Easy Copycat Arby’s Horsey Sauce (How to Make Home)

Did you know that Arby’s offers 11 different sauces?

The most popular of these, of course, is the Arby’s Sauce and the Horsey Sauce, both of which I put on everything I order from Arby’s.

Now, you could just swipe a handful of sauce packages and hide them in a kitchen drawer until you’re ready for them, but assuming we’ve all already done that, let’s try to make our own from scratch.

Arby’s Horsey Sauce is a creamy sauce with a toned-down horseradish taste, so it’s both sharp and mild – which is why it goes well with the Arby’s sauce. With both sauce recipes, you’ll be all set. You can even use them on regular sandwiches, sliders, or hamburgers.

This recipe yields a creamy version of the Horsey Sauce with a bit of texture, some heat, and a little bit of sweetness. It’s best if you make it ahead of time and let it rest in the refrigerator before serving. It’s even better if you let it rest overnight. Even better, you don’t need those little sauce packages anymore. You’ll be able to whip up Horsey Sauce any time you want it.

History or Arby’s Horsey sauce

The name “Horsey” is because of the main ingredient: horseradish.

Traditionally, horseradish has been the sophisticated companion to beef dishes, often reserved for fine dining experiences. Arby’s adapted this upscale ingredient for the fast-food realm. Add mayo and sugar to horseradish and voila – you have a sauce that refined its rich flavour while being perfectly suitable for a fast food menu.

The sauce was introduced shortly after Arby’s was founded in 1964, and it quickly became very popular.

The sauce is creamy and tangy, with a subtle kick from the horseradish. It goes great with Arby’s meats.

Arby’s Horsey Sauce Recipe

Over the decades, Arby’s Horsey Sauce has transformed from a mere condiment to an iconic element of the Arby’s dining experience. Its unique taste has led countless food enthusiasts to embark on a quest to recreate this beloved sauce in their kitchens.

With a staggering count of over 500 recipes available online, each proclaiming to be the ultimate Arby’s Horsey Sauce replica, the challenge lies in discerning the genuine from the not-so-authentic.

So, how does one sift through this vast digital cookbook?

The key is trusting the collective voice of the community. By delving into the comments and reviews, I aimed to identify recipes that not only claimed authenticity but were also backed by a chorus of satisfied culinary adventurers. Their feedback was invaluable in distinguishing the gems from the duds.

Here are the top Arby’s Horsey Sauce recipes!

Arby’s Horsey Sauce by copykat

This recipe tastes pretty close to the original. It is creamy and has a hint of sweetness. Most commenters praised the recipe for its accuracy and taste.

  • Rating: 5 Stars (based on 22 Reviews)
  • Ingredients: mayonnaise, sugar, creamed horseradish, and salt
  • Cooking time: 5 minutes
  • Calories per serving: 16

 Arby’s Horsey Sauce by Top Secret Recipes

This recipe by Todd Wilbur does not have any comments but it has pretty good user ratings, and a few simple ingredients.

  • Rating: 4.71 Stars (based on 7 Reviews)
  • Ingredients: mayonnaise, sugar, white vinegar, horseradish, salt
  • Cooking time: 5 minutes
  • Calories per serving: unknown

Horsey Sauce by Chicken Fried Kitchen

This copycat recipe aims to replicate that unique flavor with just five simple ingredients: Mayonnaise, Vinegar, Sugar, Horseradish, and Kosher Salt. While the actual Arby’s Horsey Sauce contains a longer list of ingredients, including various preservatives and artificial flavors, this five-ingredient version offers a cleaner and just as tasty alternative.

  • Rating: 5 Stars (based on 3 Reviews)
  • Ingredients: mayonnaise, sugar, vinegar, horseradish, salt
  • Cooking time: 40 minutes
  • Calories per serving: 16

Copycat Arby’s Horsey Sauce Recipe by Fast Food Menu Prices

We have our own recipe right here. Same basic ingredients, it’s quick and easy to make.

Let us know how your turned out, in the comments.

Arby's Horsey Sauce Recipe

Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 3 minutes
Servings 10
Calories 159 kcal


  • 1 cup mayonnaise
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 1/4 cup creamed horseradish or 2 tablespoons fresh horseradish
  • 1/4 tsp salt


  • In a small bowl combine the mayonnaise, sugar, creamed horseradish, and salt. Stir until well combined.
  • Allow the sauce to rest in a covered container in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour. For optimal results allow resting overnight before serving.


  • The longer you can let the sauce rest, the better, but do be sure to use it within 5 to 7 days. 

Are you looking for more inspiration for using your Horsey Sauce recipe? Arby’s offers a secret menu you might want to check out. Test your own sauce with their packaged sauce and decide which one you like best.

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