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HOT-N-READY® Classic Round Pizza

Pepperoni1 Slice280113113
Cheese1 Slice25083112

HOT-N-READY Deep!Deep!™ Dish Pizza

Pepperoni1 Slice350144016
Cheese1 Slice320113915

Classic Round Specialty Pizzas

Ultimate Supreme1 Slice300133214
3 Meat Treat®1 Slice330163115
Hula Hawaiian® (Ham)1 Slice27093515
Hula Hawaiian (Canadian Bacon)1 Slice28093515
Veggie1 Slice270103213
Italian Sausage1 Slice270113113

Deep!Deep! Dish Specialty Pizzas

Ultimate Supreme1 Slice400184118
3 Meat Treat®1 Slice410204019
Hula Hawaiian® (Ham)1 Slice340124217
Hula Hawaiian (Canadian Bacon)1 Slice350124218
Veggie1 Slice340134116
Italian Sausage1 Slice350154016

Signature Favorites

HOT-N-READY Crazy Bread®(1of 8 breadsticks)1003153
HOT-N-READY Crazy Sauce®(1 sauce cup)450102
Italian Cheese Bread(1of 10 breadsticks)1406156
Pepperoni Cheese Bread®(1of 10 breadsticks)1507157
Zesty Cheese Bread(1of 10 breadsticks)1507156
Cinnamon Loaded Crazy Bites(Whole Order)17707425823

HOT-N-READY Caesar Wings®

Oven Roasted1 wing70505
Buffalo – Mild1 wing70506
Buffalo – Hot1 wing70516
BBQ1 wing80546
Garlic Parmesan1 wing90716

Caesar Dips®

Cheesy Jalapeño Caesar Dip1 container2102231
Ranch Caesar Dip1 container2502630
Buffalo Ranch Caesar Dip1 container2302430
Buttery Garlic Caesar Dip1 container3804200

Thin Crust

Pepperoni1 Slice1508117
Cheese1 Slice1306116

Stuffed Crust

Classic Round Pizza – Pepperoni1 Slice340163217
Classic Round Pizza – Cheese1 Slice310133216
Deep!Deep! Pizza – Pepperoni1 Slice420204120
Deep!Deep! Pizza – Cheese1 Slice380164119

Classic Round

Italian Sausage302.501
Julienne Cut Ham10002
Canadian Bacon10002
Green Pepper5010
Mushroom, canned5000
Mushroom, fresh0000
Black Olive15200
Jalapeño Pepper0000
Mild Banana Peppers0000
Extra Cheese30202

Deep Deep Dish

Italian Sausage35301
Julienne Cut Ham10002
Canadian Bacon15002
Green Pepper5010
Mushroom, canned5000
Mushroom, fresh0000
Black Olive15200
Jalapeño Pepper0000
Mild Banana Peppers0000
Extra Cheese30202


Antipasto Salad(1 Salad)230151317
Caesar Salad(1 Salad)23083310
Garden Mix Salad(1 Salad)20082411
Greek Salad(1 Salad)17010159

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  1. Little Ceasars and others promoting them need to stop advertising they have $5 pizzas since they have raised the price to $6.50 for the Hot n Ready Large cheese, sausage, and pepperoni pizzas.

    1. Depending on the state you’re in the price went up I work at Little Caesar’s in Ohio and some of the prices they showed on here for Ohio was not right at all.

  2. I’m tired of seeing their pizza ads fo 5 bucks but they only sell them for 6. Time to talk to attorney general for false advertisement.

    1. It’s 5 bucks where I’m at.

      Do talk to the Attorney General just so it’s consistent everywhere. Please make a petition as well and a hashtag!

  3. The price for the Hot N’ Ready pizzas in Fort Lupton, Colorado is $5.55 (located about 30 miles north of Denver), not sure whether it’s different in other CO cities or not.

  4. Rember to add tax to your prepared food orders. They shouldn’t charge more than $5 for 1 topping large pepperoni or cheese HotnReady pizzas as that is the price on their website.

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