Use Your KFC Saving Coupons!

Who doesn’t like sinking their teeth into some juicy and savory KFC chicken? Not only is their chicken good but they also happen to have some truly great offers that make fans out of even the most casual fast food eaters. It is not hard to fall in love with KFC but it’s also not like you can eat there every day. After a while it tends to get pricy. This is not to say KFC is expensive because it is not; they do claim that they try to keep their prices as affordable as possible so everyone can get in on the goodness of KFC chicken. View KFC prices here.

KFC saving couponsWhether you plan to eat at KFC every day or if you are just looking to cut back on your spending if and when you eat out at the fast food chain, there are some ways for you to save money. After all, in this economy every penny you save can go a long way. If you like KFC but like saving money more, keep reading for some savvy ways to save money at KFC. The tips shared below are very easy to follow and you can easily do them the next time you and your posse (or family!) head to KFC.

Save Cash at KFC

Order Combo Meals

KFC saving coupons Believe it or not, KFC actually makes it very easy for you to save money. One of the easiest ways to save money is to steer clear of ordering a la carte items from their menu and ordering combo meals instead. This way you can save a couple of bucks and enjoy all your KFC favorites all in one go. KFC has different combo meal offers and while some are staples they also have special offers per month. There are even some combo meals that come with special desserts and free KFC saving coupons too. Order a combo meal for an effortless way to save money and enjoy KFC meals!

Follow KFC

KFC saving coupons If you want to save money while you eat at KFC then try to follow them on their social media accounts. It is not unusual to find fast food joints promoting deals and offers on social media and KFC is no different. Go on and follow their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and even Pinterest sites as they are sure to be running some sort of promotions across their different social media accounts. You do not know it but you may just be privy to special limited-time promotions, discounts, and contents. If you have social media accounts, you might as well follow them and hang on so you can reap the rewards.

One example of saving or winning at KFC is to join their #iatethebones contest where they promote their original recipe boneless chicken. In this contest, people need to submit a picture of their faces with their “iatethebones” reaction and stand the chance to win $1000. Folks who do not win still get a chance to win KFC goodies like shirts, gift cards, and KFC saving coupons during weekly draws. Indeed, this is a great way to save money and have some fun at the same time.

Ask the Manager or a Staff Member for Food They Can No Longer Serve

This is one of the sneakier ways of saving money at KFC and is not for everyone. You have to be pretty gutsy and charming to get away with this but it has worked. There are certain time limits for when food can be served as KFC needs to adhere to quality control guidelines. Staff members and managers will be more than happy to give you the food if you just ask nicely and if the situation allows for it. Some accounts tell of people getting entire buckets of chicken for free just because they asked and the timing was right. For this method, you do not need any KFC saving coupons or social media accounts to save several bucks when you eat at KFC.

Use KFC Saving Coupons

KFC saving coupons If you cannot be bothered to follow KFC on social media sites or you do not have any social media accounts or you just do not like entering contests, take heart because there is still one way to save money when you dine at KFC and it is one of the easiest ways to do it. “How do you do it?” you may ask. Use KFC saving coupons. Simple as that. There are so many ways to get your hands on these coupons and some people even say that they do not go to the coupons because the coupons go to them. When you buy at KFC, always check your bags or receipts as there may be special coupons stuck there somewhere. Some cashiers may just throw in a free coupon in your takeout bag while some receipts may have special offers. You may also want to get the flyers from the KFC restaurant you always go to because they may have some KFC saving coupons. Another way you can get your hands on these coupons is by going online. There are so many websites you can go to that offer these coupons and you can save as much as 50% off on food items.

You can also find coupons in your local papers or just basically anywhere that coupons are given out. Massive savings await you when you use these coupons so make sure you have them with you at all times. You do not want to miss out on massive KFC deals.

KFC saving coupons Saving Money is Easy!

So you see, you can have your chicken and save some money at the same time. KFC makes loving chicken so easy and they also help make saving money easier. These KFC coupons and deals are present in any country where KFC has a store. Wherever you are located just check out what coupons are available to you so you can save some money and enjoy some tasty chicken goodness! These coupons definitely make KFC “finger lickin’ good!”

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