepper Steak$6.95
Beef with Vegetable$6.95
Cashew Chicken$6.95
Curry Chicken$6.95
Chicken with Broccoli$6.95
Pork With Mushrooms$6.95
Sesame Chicken$6.95
Hunan Shrimp$6.95
Shrimp Egg Foo Young$6.95
Beef with Broccoli$6.95
Kung Pao Beef$6.95
Sweet and Sour Chicken or Pork$6.95
Chicken With Garlic Sauce$6.95
Szechuan Chicken$6.95
Pork With Garlic Sauce$6.95
General Tso's Chicken$6.95
Shrimp With Vegetable$6.95
Kung Pao Shrimp$6.95
Chicken or Beef Egg Foo Young$6.95