Church’s Chicken Releases Two New $3 Snacks

Church’s Chicken is introducing its all-new Handheld Chicken Pot Pie. The fast-food restaurant known for its delicious fried chicken is offering to customers this promotion for a limited time, and they will be available only in a select number of locations across the United States. 

 Church’s Chicken Handheld Chicken Pot Pie is comprised of the restaurant’s all-white-meat chicken and mixed vegetables, all mixed up in a thick, creamy, whitish sauce while enfolded in a tender pie crust and fried until golden brown. Customers who wish to purchase this favorable treat at Church’s Chicken can get two for $3.00, but prices may be different based on your location. 

Church’s Chicken hasn’t stopped there. The fast-food chain is also offering its Buttermilk Ranch Megabites. The price of these Megabites starts at $3. They feature the chain’s all-white-meat chicken, rolled up in a zesty herb-ranch-seasoned batter and fried until they have a golden exterior. These Buttermilk Ranch Megabites are then served with ranch.

Customers can also purchase the Buttermilk Ranch Megabites in a meal, which comes with eight pieces of Megabites, fries, and a honey butter biscuit for just $5 or twenty pieces of Megabites for only $10.00.

Church’s Chicken gives customers the golden opportunity to also order these and other offers online by just visiting their website.  

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