Raising Cane’s Secret Menu and Menu Hacks

There aren’t really any secret items at Raising Canes, they’re kind of a one-trick pony when it comes to menu offerings. But there are still some menu hacks and customizations that can save you money or switch up your order. Take your Cane’s order to the next level with these modifications. 

A restaurant known for their breakfast menu options, featuring a sign that proudly displays "Cae's Chicken Fingers.

Meal Hacks  

Though there aren’t any true meals that are secret, there are ways you can change up the preparation, sides and sauces from your regular Cane’s order.

Naked Chicken Tenders

Most notably, we have the naked chicken tenders. These got a ton of buzz on social media in 2021. You can order their signature fried tenders without batter to cut down on calories or carbs, then throw whatever sauce you want on them. There’s the signature cane’s sauce, and a few other options. Read on to find out what sauces are available. 

Order it Extra Crispy 

Some customers find Cane’s food to be somewhat soggy with grease, especially if not eaten right away. But there are options if you like your food on the crispier side. That’s another menu customization you can utilize. You can crank up the crisp factor on regular fries, crinkle cut fries, or their popular chicken tenders for free. 


Everyone knows about Cane’s signature sauce, similar in popularity to the Chick-fil-a sauce, the consensus is that it tastes similar to Thousand Island Dressing. Raising Canes also has a “secret sauce” separate from their regular signature sauce. It is made in house daily and has been described to be a honey mustard copycat with a few modifications. Hot Sauce is available upon request as well, and you can choose to use this on your naked tenders (what Cane’s loyalists suggest) or any other meal item.


If you’re tired of your classic fries, there are options! Swap your regular fries for Texas toast, coleslaw, or crinkle cut fries. Usually, you’ll be able to swap sides with no charge, so you can even double up on a single side if you want to. 

Sandwich Modifications 

Want to spice up your sandwich order? Here are some swaps and enhancements for Raising Cane’s classing chicken sandwich.

A grilled chicken sandwich from Raising Cane's secret menu is on a plate.

Texas Toast

If you haven’t tried out Raising Cane’s texas toast, you are totally missing out! Their buttery, parsley adorned, garlicky sesame bread is toasted to perfection and makes a great side. But here comes the hack: you can replace your regular chicken sandwich’s bread with Texas toast. That’ll take the flavor to a whole new level, and don’t forget that Cane’s sauce! 

Texas toast not buttery enough for you? How could there possibly be more modifications? Ask for “Bob” at the counter and you’ll be let into a secret dining area in the back with a totally different menu. Just kidding, it stands for Buttered On Both sides, and it’s something you can ask for on texas toast alone or on the Texas toast sandwich we mentioned above. That’s a ton of butter, but no doubt it’s delicious. 


Some patrons have mentioned that they’ve swapped the lettuce in their sandwiches and added some coleslaw for a bit of extra flavor. While you can’t order it like this, you can sacrifice your coleslaw side to spice up your sandwich. 

Naked Tenders

Switch up your sandwich with the hack mentioned above! Nix the chicken’s breading for a change of texture or to fit your macros. 

Money-Saving Moves 

If you have a big appetite, an obsession with Cane’s sauce, or are hankering for one of their in-house drinks, there are ways to make buying larger quantities cheaper.

Two cups of campfire ice cream on a counter, featuring a secret menu item from Raising Cane's.


There’s a lot of hype surrounding Cane’s sauces, and most single person meals only come with one 1.5oz sauce container. For most people that’s not enough, extra sauce is going to cost you $.39. But did you know you can buy 32 oz of sauce, a full large fountain cup? Most customers who have tried this hack say that it comes to about $5, which is a solid savings compared to having to buy 21 sauce packets, which will run you S8.19. 

Caniac Combo 

The Caniac Combo is the most bang for your buck if you have a big appetite. You get 6 tenders, crinkle cut fries, texas toast, coleslaw, two sauce packets, and a large drink. Swap out your slaw or toast for an extra portion of fries, and you have two full three-tender meals. This isn’t really a hack but it’s a cheaper option for more food when compared to buying two meals. A Caniac Combo comes in at $14.69 whereas two tender meals come in at $16.98

Caniac Club 

Raising Cane’s loyalty club has pretty great perks, one of which can score you free food almost right away. 

  • When you sign up for the loyalty card you’ll get a free combo box meal within 48 hours. It’s only 48 hours from when you confirm your email, so look out for it and ensure it doesn’t hit your junk folder or else you may lose that benefit. 
  • On top of that, you’ll get a free drink on your birthday! 
  • Raising Cane’s is so romantic, they will never forget your anniversary. Come in on the anniversary of your loyalty sign up for another perk, buy one get one free combo boxes. 
  • They also run promotional offers from time to time that are only available to members. That can include cool Raising Cane’s swag, free food, even concert ticket giveaways. 

Signature Drinks 

Raising Cane’s Lemonade is made in-house and gets rave reviews from customers, even though they charge extra on top of their regular fountain drink price. If you’re a fanatic about their lemonade, they have a great option similar to the fountain drink cup full of sauce, the jug. This is a gallon offering of their signature drinks, as it is available for sweet tea and unsweet tea as well. The jug will run you $10.89 for 128 ounces, compared to the large lemonade at $2.99 for 32 ounces. This will save you about a dollar overall. 


If you’re part of a group or just want a ton of chicken tenders, you can order ahead for Raising Cane’s catering. At a minimum of 25 chicken tenders, the smallest order will run you $41.99. If you are throwing a party, the largest Tailgate order that they have is 300 tenders, which costs $416.99. The larger the order, the cheaper the tender.


There are always rumors going around about secret menu orders, especially on social media. We’re here to help you get to the bottom of what is available and what isn’t.

Caniac Mac

Someone on TikTok claimed that they got a secret menu item of mac and cheese, called Caniac Mac. Though it sounds delicious, it’s totally fictional. Several Raising Cane’s employees commented back dispelling this rumor, saying that their restaurants don’t even have the capability to make this mac because there are no stoves or pots, only fryers. 

Raising Cane’s Breakfast Menu

If you’re a fan of Raising Cane’s, you may have heard of their elusive breakfast menu. Present ONLY at the San Antonio Airport, this breakfast menu requires some travel if you want to try it. 

The funniest thing about this menu is that the only reason they have it is because STX airport requires that all restaurants in the airport serve breakfast. They have no plans to offer this at any other locations in the future. The menu offers three different combos, let’s get into it.



Though we may wish that Raising Cane’s had more to offer, they’re really great at one thing, and that’s chicken tenders. Serve them up however you want, naked, surrounded by Texas toast, battered, sauced, extra crispy, sandwiched between buns, you name it. Accompany them with either type of fry, cole slaw, or Texas toast, but those are your only options.

Discover the covert wonders of Cane's secret menu and indulge in delightful menu hacks at Raising Cane's.