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FoodSize / VarietyCaloriesFatCarbsProtein


Apple Fritter21014183
Baseball Doughnut29017334
Caramel Kreme Crunch39020504
Chocolate Iced Cake28015343
Chocolate Iced Custard Filled31017364
Chocolate Iced Glazed24011332
Chocolate Iced Glazed Cruller26012382
Chocolate Iced Glazed Football Stamp29017314
Chocolate Iced Glazed Hearts w/ Strawberry Kreme Filling and Red Drizzle36020434
Chocolate Iced Kreme Filling36021404
Chocolate Iced Kreme Filling Web (Halloween)40020514
Chocolate Iced Glazed with Sprinkles27011412
Chocolate Iced Raspberry Filled31017364
Cinnamon Apple Filled29016333
Cinnamon Bun26016283
Cinnamon Twist24015233
Doughnut Hole Glazed Blueberry Cake4 Holes1908262
Doughnut Hole Glazed Cake4 Holes20010262
Doughnut Hole Glazed Chocolate Cake4 Holes1909252
Doughnut Hole Original Glazed4 Holes20011262
Doughnut Hole Pumpkin Spice4 Holes21010292
Dulce de Leche30018313
Éclair - Chocolate Iced Banana Filled w/ Yellow Drizzle29013413
Éclair - Chocolate Iced Chocolate Filled w/ Chocolate Drizzle29016394
Éclair - White Iced Strawberries & Kreme Filling w/ Pink Drizzle35016433
Glazed Blueberry Cake30014422
Glazed Chocolate Cake30015413
Glazed Cinnamon20011252
Glazed Cruller22012272
Glazed Kreme Filling34020383
Glazed Lemon Filled29016353
Glazed Raspberry Filled29016363
Glazed Sour Cream31014432
Jack o' Lantern28013383
Maple Iced Glazed23011322
Mini Chocolate Iced Glazed1105161
Mini Chocolate Iced with Sprinkles1305201
Mini Original Glazed905101
New York Cheesecake35021364
Orignal Glazed19011212
Powdered Blueberry Filled30017344
Powdered Cake22011272
Powdered Strawberry Filled29016333
Pumpkin Spice30014422
Pumpkin, Football, Egg Shape Iced & Stamped28017293
Tennis Ball29017324
Traditional Cake19012192
White Iced Egg with Easter Sprinkles34018414
White Iced Glazed Hearts32017383
White Iced Glazed Snowman + Stamp28017293
White Iced Heart w/Valentine Sprinkles30016353
White Iced Shamrock with St. Patrick's Sprinkles30018313
White Iced Star with Patriotic Sprinkles30018313


Bold12 fl oz100.510
16 fl oz15111
20 fl oz15111
Bold Brew Box96 fl oz804.554
Hot Chocolate12 fl oz2407452
16 fl oz3208633
20 fl oz42010854
Rich12 fl oz100.510
16 fl oz10110
20 fl oz15111
Rich Brew Box96 fl oz704.553
Robust Decaf12 fl oz5010
16 fl oz5010
20 fl oz5010
Robust Decaf Brew Box96 fl oz35161
Smooth12 fl oz100.500
16 fl oz100.511
20 fl oz15111
Smooth Brew Box96 fl oz704.553


Espresso1.8 fl oz0000
Cappuccino12 fl oz1405149
16 fl oz16061610
20 fl oz19071912
Latte12 fl oz1305138
16 fl oz16061610
20 fl oz19071912
Mocha12 fl oz2605497
16 fl oz37086811
20 fl oz460108414
Caramel Flavor Shot1 fl oz1100280
1.5 fl oz1700430
2 fl oz2300570
2.5 fl oz2900710
Chocolate Flavor Shot1 fl oz1101261
1.5 fl oz1601.5391
2 fl oz2102521
2.5 fl oz270000
Original Kreme Flavor Shot1 fl oz1200280
1.5 fl oz1800420
2 fl oz2300560
2.5 fl oz2900710
Vanilla Flavor Shot1 fl oz1200290
1.5 fl oz1800440
2 fl oz2400590
2.5 fl oz3000730
Hazelnut Flavor Shot1 fl oz800210
1.5 fl oz1200310
2 fl oz1600420
2.5 fl oz2100520


Berries & Kreme12 fl oz620289271
20 fl oz96040150115
Chocolate Chocolate12 fl oz6702910462
20 fl oz105042170100
Lemon Sherbert12 fl oz630289571
20 fl oz98040155115
Lotta Latte12 fl oz670284960
20 fl oz105040795
Mocha Dream12 fl oz670281053
20 fl oz1050411715
Orange You Glad12 fl oz1800430
20 fl oz3000710
Oranges & Kreme12 fl oz63028923
20 fl oz970401503
Very Berry12 fl oz1700430
20 fl oz2900710


Chocolate Iced Coffee12 fl oz3301.5762
20 fl oz5502.51274
Hazelnut Iced Coffee12 fl oz3601.5762
20 fl oz5402.51264
Original Iced Coffee12 fl oz2900.5692
20 fl oz49011144
Sweet Iced Tea16 fl oz240000
20 fl oz2800690
32 fl oz45001100
Vanilla Iced Coffee12 fl oz3301.5762
20 fl oz5402.51274


Coke16 fl oz2000530
20 fl oz2400670
32 fl oz39001060
Diet Coke16 fl oz0000
20 fl oz0000
32 fl oz0000
Hi-C Pink Lemonade16 fl oz1900470
20 fl oz2400590
32 fl oz3800950
Mellow Yellow16 fl oz2100570
20 fl oz2600710
32 fl oz42001140
Mr. Pibb16 fl oz1900510
20 fl oz2400640
32 fl oz38001030
Sprite16 fl oz1900510
20 fl oz2400640
32 fl oz38001030


Arctic Avalanche - Butterfinger12 fl oz570208812
20 fl oz9803515120
Arctic Avalanche - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough12 fl oz7502711512
20 fl oz10503815917
Arctic Avalanche - M&Ms12 fl oz520197811
20 fl oz8603113018
Arctic Avalanche - Oreo12 fl oz510187811
20 fl oz8603113018
Arctic Avalanche - Reese's Peanut Butter Cup12 fl oz600258114
20 fl oz10204513724
Cone - Chocolate181g3109508
Cone - Swirl181g3009498
Cone - Vanilla181g2908487
Doughnut Sundae - Chocolate Cake230g56021898
Doughnut Sundae - Original Glazed202g46017697
Doughnut Sundae - Strawberry Cake242g56020907
Milkshake - Banana20 fl oz7702113017
Milkshake - Blackberry 20 ox20 fl oz8602115017
Milkshake - Blueberry20 fl oz9502316818
Milkshake - Chocolate20 fl oz7502411220
Milkshake - Oreo20 fl oz9003213619
Milkshake - Pineapple20 fl oz7002111016
Milkshake - Raspberry20 fl oz9402316518
Milkshake - Strawberry20 fl oz8002113717
Milshake - Strawberry-Banana20 fl oz8002113717
Milkshake - Vanilla20 fl oz7202410818
Sundae - Banana-Chocolate269g4509868
Sundae - Blackberry269g4408857
Sundae - Blueberry246g4508867
Sundae - Caramel Butterscotch w/nuts261g5701510012
Sundae - Hot Fudge227g46018688
Sundae - Pineapple255g3008496
Sundae - Raspberry244g4408837
Sundae - Strawberry269g3908737


Bagels, Cream Cheese, Butter and Jelly

Plain Bagel108g26015410
Cinnamon Raisin Bagel108g2501549
Wholegrain/Whole Wheat Bagel108g29055411
Everything Bagel108g2803.55410
Asiago Cheese Bagel113g3003.55711
Blueberry Bagel108g2701579
Plain Cream Cheese1 oz80811
8 oz670641212
Reduced Fat Plain1 oz60522
8 oz490411417
Garden Vegetable1 oz80721
8 oz90822
Garden Vegetable Reduced Fat8 oz60522
Strawberry Reduced Fat1 oz80744
8 oz51034380
Salted Butter1 tbsp1001000
Grape Jelly0.5 oz35090
Strawberry Jelly0.5 oz35090
Mixed Fruit Jelly0.5 oz35090


Whole Wheat Banana Nut Muffin with Oat Crisp Crunch Topping103g38018507
Reduced Fat Triple Berry Muffin113g3006575
Blueberry Muffin113g38019484
Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffin with Oat Crisp Crunch Topping103g34015476
Chocolate Chip Muffin with Oat Crisp Crunch Topping127g50026626
Whole Wheat Corn Muffin89g31013446

Sweet Rolls

Cinnamon Roll170g67038767
Cinnamon Roll Lite85g33019383
Pecan Roll101g42025445


Milk and Butter

Fat Free Milk8 fl oz900138
0.5% Low Fat Milk8 fl oz1000138
1% Low Fat Milk8 fl oz1102.5139
1.5% Reduced Fat Milk8 fl oz1203.5128
2% Reduced Fat Milk8 fl oz1305128
3.25% Milk8 fl oz1508128
California Fat Free Milk8 fl oz900139
California 1% Low Fat Milk8 fl oz1302.51610
California 2% Reduced Fat Milk8 fl oz14051410
California 3.5% Milk8 fl oz1609138
Chocolate Whole Milk8 fl oz2008258
Chocolate 1% Fat8 fl oz1502.5248
Fat Free Chocolate Milk8 fl oz1300258

Organic Milk Boxes

Strawberry Reduced Fat Organic Milk Box8 fl oz2004.5318
Chocolate Reduced Fat Organic Milk Box8 fl oz1805278
Reduced Fat Organic Milk Box8 fl oz1204.5128
Vanilla Reduced Fat Milk Box8 fl oz1904.5308

Whipped Topping

Whipped Topping7g201.510


Lowfat Strawberry Yogurt6 oz1501.5295
Lowfat Blueberry Yogurt6 oz1501.5295
Lowfat Peach Yogurt6 oz1501305
Lowfat Black Cherry Yogurt6 oz1401.5265


Quaker® Organic Instant Oatmeal1 oz1002194

Oatmeal Toppings

Brown Sugar13g500130
Pecan Cranberry Mix19.84g1006111
Apple Cinnamon Medley21.26g700171
1/2 Banana63g600151
Dried Fruit Blend21.26g800200


Apple1 cup650170

Fruit Juice

Tropicana 100% OJ - Hot Fill10 fl oz140002
Tropicana/Dole 100% Apple Juice - Hot Fill10 fl oz1400341
Tropicana, Twister - Tropical Fruit Fury8 fl oz1400350
20 fl oz3400850
Tropicana - Ruby Red Grapefruit 100%10 fl oz1600391
Naked Orange Juice8 fl oz1100272
Naked Berry Blast®8 fl oz1300291
Naked Mighty Mango®8 fl oz1500361
Naked Protein Zone®8 fl oz22023416
Naked Strawberry Banana®8 fl oz1200291
Naked Mango Motion®8 fl oz1300311
Naked Blue Machine®8 fl oz1700401
Naked Green Machine®8 fl oz1400332
Naked Red Machine®8 fl oz1704.5312