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Live sports are much more satisfying to watch when there’s a bundle of crispy chicken wings for you to dive into. That’s what customers experience at Buffalo Wild Wings, a sports bar chain with more than 1,000 stores all over the country. Aside from their specialty chicken, they serve burgers, sandwiches, and both regular and craft beers. 

Deals and coupons are common among fast-casual restaurants, but Buffalo Wild Wings kicks it up a notch with reliable promos that run week after week. Their Happy Hour is especially generous because it runs for more than a few hours every day. 

Here are the top coupons, deals, and specials that Buffalo Wild Wings customers should know about:


Buffalo Wild Wings Coupons

Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin’ Rewards

If you order from Buffalo Wild Wings regularly, you might want to sign up for their Blazin’ Rewards program to maximize your savings. As a member, you earn 100 points for every $10 you spend on your order. Points can add up quickly, and you can get discounts and even free food once you reach a certain amount of points. 

Most of the main Buffalo Wild Wings menu items are available as rewards, including their signature wings, mains, shareable sides and appetizers, and desserts. For example, you can get 12 pieces of chicken wings for free for 1250 points. Once you join, you immediately receive 10 points right away. To up your points faster, look out for email updates from Buffalo Wild Wings since they often have games or challenges that net you extra points. Inviting a friend into the app also gives you additional 10 points.

Aside from earning points for freebies, having a Blazin’ Rewards account gives you access to insider coupons as well. This can be convenient because the coupons sent to you are based on your location. No need to worry whether a coupon is valid at your nearby store!


How do I join the Blazin’ Rewards program?

To join, you can either download the Buffalo Wild Wings mobile app or sign up online. You’ll be asked to fill out basic details such as your email, phone number, and birthday. Once you’ve submitted the form, you’re in.


What are the other benefits of joining?

There’s a reason why they ask for your birthday upon signing up. They treat you to free chicken wings on your birthday month. That’s a pretty good deal! 


In addition, for sports fans, there are free sports games every day, allowing you to make bets and potentially win prizes every month. It’s possible to use your rewards points for sports merch instead of food.


Daily Trivia

Buffalo Wild Wings has been hosting trivia nights since forever! Now, however, the event is available online not only during the evenings but three times daily. The more you participate in, the higher you rank on the leaderboard. Of course, there’s an incentive for this. Winning comes with hefty prizes such as a $300 Buffalo Wild Wings gift card (imagine how many chicken wings you can buy with that), a personalized jacket, or a bust of your face. A bust might sound quirky, but it’s quite a unique experience!

Trivia games are held during lunch, happy hour, and late at night. Since the time zones vary per state, you can check the exact times for your area. To join, you can either log in through the Buffalo Wild Wings app.


Buffalo Wild Wings Deals

Buy One Get One Wings Tuesdays

Tuesday has always been a special day at Buffalo Wild Wings because of chicken wing deals. However, they haven’t always had the same deals. Buffalo Wild Wings used to offer chicken wings for only 45 cents on Tuesdays, but they’ve changed this up into a Buy One Get One deal instead. As long as you buy a set of traditional wings, you get another set for free.

Normally, this deal is only available for dine-in, but occasionally they make it available for delivery or takeaway for a limited time. You can take advantage of it any time on Tuesdays, whether for lunch or as a late-night snack.


Boneless Thursdays

Buffalo Wild Wings has another tradition of running deals on Thursdays. They used to offer boneless wings for 60 cents on Thursdays, but just like their Tuesday deals, they’ve replaced it with a Buy One Get One deal. This works with orders for 6, 10, or 15 boneless wings. The usual prices range from $9 to $19, so you can definitely save a lot with this deal.

Each order of boneless wings comes with one or two sauces and dips for veggies. Since it’s easy to finish up a platter of chicken wings, this deal has been popular among Buffalo Wild Wings customers for a while.


Wing Bundles

To satisfy your craving for wings, you can indulge in Wing Bundles, which are a combination of boneless wings and fries at value prices. Each Bundle is priced lower than if you were to buy each food item individually. 

The smallest of these Bundles consist of 10 Boneless Wings with Fries at $9.99, which saves you extra three bucks. If you’re eating with a few people (or you want to stash up on chicken wings), there are Bundles with 20 or even 40 wings. Out of the entire selection, the Family XL Bundle is the best for a big group since it includes 20 boneless wings, 20 traditional wings, and fries, all for less than $40.  


National Chicken Wing Day 

Watch out for July 29! It might not be well-known, but that’s the National Chicken Wing Day! For the past few years, Buffalo Wild Wings has been catering to customers with major deals on that day. They usually give away six free chicken wings to everyone who orders chicken wings during the day. If you order a set of six chicken wings, which is the minimum, that’s pretty much a Buy One Get One. 

Even better, the deal covers either boneless or traditional wings. One catch is that in past years, delivery wasn’t included – you either had to dine in or order ahead and pick your order up to get your free chicken wings. 


Buffalo Wild Wings Specials

Happy Hour

Buffalo Wild Wings wouldn’t be a sports bar without its Red Bulls and beers on tap, and customers who are looking for Happy Hour won’t be disappointed. Depending on the branch, Buffalo Wild Wings holds its Happy Hour every weekday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. At Happy Hour, you can get appetizers and drinks for cheaper prices, including draft beers, shots, and cocktails. As for appetizers, you can get discounts on mozzarella sticks, fries, mini corn dogs, and more.

What about late-night drinks? Buffalo Wild Wings actually has the same Happy Hour deals for 9 or 10 p.m. onwards – that’s like having two Happy Hours per day. Some stores even have an exclusive Late Night menu with additional food items such as burgers and quesadillas.  


Since this is very store-specific, you can check with your local store first about their own Happy Hour offerings. In general, Happy Hour is only available for dine-in.

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