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El Pollo Loco


Famous for its tantalizing fire-grilled chicken, the American fast-food restaurant chain with Mexican origin, El Pollo Loco, has been serving fresh, marinated, flame-grilled chicken to its customers in the United States since 1980. El Pollo Loco means “The Crazy Chicken” in Spanish. The restaurant was founded in Mexico with authentic family recipes, so the owner wanted the name to reflect its origin.

The first El Pollo Loco was opened in Guasave, Sinaloa, Mexico. The restaurant opened its first location in the United States in 1980 in Los Angeles, California. Now, the US El Pollo Loco and the one in Mexico are independently owned.

Today, there are nearly 400 El Pollo Loco restaurants in the USA. There are outlets in Nevada, Texas, Utah, Arizona, California, and Louisiana. While they are renowned for their specially marinated fire-grilled chicken, every El Pollo Loco restaurant in the USA today serves Mexican-inspired foods such as burritos, tacos, and quesadillas. Besides, they also offer various salads, bowls, family meals, and a dozen sides as part of their food menu options.

El Pollo Loco also offers value deals, offers, coupons, and specials to its customers who consider these offers a cheaper way to continuously fill their tummies and souls with the Mexican foods they love. 


Popular El Pollo Loco Coupons, Deals and Offers

Enjoy these amazing deals, and get your tummy full with these great El Pollo Loco food choices.

  • 15% off Service Discount
  • 25% off online and in-app order
  • 20% off customers’ first order worth $10 or more
  • Free delivery on order of $10
  • Carne Asada Entrée for $5
  • 10% off for every 100 points earned

There are more deals you can explore. Check these out.


$5 Fire Grilled Combo

This is a fantastic way to save despite having a sumptuous meal. With this combo deal, customers get to have the El Pollo Loco signature grilled chicken with chips and a drink. 


10% Off Senior Discount

Since the El Pollo Loco brand is loved by both old and young, the company also decided to help the elderly get more value for their money when they purchase their products. Adults from 60 years old are eligible for a 10% discount when they place an order in-store or online


Buy 4, Get 1 Loco Lunch Box Free

You get an extra Loco Lunch box free after an initial purchase of 4 boxes with this offer. This is suitable for families or a large gathering of friends. 


Free Guac and Chips After App Download

As an El Pollo Loco customer, you are automatically eligible for free chips and guac once you download the app and join Loco Rewards. You can claim this with your online order as well. 


$20 Familia Dinner

Get a pack of 12 Piece Fire-Grilled Familia Dinner for $20. This offer is suitable for families and friend groups to enjoy maximum benefits. 


$10 Meal for Two

If you are in the company of a friend or grabbing lunch for you and a colleague, this deal will come in handy. For only $10, you and your partner will get an El Pollo Loco meal each. 


Hand-Carved Chicken Salad for $5

El Pollo Loco customers that love to enjoy a mix and match of their signature grilled chicken with some salad get to enjoy the soulfully handmade chicken salad for just $5. This is a steal when compared to having salad and chicken separately in many other competitor outlets. 


El Pollo Loco Rewards

Apart from the numerous coupons, offers, and deals available at Loco, customers also earn rewards as they eat. For every $1 spent at Loco, a customer earns 1 point. Likewise, for every 50 points earned, customers get 5% off their order. Loco customers also receive birthday rewards on their birthdays. 


How Can Customers Enjoy Loco Deals, Offers, and Specials?

Numerous deals, offers, and coupons are available for Loco customers to enjoy online or in-store orders. Therefore, you can place an order via their website or mobile app on your Android and iOS devices. You can also locate and visit the nearest El Pollo Loco store to place orders or redeem coupons. 

 However, to enjoy more offers that accompany being a Loco member, you must create a Loco account and stay updated via their newsletters to find participating stores and limited-time offers and enjoy birthday deals. 

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