Review: Wendy’s Natural-Cut Fries

Wendy's Natural Cut Fries

Product Name: Wendy's Natural Cut Fries

Product Description: Wendy’s natural-cut fries are listed as a side item, but they are also the base for Wendy’s popular chili cheese fries, bacon fondue fries (limited time), Baconator fries, and bacon jalapeño cheese fries. Served by themselves, their size options range from value size, small, medium, and large.

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Wendy’s has worked to meet that standard since its first restaurant opened in 1969 in Columbus, Ohio. The brand consistently moves toward improving quality in service, freshness, and taste. Their Natural-Cut Fries received a major makeover after 41 years of the same french fry recipe to give their customers more of what they were asking for – crispier fries with more flavor.


Wendy’s stuck with their original natural cut fries recipe for over 40 years. However, in 2010, Wendy’s announced the US-wide launch of its new Natural-Cut Fries with Sea Salt. Created to give their customers a hotter and tastier fry, these fries are now definitely in the top three fast-food french fry favorites (say that three times fast!)


Using 100% Russet potatoes and fresh sea salt, Wendy’s Natural-Cut Fries offers a more earthy natural flavor than some of the other french fry options available.


Types of Natural-Cut Fries

Wendy’s natural-cut fries are listed as a side item, but they are also the base for Wendy’s popular chili cheese fries, bacon fondue fries (limited time), Baconator fries, and bacon jalapeño cheese fries. Served by themselves, their size options range from value size, small, medium, and large, priced from a $1 to a little over $2. 


Natural-Cut Fries Review

I know that a popular way to pair Wendy’s Natural-Cut Fries is to dip them in Wendy’s Original Frosty. The taste reminds me of something I could find in a 50’s diner with checkered tile and a jukebox playing in the corner. It’s the perfect mix of hot and cold, salty and sweet. But you have to be in the mood for it.

weny's natural cut fries review

Besides eating “frog sticks dipped in a black cow” (fun 50’s diner lingo for “french fries dipped in a chocolate frosty milkshake”), they taste pretty good on their own. 


Taste and Texture 4/5

Some customers prefer Wendy’s original fries, but the majority of customers find the new recipe a significant improvement on the original.

better gif

Each sleeve of Natural-Cut Fries is full of crispy golden fries with a hot fluffy bite on the inside. Made with Russet potatoes, Wendy’s leaves the potato skin on the fries, giving them extra crispiness and a more natural taste. They do have an earthy flavor, but the fries are cut so that the skins are mostly at the tips, and not covering the long side of every fry.

There is less processing with these fries than the originals because there is no need to boil the potatoes to remove the skins before preparing them. The sprinkling of sea salt is meant to add to a more natural flavor, though I could not tell the difference between the previously-used salt and the new sea salt. Not heavily oily, I appreciate that Wendy’s uses a vegetable oil that does not contain saturated (animal) fat. This affects the taste, but makes it a healthier food option for anyone with dietary or allergy restrictions. 


Are they Healthy? 4/5

Wendy’s opts out of artificial ingredients, flavorings, and preservatives whenever possible. They seem to be making strides in providing fresh quality ingredients, as some of the other leading fast-food restaurants are doing. From a social and environmental standpoint, Wendy’s conducts quality assurance audits at the farms they get their ingredients from.

Their Quality Code includes standards in the following areas:

  • Food safety and food ingredients
  • Farm animal health and well-being
  • Human rights and labor practices
  • Environmentally sustainable business practices
  • Business ethics and integrity

They disclose all of the health and nutrition information on each of their menu items, noting they do not use ingredients that contribute to the top major food allergies. However, it is always important to double-check if you have a strict diet. For example, Wendy’s natural-cut fries are considered a vegan option at some restaurant locations.

However, other locations may prepare their fries in oil that is used to prepare other menu items that contain wheat, milk, or fish. Even with the absence of trans fat, Wendy’s natural-cut fries do contain hydrogenated oils, and tend to be highly-processed – though they are advertised as “natural”.


Are they Worth it? 3/5

I do like that these fries are made from Russet potatoes with the skins on like Jack-in-the-Box used to offer. I think this gives the fries an earthy, savory taste. However, the flavor of the oil is a bit bland. It seems like they try to compensate for the tasteless oil with extra sea salt and, in my opinion, it’s too much. I prefer when flavors are infused, not so much when they are dumped over the top.

salt guy

I found that the best way to balance and enhance the flavor is to eat them with my favorite sauce mix- ketchup, mustard, and mayo. If I’m in the mood, I will even dip a super salty batch of fries in a Wendy’s Frosty – for nostalgia’s sake. 


Final Verdict

so so gif

I wouldn’t normally order Wendy’s Natural-Cut fries on their own. On a scale of one to Mc. Donald’s fries, I would give Wendy’s Natural-Cut Fries a 7, mostly because I like the skins and I know sea salt is better for you than table salt.

But if they have been sitting out in the kitchen for longer than a few minutes, my score would go down to a 5 or 6. They have to be fresh and crispy! 


Wendy’s natural-Cut Fries Nutrition

Calories: 320

Total Fat: 15 g

Saturated Fat: 3 g

Trans Fat: 0 g

Cholesterol: 0 mg

Sodium: 380 mg

Total Carbs: 41 g

Dietary Fiber: 5 g 

Sugars: 0 g

Protein: 4 g


What is your favorite way to enjoy Wendy’s Natural-Cut Fries? Are you a Frosty Fry Fanatic? Or do you have a dipping sauce you prefer? We would love to know in the comments below. 

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