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When the rest of the food industry raising their prices, killing their dollar menus, and robbing us of happy hours, we can count on Arby’s to pull through with some of the best fast food deals. Arby’s Happy Hour takes place every single day, so you never have to worry about planning your schedule around a roast beef slider and curly fries (though we wouldn’t blame you for doing so). Arby’s specials and prices may vary by location, but we’re here to round up all the latest deals that are a part of Arby’s happy hour.

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Arby’s Happy Hour Specials

Arby's Happy HourThe main happy hour special at Arby’s is from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. every day. For just $1, customers can get any:

  • Slider
  • Cookie
  • Small potato cakes
  • Small curly fries
  • Small shake
  • Small drink

Some Arby’s employees refer to happy hour as the “snack rush” part of the day. The restaurant has offered this deal on and off for many years, but it usually only stays on the menu for a limited time. You do not need Arby’s coupons to redeem this offer. Just be sure to check with your local restaurant if you’re not sure about they’re current deals.

So, what kind of sliders does Arby’s have?

There are seven different sliders on the Arby’s menu, including the Buffalo Chicken Slider, Chicken ‘n Cheese Slider, Ham ‘n Cheese Slider, Jalapeño Roast Beef Slider, Pizza Slider, Roast Beef ‘n Cheese Slider, and Turkey ‘n Cheese Slider. As far as shakes go, you can order flavors Ultimate Chocolate, Jamocha, Vanilla, or Orange Cream Shake. Arby’s drink options include Coke products and iced tea. Cookie flavors are Salted Caramel and Triple Chocolate.

What is on the dollar menu at Arby’s?

Arby's Happy HourArby’s does not currently have a dollar menu or a value menu. Over the years, the fast-food restaurant has experimented with offering $1 items but has since decided to promote their specials in a different way. With limited time specials, Arby’s offers customers Mix and Match Deals like Two for $5, Five for $5, and Two for $6, where you can create your own combo meal and test different menu items for a lower price than you would pay if you ordered each of them individually.

Is Arby’s still doing 2 for $5?

The Two for $5 Arby’s special is not currently on the Arby’s menu, but that does not mean the franchise won’t bring it back soon. In fact, this deal was welcomed back to the Arby’s menu in January of 2019, so maybe we will see the sandwich special return this year.

To stay up to date on Arby’s coupons and happy hour deals, keep an eye on our news content, social media posts, and the comments below. You can also sign up for the Arby’s app to receive additional deals.

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  1. Shakes are NOT a dollar during happy hour

    1. They switched from full sized to snack sized as the $1 a couple years ago, at least in central/western NY

  2. Not Coke products in Memphis – get my Mt Dew fix every time I go there.
    VERY sad to say ONLY 3 LOCATIONS left here, and none of them are close

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