10 Things We Can’t Help But Love about Mooyah

One of the best places to have a hamburger is Mooyah. Those who have heard of it can’t help but be intrigued with the name. Some have heard positive comments about the burgers. It could be just another burger chain that’s putting a lot of mouthwatering adjectives in their ads but, people seem to really like Mooyah and here are some of the reasons why.

1. Fresh, Never been Frozen Beef

One of the things people love about Mooyah is they serve fresh, never been frozen beef. Most people are eating beef patties that have been refrigerated and won’t be able to imagine how much softer and tenderer they are when none of the juice had been frozen. However, those who have tried the Mooyah burgers can tell the difference between patties that are fresh and those that came out from the freezer and that is why most of them are no longer switching back to their old favorites. If there is one word that best describes the Mooyah patty that would be “juicy”.

2. Build your Burger

hamburger with grilled meat  cheese  bacon on a wooden surfaceMooyah can treat you like a deli would and provide you with the freedom to tell them how you’d like your Mooyah burger prepared. First, you can have it on white or wheat. You can pay for add-ons. Choose any of their 4 cheeses; American, Swiss, Cheddar or Blue and request for Pepper jack, Apple wood Bacon or fresh avocado. Veggies and sauces are free. You can choose what you like; from lettuce to sautéed mushrooms; from the Mooyah special sauce to Honey mustard

3. Freshly Baked Buns

Mooyah’s white and wheat buns are baked daily so they are always served fresh. The person who says that all burgers taste the same has never tried Mooyah because after being to Mooyah, everyone’s standards about what burgers should be will be raised at a higher level. Fresh tender burgers on soft fresh white or wheat buns turn Mooyah to “Burger Heaven”. Mooyah’s freshly baked buns don’t only taste great, they smell good. They don’t crack on your hands and are so pleasurable to chew.

4. Hand-Cut Fries

There’s always something missing with processed French fries. They look good but they lack the natural saltiness that freshly hand-cut French fries can provide. Mooyah is still sticking to the old fashion way of preparing French fries and that is why even if it’s just for the fries, people will still go to Mooyah to have them. Their 24-hour, 6 step process for their French fries really pays off because they are not only delicious, they are nostalgic.

5. 100% Real Ice Cream Shakes

A lot of burger joints are getting into the soft ice cream age but a lot of people are still looking for the traditional ice cream shakes that have been a big part of our history. It’s a relief to know that you can always go to Mooyah and have the traditional beefy burger and thick shake combo that has been the staple of the American teen diet for so many years. Mooyah Shakes that are made from real ice cream are thicker, sweeter and tastier and that’s exactly how an ice cream shake should be.

6. Lean but Juicy Turkey Burger

For those who are watching their calories, Mooyah’s Turkey Burger on multi-grain wheat bun can provide the same tenderness and juiciness of the Mooyah burgers with less guilt since it is only 600 calories with only 22 grams of fat. Mooyah’s tasty turkey patty is served with cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion and ketchup. If you have tried turkey burgers before in other restaurants and have been disappointed, Mooyah’s Turkey Burger will provide with a different impression about this lean protein choice.

7. Tasty Black Bean Veggie Burger

And if you want something even leaner then, you have to try Mooyah’s Veggie Burger on multi-grain wheat bun. With only 520 calories, you will be treated to the delight of these tasty combination; black bean veggie patty, sliced avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion and mustard.

8. 100% All-Beef Hotdog

Mooyah has always been known for their fresh beefy burgers and a lot are missing out on Mooyah’s all-beef hotdog. If you can resist the burgers for one day or can spare some room for the hotdog after your favorite burger, you will see that they are pretty delicious, more solid but as juicy as what the top rated hotdog joints can offer.

9. Kid’s Meal

Another good thing about Mooyah’s is that kids love it there. Beef patties are usually too tough for five-year olds so they end up finishing all the juice before they can swallow them. But, Mooyah’s is so tender that even a five-year old can enjoy his smaller version like a 45-year old man would.

10. Unlimited 1$ Refills

If you hurry to any Mooyah right now, they have a very special promo. If you can still get there in time to get your special large cup, you can have unlimited refills for 1$ for the rest of your life or at least the life of the cup.

Ooops, one important thing that’s missed. Mooyah… Mooyah…Mooyah. That word is so fun to say. Let’s go to Mooyah, it’s like; Hurray!

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