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FoodSize / VarietyCaloriesFatCarbsProtein

Sandwiches, Panini, Wraps

BLT Sandwich360144410
Chicken Salad Sandwich33094520
Ham & Swiss Sandwich370114624
Turkey, Bacon Club Sandwich400115226
Bacon, Tomato & Cheese Panini600306226
Grilled Cheese Panini490186024
Tuscan Chicken Panini560216234
BBQ Chicken Wrap Snacker1904.52512
Chicken Ranch Wrap Snacker19062212
Chicken Salad Wrap Snacker19072210


Breakfast SandwichesBiscuit, Bacon, Egg, Cheese410223419
Biscuit, Bacon, Egg White, Cheese360173318
Biscuit, Sausage, Egg, Cheese490313420
Biscuit, Sausage, Egg White, Cheese430263219
Biscuit, Egg, Cheese350173415
Biscuit, Egg White, Cheese300123214
English Muffin, Bacon, Egg, Cheese330153017
English Muffin, Bacon, Egg White, Cheese280102917
English Muffin, Sausage, Egg, Cheese410243019
English Muffin, Sausage, Egg White, Cheese360192918
English Muffin, Egg, Cheese270103013
English Muffin, Egg White, Cheese22052913
Breakfast PaniniMultigrain Flatbread, Bacon, Egg, Cheese330172818
Multigrain Flatbread, Bacon, Egg White, Cheese280122717
Multigrain Flatbread, Sausage, Egg, Cheese410262819
Multigrain Flatbread, Sausage, Egg White, Cheese350212618
Grilled Breakfast WrapsSausage, Egg, Cheese390262417
Bacon, Egg, Cheese310172415
Egg, Cheese250122412
OtherHash Brown1207161
Oatmeal – Maple2202.5495
Oatmeal – Mixed Berries2103446
Bagel BELT® (Plain Bagel)500176523
Sausage Bagel BELT™ (Plain Bagel)570266524
Sausage and Biscuit350222911

Hot Beverages

1 Cream, 1 Sugar703.591
1 Cream, 1 Sugar400.481
Hot Chocolate2406452
Apple Cider2100520
French Vanilla2508414
English Toffee2407414
Café Mocha1908291

Cold Beverages

Iced Capp™(Cream)25011332
(Chocolate Milk)1600.5363
Flavoured Iced Capp™(Cream)25011342
Iced Coffee(Cream)1106121
(Chocolate Milk)800.5162
Flavoured Iced Coffee(Cream)1106131
Iced Latte902144
Mocha Iced Capp™29011422
Mocha Iced Coffee1506202
Mixed Berry Fruit Smoothiewith Yogurt1501352
Mixed Berry Fruit Smoothie1300330
Strawberry Banana Fruit Smoothiewith Yogurt1501342
Strawberry Banana Fruit Smoothie1300330
Frozen Lemonade1200.1280


Espresso Shot2010.1
Flavour Shot0010
Whipped Topping and Drizzle80570.3


Yeast DonutsApple Fritter2908487
Blueberry Fritter3107557
Caramel Apple Fritter3008527
Chocolate Dip1906314
Game Day (Vanilla Dip)2506464
Honey Dip1906314
Maple Dip1906314
Vanilla Dip with Coloured Sprinkles2506464
Cake DonutsChocolate Glazed28014374
Chocolate Mint28014364
Chocolate Peanut Crunch30017325
Chocolate Toasted Coconut31016394
Chocolate White Coconut32018384
Cinnamon Sugar22010283
Double Chocolate27014354
Old Fashion Dip25010363
Old Fashion Glazed27010413
Old Fashion Plain21010253
Old Fashion Sugar24010333
Peanut Crunch30014395
Sour Cream Cinnamon27016293
Sour Cream Glazed34016463
Sour Cream Plain27016273
Sour Cream Sugar29016333
Toasted Coconut29013404
White Coconut30014394
Filled DonutsBanana Cream1906314
Boston Cream2206375
Canadian Maple2106375
Spiced Apple1905324
Strawberry Bloom2307394
Strawberry Vanilla2705525
Venetian Cream1906305
OtherGame Day Supreme2606485
Honey Cruller31018372
Long John2507435
Walnut Crunch36022384


Caramel Chocolate Pecan25012323
Chocolate Chunk24010343
Ginger Molasses2107352
Oatmeal Raisin Spice2108323
Peanut Butter28017276
Smile Cookie25010383
Trail Mix with Fruit and Nuts2208344
Triple Chocolate23012292
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut25013323


Yeast TimbitsApple Fritter501.591
Honey Dip45181
Cake TimbitsChocolate Glazed703101
Chocolate Peanut Crunch804101
Chocolate Toasted Coconut804101
Chocolate White Coconut804101
Cinnamon Sugar602.581
Honey Cruller60380
Old Fashion Glazed702.5101
Old Fashion Plain502.571
Old Fashion Sugar602.581
Peanut Crunch803.5111
Sour Cream Cinnamon804.581
Sour Cream Glazed904.5121
Sour Cream Plain704.571
Sour Cream Sugar704.581
Toasted Coconut703.5111
White Coconut803.5111
Filled TimbitsLemon45171
Spiced Apple45181
Venetian Cream451.571


Banana Nut39018526
Chocolate Chip41016625
Cranberry Blueberry Bran28013535
Fruit Explosion35011575
Lemon Poppyseed39016566
Low Fat Double Berry2902.5594
Oatmeal Raisin Nut39014596
Raisin Bran37012645
Strawberry Sensation36011575
Triple Chocolate40015635
Whole Grain Blueberry35014535
Whole Grain Carrot Orange36013575
Whole Grain Raspberry38015555

Classic Bagels

Cheddar Cheese2103409
Cinnamon Raisin3002639
Sesame Seed3003.55710
12 Grain35095511
Wheat ‘N Honey29035810

Specialty Bagels

Jalapeno Asiago Mozzarella3103.55812
Maple Cinamon French Toast35046710
Sundried Tomato Asiago Parm3204.55912

Bagel Toppings

Plain Cream Cheese Spread1401423
Light Plain Cream Cheese Spread100824
Light Strawberry Cream Cheese Spread100683
Herb and Garlic Cream Cheese Spread1401323
Peanut Butter110953
Strawberry Jam600140

Other Baked Goods

Cinnamon RollChocolate42022524
Caramel Apple29016325
Cherry Cheese37016505
Maple Pecan40019537
Homestyle Biscuit2108296
Strawberry Cheese1603.5182
Tea BiscuitCheese30014369
Ham & Cheese29013349

Yogurt & Berries

Creamy Vanilla with Berries1602334
Strawberry with Berries1402.5274

Hot Bowls

Beef Noodle Soup1301246
Cauliflower Cheese Soup17012126
Chicken Noodle Soup1101.5195
Clam Chowder1907239
Cream of Broccoli Soup1507166
Creamy Field Mushroom Soup1503292
Creamy Sundried Tomato Soup21013195
French Onion Soup23092610
Hearty Potato Bacon Soup23013226
Hearty Vegetable Soup800.4144
Italian Wedding Soup1603284
Minestrone Soup1201254
Split Pea with Ham Soup1501.5267
Tomato Whole Grain Pasta Soup1401294
Turkey and Wild Rice Soup1201235


Mini Whole Wheat Buns1100.5214
Regular White Buns2101427
Regular Whole Wheat Buns2001408

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  1. This is a complaint!! I have been going to Tim Hortons in our town of PERTH – ANDOVER, New Brunswick, Canada for well over a year now, and the price for what I order has always varied. It’s never been the same from one day to the next. I have never said anything until now because, the price has never exceeded $4.35, and I didn’t have a problem with that, mainly because I figured a large triple triple coffee and two muffins were worth it. Now, they hired a new girl at one of the cash outs, and she has jumped the price up to $4.70, now that is an extreme jump wouldn’t you say?? This has happened twice, and I picked her up on it both times. Monday of this week which would have been June the 31st I believe, and today Friday July 4th. I asked her if something went up in price, and she said no and asked why. I very politely answered that I had never been charged that price before, and it seemed very high in price all too quickly. It was the same person and the same price. So I asked her if I was getting the refill price on the coffee, she yes. But I was informed by a customer that they were doing the same thing to him so he quit bringing his own Tim Hortons cup, and just started getting his coffee in the cup provided right there. So if the refill is going to be more than the first cup then I will not use my Tim Hortons cups anymore. But they need too set a price and stay with it, not go from $4.00 to $4.70 just because they feel like it. If the $4.70 is right, then why do all the rest of the girls charge 35 cents less?? Somebody is wrong and it’s not me!!!

    1. Lowe’s, thanks for your thoughtful and insightful comments. Congratulations on your successful completion of the 2nd grade. You are…what now…17 years old.

  2. I find it funny how Tim Hortins started off as a coffee and homemade doughnut right in the shop. They always had the best doughnut and great coffee. Years later they still have not bad coffee but the doughnut are no long good and they don’t cook them in store anymore. The menu has grown along with their prices. I wonder as time goes on will they even be serving any coffee or doughnut… Only time will tell.

  3. Tim Horton’s is a rip off. We Canadians just nod smile and get overcharged. It’s gotten so bad that Neo-Cons are gaining significant political capital by promoting simple cost regulation measures in a free market environment such as cell contracts, consumer right to a greater variety of product and retailer to enhance compitition.. all the mean while they want to reduce the efficacy of labour movements, certain rights under the charter, alienation of immigrants while allowing international contractors to do local jobs… it starts with Tim Hortons folks… if you can speak your mind about a cup of Non-fair trade coffee and it’s ridiculiouse price..you can start to have hope to stand up for Canada..no one expects a ‘Trudough’ out of you.. but a simple bark in the right direction and the sheep shall follow…God willing.

  4. I find these prices a bit high even after tax. An XL coffee is only $2.10 CAD after tax at all locations I have ever been to. I live in Kitchener Ontario and work at one of the locations near my school.
    and for those who don’t know the dough nut price it is $1.05 CAD after tax.

    It would not surprise me if prices in some places are higher due to shipping fees. My location is very close to 1 of the distribution centers.

  5. I bough 6 donuts and I feel that I got overcharged! I had no rebate for buying 6. I paid the regular price as if I would have bought them individually. I’m trying to find the price of 6 donuts and I can’t seem to be able to find it. not even on the store board? I got discouraged and stopped trying. Next time I’ll only buy 2 and stop thinking that I will get a rebate if I buy 6.
    They seem to have gotten quite successful by hiring incompetent labour at minimum wage.

  6. The food is just awful, last time I went I ordered a big bowl of broccoli soup that was advertised as coming WITH a side of bread… I’m thinking i’ll get a thick slice of toasted, buttery bread…but my slice of bread consisted of 3 packs of saltine crackers. I was honestly furious, I mean here’s a so called bakery that can’t even give you a real piece of bread? The soup was blander than water. It was such a bad experience that I have decided I will never order food from their establishment ever again.

    1. I work at Tim Hortons.. You are offered a half whole weat or white bun with your soup. Crackers are also offered. They should’ve asked you, there’s no extra charge for bread choice, most people choose to not get any. Next time you go in, just say “I’d like wheat bread with that” and you’ll get it.

  7. CAN I JUST SAY that I work at Tim Hortons and we don’t make ANY of that that is on the menu. And those prices are WAY too high.
    Small coffee – $1.48
    Medium coffee – $1.70
    Large coffee – $1.91
    X Large coffee – $2.12
    All after taxes. We don’t serve quesadillas, cakes, pies or anything like that. We serve donuts, timbits, (10 pack is $1.99, 20 pack is $3.79, 40 pack is $6.99), coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, iced cappuccinos, iced lattes, iced coffee, hot tea, iced tea, soda, soup, yogurt, an assortment of cold prepackaged beverages such as Gatorade, nesquik chocolate and white milk, propel waters, bottled water, orange juice and apple juice. We also serve Danishes, crossaunts, muffins, and many different bagels. We have apple cider and hot chocolate. And we offer free flavor shots in any beverages. Our smoothies are only available in strawberry banana and pineapple orange. All of our lunch sandwiches are under $5 unless you get a combo and our breakfast sandwiches usually are around $2.50. WE DO NOT SELL SEAFOOD. Most of those lunch sandwiches that are posted are completely made up, along with everything else. Also, our espresso is 50 cents a shot.
    Whoever wrote this, needs to get educated.

      1. learn how to formulate a complete and coherent sentence with proper spelling, punctuation & grammar, before calling some one a dumb ass.

  8. Drinks are way to small especially for the price! Why by donuts for them outrageous prices when they are so small especially when I can drive up the road and get bigger and the best at cheaper cost? Other food is acceptable, just to costly. The prices on their Chili!?%% Might change my mind if it were decent enough but the taste, well I suppose I would feed it to my hogs. My whole family stopped going there and only go in a coffee emergency before going to work! Than to top it off they sale their company to Burger King. Now that is just wrong in so many ways!

  9. What’s with the new soup deal? Soup, half a roll (not cut, ripped by someone’s two hands!) & coffee. Half a bun? Ripped, not cut?
    That’s it for Tims!

  10. The prices fir got chocolate is way to high like it’s highway robbery like you guys need to lower the prices on hot chocolate since all it is hot water and got chocolate powder

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