Which Fast Food Chain Gives You the Most Bang for Your Buck

You work hard for your money and each time you pull your wallet out for almost anything, there is that thought that goes “Is this worth its price?” There are times when products are more expensive mostly because of their brand. But in the case of food, this shouldn’t be the deal unless you know they’re making use of all prime materials and expensive hard to find spices. More often than not, a fast food chain makes use of items you have your own means of getting—they just give you the convenience of preparing a ready meal for you.

If you have a budget of $5 and below for your spendings at a fast food chain, here are the best options you have for a “worth it” meal where flavor, satisfaction, and convenience are not taken for granted:


Taco Bell

Which Fast Food Chain Gives You the Most Bang for Your Buck | Taco Bell Burrito | Fast Food Menu Prices.comFor just $3.99 you can get their fully packed Grilled Stuft Beef Burrito which is great enough for an on-the-go lunch or midday snack. Couple it with their cheesy nachos which cost only $0.89 to give you that contrast of cheesy flavor with a delightful crunch! To keep your budget under just $5, you can have some good old H2O to gulp your meal down.


Where else to make the most of $5 for a fast food chain meal? McDonald’s is famous for their cheap but tasty and satisfying burgers and other menu items. Consider getting two sandwiches which are both worth $1, and you can even order an apple pie and their famous cold sweet treat—the McFlurry. If that doesn’t sound like a lot to you, anywhere else would fall short because the price range, as well as serving-size of McDonald’s, is truly one that can give you the most satisfying “value for your money experience” from a fast food chain meal. To make it even more convenient, try ordering through the drive-through where service seems to be much faster compared to the counter!


Which Fast Food Chain Gives You the Most Bang for Your Buck | Smashburger | Fast Food Menu Prices.comThis is where you can use a “cheat” for a filling meal. Since most of the burgers from Smashburger start at around $4.99, you can get more value for your money at the same time have drinks and sides under $5 if you go for the kid’s meal. A neat trick if you would really like to stretch the value of your bucks while eating out. For just $4.99, your kids Smashburger can give you a slightly smaller burger patty in their taste burger package, a decent portion of fries to make up for the weight from the burger, and their fruit punch. Although their fruit punch is quite packed with calories, you can still figure out that this is a good value for your money since your body will get more convertible energy from your meal! Remember to be a kid at heart next time, and enjoy this kid’s meal from Smashburger.


Which Fast Food Chain Gives You the Most Bang for Your Buck | Wendy's Junior Bacon Cheeseburger | Fast Food Menu PricesWhat’s a Wendy’s meal without their frosty? You can get a small frosty for $0.99 along with their Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, a small Coke, and some small fries. All of those three items sans the frosty will cost just $3.59. This is another instance when downgrading to a smaller portion can give you more items from the menu. In the end, you will feel fuller without having had to spend too much on your order!

Panda Express

Which Fast Food Chain Gives You the Most Bang for Your Buck | Panda Express | Fast Food Menu Prices.comWhen you visit Panda Express hoping for a full meal with an entrée, you cannot have it under $5 but there are other ways to enjoy a satisfying order from Panda Express while staying within your budget. Try their Beijing Beef for only $3.25 with a regular soda for only $1.59. What’s cool about this fast-food chain is that they offer a free fortune cookie! Who knows, that cookie might even help make your day with what it says inside. This is a great place to add some fun into your meal for under $5.


Which Fast Food Chain Gives You the Most Bang for Your Buck | Arby's Curly Fries | Fast Food Menu Prices.comAlthough Arby’s has a famous tasty menu, not all items are cheap. However, if you still want the Arby’s goodness, one great suggestion would be their curly fries which they are also famous for! For only $1.89, you get to have a medium portion of their filling curly fries. To make the order even better while staying within the $5 budget, you must get their Value Chicken sandwich. It lives up to its name since it costs only $1.59. You even get to have a dessert from Arby’s when you know what to order! Their Jamocha Shake which is an interesting blend of mocha and coffee costs only $1.19 which is a great and flavorful deal to gulp your meal down with. It’s a drink and dessert in one, so it’s definitely giving you great value for your money!


Which Fast Food Chain Gives You the Most Bang for Your Buck | KFC Snacker | Fast Food Menu Prices.comYou get the best value for your money when you dine in KFC by opting for their “Snacker” meal. This is made of a 3-ounce crispy breaded chicken strip with a good amount of cheese sauce plus lettuce on their dinner-roll portioned bun. Compared to the other items here on the list, it is kind of a lightweight entry at only 115 grams but at only 99 cents, this is truly a great deal! You can definitely add any other menu item which costs under $4 to stay within your budget. Some fries and a small drink perhaps?

Burger King

Which Fast Food Chain Gives You the Most Bang for Your Buck | Burger King Whopper Junior | Fast Food Menu Prices.comLast but not the least on this suggestion list for the most bang for your buck, is Burger King. With over a dozen value items on their menu, you’re bound to come across a suitable deal for your budget. Try the Junior Whopper with a small drink or a regular burger with water for the same filling effect as other more expensive menu items have!

When you think about getting the ingredients you need for making these food items at home, you’ll be spending more than you would if you buy them ready made from a fast food chain. These fast food places also offer you the convenience of a quick offer!

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