Jamba Juice Pink Starburst Secret Menu Item

If you’re the kind of person who hand-picks the pink Starburst out of the bag, we have good news for you. The fruity goodness in your favorite candy can be slurped in the form of a smoothie at Jamba Juice. But if you don’t see it on your local shop’s menu – don’t panic. The Pink Starburst, AKA “Pink Star,” is a smoothie that can only be found on the Jamba Juice Secret Menu (yes, it exists!).

How To Order the Pink Starburst Smoothie

Jamba Juice Pink Star

If you’re not familiar with how a secret menu works, it’s super simple. Somewhere along the lines, Jamba Juice fanatics put together custom recipes that went viral, from the Skittles to the Sour Patch Kids to the Butterfinger smoothies. While the smoothie franchise never added these popular concoctions to their menu, you can still order the candy-bar flavored smoothies anytime you want, as long as the staff person knows how to make it.

When you order, simply ask for the Pink Star. If you get a puzzled look, just assume the worker has no idea what you mean (though in most cases, they will be familiar with what’s on the secret menu). If that happens, feel free to explain what goes into a Pink Star, and they’ll usually be happy to make it for you, especially because the restaurant allows you  to customize any of the smoothies on their regular menu.

A Pink Star Smoothie includes lemonade, soy milk, raspberry sherbet, plain sherbet, frozen yogurt, strawberries, and ice. Since the juice shop carries all of those ingredients for their other smoothies, it shouldn’t be a problem for them to whip this one up for you.

Nutrition Info – 24 oz. Pink Star

Calories – 864

Fat – 11g

Carbs – 190g

Protein – 14g


If you don’t have a Jamba Juice near you or you want to test this out at home first, we’ve got a super easy recipe for you to try! Just combine all the ingredients below in a blender until smooth.

  • ½ cup milk
  • ½ lemonade
  •   frozen

Once you’ve tried the Pink Star, check out the Skittles Secret Menu Smoothie!

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