4 Best Fast Food Boxes Fit for Royalty

Sometimes you just want to eat like there’s no tomorrow. Like, a huge burger plus extra large sides and drinks. Whether you’re famished, celebrating a milestone or nursing a broken heart, you should find something you’ll love—and something huge—when you go to a fast food restaurant. For some reason, these places can cure hunger, a bad mood, or even mend a broken heart – at least temporarily!

One idea they’ve come up with that’s really, really good for just about everybody, is the combo meal, which consists of all your favorite food. Previously, restaurants would present customers with set meals, and you just have to choose between sets A, B, C, or D. Now, most of them will ask you to create your own mix, especially when you order online for delivery. You’ll easily find the different menu items that you can combine and order.

fast food boxes

Here’s a quick list of fast food joints that have an incredible selection of food combos:

  1. Taco Bell.

This company went all out with their meal combinations. You can practically make a Taco Bell box out of anything they have on the menu. Okay, so let’s try this. First, go to www.tacobell.com. On the left hand side, there’s a link list. Click ‘Combos.’ They’ll show the selection of main items, which will be your base in building the group, such as Quesalupa, Burrito Supreme, Crunchy Tacos Supreme, Mexican Pizza, Nachos Bellgrande, Crunchy or Soft Tacos, and many more.

Let’s choose the Smothered Burrito for $5.59 as an example for our Taco Bell Box. Click the ‘Build Combo’ link below the picture. You’ll be directed to another page where you can choose your drink, and see that you can get a Smothered Burrito Beef and Crunchy Taco. The fun part is that you can swap and customize these items if the other products suit you taste better.

  1. KFC

If you’re talking about boxes, KFC is ‘it’—talk about classics! Their sets only had teeny-tiny changes over the years, but maintained what people have come to love, and which can surely keep the hunger at bay. To see their sets, go to www.kfc.com. On the top part, click ‘Menu’ and then choose from Bucket, Big Box, Kids, and Combo.

For our purpose, let’s select Big Box, where we are presented with: Meal #10, 3pc chicken; #11, 2pc chicken and popcorn; and #12, tenders and popcorn. Each of them comes with individual mashed potatoes and gravy, coleslaw, and a medium-sized drink. If these are not enough, you can always add more sides, like whole kernel corn, seasoned potato wedges, mac & cheese, and green beans.

  1. Burger King

The name says it all. They want you to eat like royalty at Burger King. Get a load of their treats that can surely fill your stomach whenever you’re famished. To get started, go to www.bk.com/menu/value_menu. There you will see the choices for their 5 for $4 Deals. The sandwiches you can choose from include Bacon Cheeseburger Deluxe, Rodeo Chicken Sandwich, Spicy Crispy Chicken Jr., Bacon Double Cheeseburger, Rodeo Burger, and some others.

Some of the items you could group it with are regular Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Frozen Fanta Cherry ICEE, French fries, and onion rings. If you click one of the sandwiches, you will be presented with its ingredients and nutritional information. These serve as reminders that although fast food products are truly tempting, you need to take care of your health since their sandwiches have saturated fats, trans fat, cholesterol, sugar, and sodium.

  1. Wendy’s

Wendy’s is a crowd favorite when it comes to fresh-tasting items on their menu. They have a distinct taste that’s not easy to find when you eat in other fast food joints. On top of that, their foodstuffs are totally inexpensive. Currently, they have this ‘4 for $4’ deals that are totally hard to ignore. To check what they are, go to www.wendys.com and click the ‘Get More with 4 for $4’ picture.

In this limited-time deal, for just $4, they offer a combination of the following: French fries, four pieces of nuggets, and a drink of your choice. And if you have kids, maybe you can get them a Junior Vanilla Frosty, Jr. Classic Chocolate Frosty, kids’ natural-cut fries, apple slices, and chocolate Milk, among others.

Hungry? Treat yourself to any of these sumptuous combinations and you are sure to have your fill that will last for the rest of the day. Just don’t forget to plan a good long workout tomorrow!

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