Raising Cane's Nutrition

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Individual Items

Chicken Finger1205413
Cane’s Sauce®1901850
Crinkle-Cut Fries33015424
Texas Toast1505244
Sandwich Only880436750


Diet Fountain Drink0000
Fountain Drink43-110011-300
Unsweet Tea0010
Sweet Tea800210
Apple Juice Drink1000240


Kids Combo600363529
3 Finger Combo®1040548348
Box Combo™1270659863
Caniac® Combo17809712290
Sandwich Combo12105810954

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  1. I see the tender price ala carte how much is the Chicken Sandwich Ala Carte is raising canes more focused on selling combos because that is what people wants

  2. “Either way, they are delicious and Raising Cane’s prices are not too shabby either.” WHAAAAAAT?!!! Pricing varies in every state and I don’t appreciate anybody suggesting prices aren’t too shabby. I don’t have an income that allows me to may $35 to $55 just to treat my family to fast food lunch. I think they’re too expensive and they NEVER offer coupons. They can take their chicken fingers and do an anal probe. For that price, I’ll go make my own! Their website offered a free box combo just for signing up but it was a joke because they wanted me to buy stuff from other vendors just to get some free chicken. Yeah, right, If I can hardly afford the chicken, I sure as help cannot afford to be spending just to get a free box of chicken. Dream on Cane’s, your finger “ain’t” that tasty!

    1. It’s $6 a meal.. And you get ALOT of food. So no, the prices aren’t too shabby.
      If you went to a restaurant (Which you would get the same quality food) it would be a $15 meal.

      1. No, Devin Doarvk, I am most certainly not on welfare. How juvenile and rude of you. FYI, I am a single parent raising three boys. I pay a mortgage and all bills plus miscellaneous expenses. I am a college graduate. FYI, one meal cost me $11.97, not $6.

          1. Oh, and why people are saying FRIED chicken and FRENCH FRIES are quality food is beyond me. Those are comfort foods!

  3. The chicken and fries were good. Unfortunately our order was take out and we didn’t discover there was no Texas toast or coleslaw for our box combos. Beware of the Cane’s on 71st & dodge in Omaha.

  4. It’s a decent price for the high quality food, but don’t pretend like this isn’t one of the most expensive fast food restaurants out there.

    But then, don’t think of it in the same mind as McDonald’s, because it’s not even close to that. Think of it like Boston Market or Pollo Regio. It’s “fast food” but of a much greater quality. It’s like an in-between getting fast food and eating at a sit-in restuarant.

  5. I just tried this for the first time, and picked up the Box Combo. Damn it’s a lot of food for $8.22 including tax. The chicken was surprisingly moist inside. The breading on the chicken tasted good too. Fries, Coleslaw, Texas toast, Cain sauce, and the medium drink for $8.22 is a good value for quality fast food!
    Spring, Texas

  6. cane’s is HIGHLY overrated. zero flavor for the chicken unless you use their sauce – which is mediocre in my opinion. who care’s how much the food costs, when (if I ate cardboard) – the taste is about as good as I reckon cardboard would taste….blah….

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