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Are you looking for the latest and greatest Subway coupons? Then you have come to the right place. From weekly sandwich deals to coupon texts, Subway has become well-known for its money-saving promotions, and we’ve gathered all of the best coupons to share with you. The best part? You can find most of them right on your phone!


Subway Coupons

Subway Website Coupons

Subway gives out coupons regularly, and there are almost always promos advertised on their website ( You won’t have to search too hard for these – in fact, you’ll see them right away on the Home page, complete with a promo code. For example, Subway often runs a variation of a Buy One Get One 50% Off footlong promo. As long as the promo’s running, you can use the promo code for your next order and get the discount right away. 


Weekly Text Alert Coupons

An even more time-saving option is to sign up for weekly text alerts about Subway discounts. This way, you don’t have to check the Subway website constantly. Instead, you’ll get the news straight to your inbox. All you have to do is go to You’ll be asked to enter your mobile number and zip code on the page. Once you’ve confirmed, you’ll receive your first coupon alert (which includes a six-inch sub for $2.99!). 

If you’d rather check your emails rather than receive text messages, Subway also has an option for that. You can sign up for their email newsletter at Once you’ve typed in your email, zip code, and number, you’re in! Expect regular emails from Subway about their promotions and updates. 


Subway App

Already a regular at Subway? Then you have a lot to gain from downloading the Subway app. Once you’ve made an account, you’re automatically enrolled in Subway’s Rewards program, where you’ll be earning points every time you buy from Subway. The more points you earn, the more deals you can take advantage of.


How does it work?

For every $1 that you spend on Subway, you gain 4 tokens. Once you reach 200 tokens, you’re eligible for a $2 reward. This can pile up and get you huge discounts! All Subway purchases count too, whether you’re ordering in-store or booking a delivery on the app. 


Are there other benefits?

Aside from offering rewards, the Subway app also houses exclusive coupons and offers to those who create an account with them. Once you’ve installed the app on your phone, go to “Deals for You” in the main dropdown menu. At this time, you can search for a Subway near you to reveal which coupons and deals are available at your area’s location. 

If you would like to redeem one of the digital coupons, simply select “Order Now” to take you to an online menu. Customize your order, or leave it as is, and click “Add to Bag” when you are finished. 

On the other hand, if you prefer to order in-store rather than through the app, call ahead to be sure that the location will accept your digital coupon.


Social Media 

You can also follow Subway on their social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Most of the time what they’re sharing are food photos that might have you daydreaming about Subs in the middle of the day, but around every week or two, there’s a promo post thrown in. You could be scrolling spontaneously through your feed and catch it at the right moment!

Since Subway has so many separate franchises, most coupons only apply to specific Subway branches. Try checking if the Subway branches near you have their own social media accounts. This way, you can spot more specialized deals. 


Subway Deals

Buy-One-Get-One Deals

The most frequent deal that you’ll see on Subway would probably be their buy-one-get-one deal for their footlongs. There are different versions:

  • Buy one, get one 50% off
  • Buy two, get one
  • Buy one, get one free 


The price of a Subway footlong can range from $5.50 to $8.25, so even with the 50% off deal, you’ll end up saving $2–4. Using this deal several times can make for significant savings, especially if you buy from Subway regularly.

Buy-one-get-one deals are announced on Subway’s website and social media accounts. They usually come with a promo code starting with “BOGO,” so watch out for those!   


$5 Footlong Deals

Subway became so well-known over the past years partly because of their $5 footlong deal. Customers could buy any Footlong sub for just five bucks. That’s a major steal, considering that footlongs can reach up to $8 in price. When the deal was introduced in 2008, it went viral, and customers queued up for Subway footlongs, rocketing up the company’s sales like never before. Although it ran for years, it got discontinued eventually, only appearing every now and then and within a much more limited time frame. 

The main reason for this was that franchisees weren’t breaking even with their sales. As a result, you might still catch $5 footlong deals occasionally, but there’s typically an additional requirement. In 2020, customers had to buy two footlongs for $10 instead of only one for $5. That’s still a pretty good deal! It’s likely that there will be another $5 footlong deal running again this year. 


Catering Deals

Sandwiches and subs are among the easiest foods to serve when you’re feeding a lot of people, so it’s not surprising that Subway also has catering services. Aside from Subway being a safe choice because you know what to expect, you can benefit as well from catering discounts. Here are a couple of catering promos that they’ve run:


  • 10% off a $75+ catering order 
  • 20% off a $200+ catering order


If we do the math, a $75 catering order means roughly 10–15 Standard Subs (or even less if you’re getting Meals or Giant Subs). That might be able to cover a meeting or a get-together with friends! Whichever catering deal you choose, there’s almost always a promo code that you have to enter when making your order.  


Other Subway Online Deals

Subway has come up with plenty of other deals throughout the years. Aside from their buy-one-get-one deals, you might also spot these:


  • 15% off on all footlongs
  • Double protein for $2 or more
  • Free messenger bag with every Fresh Fit for Kids meal
  • Free delivery through third-party apps 
  • Discounts for students 


These can be branch-specific, which is why it pays off to become a regular at the Subway store near you. You’ll be among the first to know!


Subway Specials

On top of seasonal coupons and deals, Subway has regular specials that you can automatically access when you order (no promo code required!). 


Sub of the Day

Subway offers you a different $6 Footlong Sub each day (or $3.99 for a six-inch). You can get these daily and weekly deals in any Subway restaurant near you. You do not need to present any coupon to access the following footlong deals:

  • Monday – Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki
    • On your choice of bread, you get teriyaki chicken drizzled with sweet onion sauce and topped with your veggies and/or cheese.
  • Tuesday – Oven-roasted Chicken Sub
    • Subway’s signature roasted chicken along with your choice of veggies, sauce, and cheese
  • Wednesday – Turkey Breast Sub
    • On your choice of bread, you get thinly sliced and seasoned turkey breast, topped with your choice of veggies, sauce, and cheese.
  • Thursday – Italian B.M.T.
    • On your choice of bread, you get Black Forest Ham, pepperoni, salami, veggies, cheese, and sauce.
  • Friday – Tuna Sub – Friday
  • Saturday – Black Forest Ham Sub
    • Pair thinly sliced Black Forest Ham with your choice of bread, veggies, cheese, and sauce.
  • Sunday – Meatball Marinara Sub
    • Get a piping hot sub with meatballs and marinara sauce, along with your choice of bread, cheese, and veggies.

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    Subway is my favorite place to eat. I am Diabetic and the veggies are fresh and no additives.
    My favorite is the Veggie Bowel. I can eat that and be sure my sugar does not raise.
    I was so happy to hear you had that. My daughter-in-law had it at one of her parties.
    SUBWAY EAT FRESH is great.
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    Doris Scott

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