6 Delicious Value Choices at Wendy’s


When you go to a fast food restaurant like Wendy’s, you’re there for many things. Of course you expect to have food served to you quickly and with the convenience you don’t see in other restaurants. However, you also expect to pay a lot less than what you would end up paying in a normal restaurant. This is why you really pay attention to Wendy’s prices and see where you can save.


If you’re not careful, a fast food meal or night out could cost you more than you expect and more than you bargained for. But if you know Wendy’s prices and what items in their menu could really give you value for money, then you’ll be okay.

Below are the items in the Wendy’s menu that you should really check out, based on how much value they give you:

  • Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger

The Bacon Cheeseburger is one of the most recognizable items in the Wendy’s menu. With 100% pure ground beef that’s fresh and savory, melted American cheese, and the crisp goodness of thick-cut, freshly-cooked Applewood Smoked Bacon, many people head to Wendy’s just to satisfy their Bacon Cheeseburger craving. But those looking for value can actually order the junior version, because they could have a taste of the burger without having to finish so much. This option gives you just the right quantity for a quick taste.

  • Crispy Chicken Sandwich

One of the lighter options in the Wendy’s menu that can still fill your stomach is the Crispy Chicken sandwich. Basically, instead of a beef patty you get a tender, breaded chicken patty that’s fried to perfection. The flavors from the chicken are then complemented with Wendy’s signature creamy mayo and some crisp slices of lettuce. You’ve never had a chicken sandwich as tasty as this before.

  • Value Natural-Cut Fries

Fries are a fast food staple no matter what restaurant you go to, and Wendy’s is no exception. Everybody loves fries, and everybody has fries to offer. But when you go to Wendy’s, you get something extra special. The fries you get are naturally cut from whole Russet potatoes, then deep fried but with the skin on. These are then sprinkled with some sea salt and served to you hot, fresh, and crispy, so what you get are fries that are as real as real can get. The value sized version doesn’t only give it to you cheaper, it also helps you lie low on the calories.

  • 4-piece Spicy Chicken Nuggets

If you’re craving for something that will spice up your meal but for a smaller price, you can get the 6-piece spicy chicken nuggets, guaranteed to make your mouth water. The all white-meat chicken made is basically cut into bite-sized “nugget” pieces then seasoned with three different types of peppers and savory spices. This gives you nuggets like you’ve never had it before, because it can spice up your meal (and your life) like no other. The value version of 6 pieces gives you just about enough to make your day a little more interesting.

Now if you’re not in the mood for something spicy, you can still get the 4-piece Chicken Nuggets. Crispy on the outside and tender inside but with the same lovely chicken taste that can satisfy you, you can munch on these during snack time or add it on to any of your meals for that something extra.

  • Side Salads

Having a side salad is a guaranteed way to complete your meal, because even if you’re at a fast food place, you can still keep your meal as healthy as possible. Wendy’s Caesar Side Salad is made of freshly cut romaine lettuce and shredded Asiago cheese. The value size makes it the perfect side to any entrée, but you can also have it on its own. Having a Caesar Side Salad is like a sprinkle of freshness and bright spot in the Wendy’s menu.

Another option is the Garden Side Salad, which is just as delicious but made of different ingredients: mixed greens, sliced cucumbers, red bell peppers, and grape tomatoes. This will be topped by your choice of Marzetti Simply Dressed dressings, and this is the best part of it all because there are some lighter options that you can try.

  • Small Chocolate Classic Frosty

The Wendy’s Frosty is legendary, and many people go to Wendy’s just to have a taste of this creamy and refreshing beverage. As this is made with real milk, nothing can satisfy you more than this Frosty does. The small size gives you a taste of this without making you suffer in terms of calories, so it’s the best value you can get.

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