Arby’s Secret Menu (Updated: June 2023)

Arby’s is always changing up their menu, from the addition of Mac and Cheese to new variations of the Classic Roast Beef Sandwich. But, what happens when one of your favorite foods gets pulled from the Arby’s Menu? Some of the most popular sandwiches that were taken off the regular menu are still available, according to an Arby’s franchise owner. Now, these sandwiches and a few others have made it onto the Secret Menu for customers to order whenever they’d like. The only catch? Not everyone that works at Arby’s will know about the secret menu items, so you may have to explain to them what a Bacon Beef N Cheddar is.

Ready to see which throwback sandwiches are available? Here’s a look at what you can get on the latest Arby’s Secret Menu.

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Arby’s Secret Menu Items in 2022

If you ask us, Arby’s secret foods are a bit easier to get your hands on then other fast food secret menus. This is because most of these items are just variations of other items, so each restaurant should already have the ingredients in stock. Just remember, if you’re ordering an item by its Secret Menu name, be patient with the Arby’s employee. Not everyone knows about all of the items on this list, so simply explain what the ingredients are if the worker isn’t familiar.

Meat Mountain Sandwich

Arby's Secret Menu Meat Mountain Sandwich
Photo by Mike Mozart under the license CC BY 2.0

There is no argument: The Meat Mountain Sandwich is by far the most iconic secret menu item Arby’s has ever offered. It is a true testament of Arby’s slogan “We have the meats,” containing a layer of chicken tenders, Angus steak, roast turkey, ham, corned beef, brisket, roast beef, and bacon. Oh, and it’s topped with both Swiss and cheddar cheese. If it sounds overwhelming, well, that’s because it is. Order at your own risk.

Arby’s Ham and Swiss Cheese Sandwich

You may be furrowing your brows because there’s already a ham and cheese on the Arby’s menu, but trust us, it’s nothing like this one. There is a Ham and Cheese Slider on the regular menu that contains just a few ingredients – ham and cheese, of course, on a slider roll. However, this Arby’s Secret Menu item is not only bigger in size, but its flavor blows the slider out of the water. The Secret Menu sandwich is layered with ham and Swiss cheese, topped with shredded lettuce, sliced tomato, and red onions. Then, it’s finished off with a drizzle of mayo and spicy brown honey mustard on toasted honey wheat bread.

The Ham and Swiss was pulled from the regular menu, but most Arby’s locations should still be able to make it for you. You can also order this Arby’s Secret Menu item with roast turkey instead of ham.

Ultimate BLT

The Ultimate BLT is a retired item that was resurrected with the Secret Menu. It’s classic, tasty, and loaded with bacon, so it’s no wonder customers were craving it after they pulled it from the regular menu. Order the Ultimate BLT to get a honey wheat bread sandwich, stuffed with eight pieces of Arby’s signature pepper bacon, along with tomatoes, lettuce, and creamy mayo.

Bacon Mac and Cheese

Arby’s Mac and Cheese is supposedly only available for a limited time, so you’ll need to try this Secret Menu item ASAP before it’s removed from the menu. Simply ask for a side of mac and cheese with pepper bacon bits crumbled on top. If the fast-food worker can’t take your order, you can always see if they will give you a side of bacon.

Bacon Beef N Cheddar

Arby's Bacon Beef N Cheddar
Photo by theimpulsivebuy under the license CC BY-SA 2.0

The Bacon Beef N Cheddar is a much more manageable amount of food than the aforementioned secret menu item; plus you may recognize this sandwich from the regular Arby’s menu. There is just one tweak to the original Beef N Cheddar that makes this secret menu item to-die-for – a layer of crispy pepper bacon.

Double French Dip

The regular menu French Dip and the Secret Menu French Dip are basically the same things, except the Double one has extra meat on it. It’s as exciting as it sounds. But, if you’re hungry, it’s a solid option.

Super Roast Beef Sandwich

Super may be a stretch for this Arby’s Secret Menu sandwich, but according to our sources, it’s delicious. The Super Roast Beef Sandwich looks and tastes a whole lot like the classic roast beef. The main (and only) difference is that it has more slices of roast beef than the original. You can get it topped with tomatoes, lettuce, and Red Ranch Sauce.

Adding a slice of cheddar cheese is extra but totally worth it.

Bonus: Ask to switch the bread.

This one’s more of a hack than a secret menu item, but if you find a sandwich that you want to try and think it would taste better with a different bread or bun, just ask when you order it. They typically honor your request.

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  1. stephen benson says:

    the meat mountain sandwich is out of this world

    1. My brother in Christ couldn’t have said it better

  2. Diane Tillman says:

    Can you get a ham and cheddar cheese sandwich?

  3. Arnold fuel says:

    I work at an Arby’s currently, and the bacon mac & cheese is that much better when you add jalapenos to it… They have them ready because theres a jalapeño roast beef slider. Both of those are my daily meal when we have the mac

    1. What happened to the Philly Cheese steak?

  4. 03/04/2021, Very disappointed in Klamath falls oregon Arby’s. I drive 100 miles ( 200 ) mile round trip. Just for a lunch at Arby’s. I always pay $6.00 for 2 classic roast beef sandwiches. Today I was charged $17.16 for 4 classic roast beef sandwiches. Do the math ? Also I asked for sauces, both. Didn’t get them either…Never driving to Klamath falls oregon Arby’s again. Very disappointed

    1. Jack Meoff says:

      So you came to a secret menu website to complain?

  5. Alfred Hill says:

    At Sunnyvale,cal Arbys,the food is the best and large amt. I haven’t tried them all ,because I love the roastbeef one. And curly fries Try them for great food.

  6. The best Arby’s is in downtown Spokane Washington. Not close to you but next time you happen to be in Spokane check out how quick it is too!!! Sorry about your experience. I live in CA. and all restaurants are having a tough time getting quality employees unfort.

  7. Casi Walton says:

    What about the Arby-Q from years and years ago?

  8. I ordered a roast beef sandwich. It was good but there was no sauce on it.was I suppose to ask for it are what

  9. Leo Rizzo says:

    Where is Arby’s located in Bluffton SC I love their sanwiches

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