Raising Cane’s Nutrition

As a nutritionist, I do have concerns about the abundance of fried and heavily sauced items which can make it easy to overindulge in calories, sodium and saturated fat.

I like how their menu is focused around high-quality chicken as the star ingredient. The chicken fingers is a good source of lean protein, and the coleslaw is one of the better side options.

I appreciate that their chicken tenders are never frozen and they use oils with no trans fat for frying.

When it comes to areas for improvement, I’d love to see some grilled chicken options in the future. I also think their Cane’s sauce, while full of flavor, is quite high in calories and fat so should be used sparingly. Offering low-fat dipping sauce alternatives could be beneficial.

Here is nutrition information of Raising Cane’s menu.

Raising Cane’s Nutrition

This information was collected directly from Raising Cane’s and it’s valid as of August 25th, 2023.


Individual ItemsServing SizeCaloriesFat CaloriesFatSat FatTrans FatCholesterolSodiumCarbDietary FiberSugarProtein
3 Finger Combo110605406090.512516408491047
Box Combo11300660731111702120100111760
Caniac Combo11860990111161.52553120129152288
Chicken Sandwich Combo111405005670.51251710107111052
Kids Combo16503804260.5851080406529


Individual ItemsServing SizeCaloriesFat CaloriesFatSat FatTrans FatCholesterolSodiumCarbDietary FiberSugarProtein
Chicken Finger1 finger140607104018061013
Crinkle-Cut Fries1 serving3901701920031049715
Texas Toast1 slice1504551.50029024154
Coleslaw1 serving10060610531011171
Cane’s Sauce®1 serving1901701930105806040
Chicken Sandwich1 sandwich84037041601201470705948


Individual ItemsServing SizeCaloriesFatCholesterolSodiumCarbDietary FiberSugarProtein
Sweet Tea - Kids12 fl oz700010190190
Sweet Tea - Regular22 fl oz1400015360360
Sweet Tea - Large32 fl oz1900020490490
Sweet Tea - Jug1 gallon13700014035303530
Unsweet Tea - Kids12 fl oz000100000
Unsweet Tea - Regular22 fl oz000150000
Unsweet Tea - Large32 fl oz000200000
Unsweet Tea - Jug1 gallon0001500000
Lemonade - Kids12 fl oz90005220210
Lemonade - Regular22 fl oz1600015430410
Lemonade - Large32 fl oz2200020590570
Lemonade - Jug1 gallon16101013042014041